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What is Star Fleet Engineering?

Star Fleet Engineering is a division of the Alt.StarFleet.RPG (ASR) online role playing universe. The organization exists to serve the needs of the ASR community for consistent technological reference material to support story writing and to provide advice and answer questions from club members about futuristic technology or the implications of technology to plot-related details. </font>

Visit the SFE Homepage here.

What is ASR?

ASR is short for Alt.StarFleet.RPG, the name of a Usenet newsgroup, as well as the interactive fiction club which operates under its auspices.  It is a role playing game, for lack of a better description.  The 'campaign' is set in the universe of Star Trek, some fifty years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  If this sounds interesting, check out:


our web archive,

or our homepage,

Can I design a ship for use in role play?

Yes. However, All new ships must go through a process of review and evaluation. They must fit within the general parameters of the existing classes in ASR. This means that supercarriers, giant warships, and ships that violate the general technological principles as laid down in the technical memoranda are unlikely to be approved. 

However, we encourage new ideas and new concepts and are interested in discussing new ideas and concepts and how they could be integrated into the game.

If you need specific information for a design or wish to submit a new design for consideration, contact the Star Fleet Engineering Staff at We're here to help, so any questions at all are welcome.

What are the technical memoranda?

The technical memoranda are documents detailing the ASR universe as interpretted by SFE.  They are the technological canon of our universe.  As many of these documents predate technical descriptions of innovations in Star Trek: TNG, DS9, and Voyager, there are some differences between official Star Trek Canon and ASR Canon.  This is to be expected and is unavoidable.

If you have any questions regarding the memoranda or have a technological question not covered therein, contact the Star Fleet Engineering Staff at

What if I want to ask a general question to other ASR people interested in Star Trek technology?

SFE maintains a public discussion list at