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Senior Administration of Star Fleet Sciences

Below is the administrative structure of the Star Fleet Sciences branch, headed by the Commander of Star Fleet Sciences (COMSCI) and his assistants.

Commander, Star Fleet Sciences (COMSCI)

  • Currently Vacant

The Commander of Star Fleet Sciences (COMSCI) is tasked with providing technical information to players (most especially the unit CSciO's around the fleet) in the "hard" sciences, such as astrophysics, xenobiology, etc.

As is obvious, the running of SFSCI can be a daunting task. As such, COMSFI is allowed assistants to help in the development and administration of the branch. Traditionally, there has been one assistant (SCIXO); however, the job is such that individual subdivision heads might be sought by the aggressive COMSCI. Another possibility could be a liason between COMSCI and the SFE and OSFI branches, as they traditionally share much work.

Star Fleet Sciences Executive officer (SCIXO)

  • Currently Vacant

The XO (SCIXO) assists the COMSCI with the development of support material and the maintenance of the branch's library database.