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This file contains information relevant to the Alt.StarFleet.RPG game universe and is intended to provide information for the players of that game. This is in no way an attempt to create a comprehensive list of ships from any of the TV series or movies.

Naming Conventions

The naming conventions for the major classes of ships in Federation service are listed below.

  • Zeus- Greek gods, demigods, and heros.
  • Bastion- Defensive formation or famous fortresses.
  • Solar- Stellar phenomena.
  • Agamemnon- Mytho-historical and mythical heroes, kings, people, and creatures.
  • Circe- Mytho-historical witches, wizards, sorcerers, sorceresses.
  • Fearless- "Classic" British naval ships.
  • Caesar Augustus- Military leaders.
  • Endeavour- "Classic" British or American naval ships, battles, captains, or admirals or after ships of the GALAXY class.
  • Kirov- "Classic" Russian naval ships by name or class.
  • Hippocrates- People associated with the medical professions, preferably doctors from ancient times.
  • Discovery- "Classic" British or American naval ships, battles, captains, or admirals.
  • Hiryu- Ships of the Nihon Kaigun (Imperial Japanese Navy) of WWII or Names from Japanese myth and history.
  • Hood- "Classic" British or American naval ships, battles, captains, or admirals in the wet-navy of Earth.
  • Montu- Egyptian deities.
  • Storm- Weather-related phenomena.
  • Coventry- British cities.
  • Feynman- Scientists and mathematicians.
  • Franklin- Cities.
  • Nightingale- People related to medicine.
  • Thunderbolt- Aircraft, especially fighters of WWII.
  • Tsyklon- Famous early Terran spacecraft.
  • William Mitchell- Famous military officers.
  • Charon- Jovian satellites / Shakesperian characters.
  • Valhalla- Norse mythology.
  • Kronstadt- Famous uprisings or insurgents.