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What is UFPESCO?

UFPESCO stands for the United Federation of Planets Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, a specialized agency of the United Federation of Planets. It aims to contribute to the peace and security of the Federation by promoting collaboration among the different Federation cultures and civilizations through education, science and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the sentient rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples and races of the Federation, without distinction of species, race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Federation of Planets.

The Organization is a specialized agency, headed by a Director- General, who is appointed by the Federation President, and confirmed by the Federation Council.

Who is the current Director-General?

Currently, the office of Director-General is vacant.

How does all of this fit into ASR?

UFPESCO has been charged by the Flag Council, and the CINCSF, to catalog and provide information on the races, cultures, and civilizations which have been created and/or adapted for use in ASR storylines. This includes Federation cultures and civilizations such as Terra, Vulcan, and Betazed, as well as non- Federation and non-allied cultures and civilizations such as Romulus, Klingon, and the Dominion.

The resource promises to be very useful to ASR players. Players will be able to refer to one convenient source for information on any Federation or non-Federation race or culture, especially those which are not as mainstream as others (most people know about Klingons and Vulcans, but not as many know about the Minarans, who appeared only once in a TOS episode).

Perhaps the greatest advantage is for players who create new characters. The database may serve as a catalyst for different character ideas, and would provide the necessary information for its creation.

What does the UFPESCO Director-General do?

The Director-General of UFPESCO serves as a facilitator and 'clearinghouse' for this information. In RP, the Director- General answers only to the Federation President. Out of RP, the player of the Director-General answers to the player of the CINCSF and the Flag Council.

The Director-General of UFPESCO is charged with creating an entry submission form for the Cultures and Civilizations Database, soliciting and collecting submissions from ASR players, and developing and maintaining the Database. She is also the contact person for the administrative branch.

Although the Director-General will not exercise judgment over whether any particular entry is qualitatively worthy of addition to the Database, players who submit entries into the database are required to read and accept the document on copyright as it applies to information adapted from copyrighted material ( Copyright Documentation).

Pertaining to original contributions to the database (i.e., entries which are not based on any copyrighted material), the standard ASR disclaimers about game-wide content standards apply.

How do I submit a race or culture to the database?

The Director-General has created a submission form to help you provide information on a race, culture, or civilization. Simply fill in the details in the appropriate blanks, and send the submission to the Star Fleet Flag Council. The subject header should read 'UFPESCO Submission.'

Step-by-step instructions are provided on the A Guide to the UFPESCO Cultures & Civilizations Database Page (Guide Document).

What does the submission form look like? What kind of information goes into which sections?

An annotated version of the submission form is available at the explanation page

Do you have an sample form already filled out?

There is an example of a completed form at the Gnala page.

Need I fill out each template field?

Many of the items included in the explanation of the submission form are suggestions of what may be included in it, and therefore not required. However, the more information your submission includes, the more useful it will be for other players to use in the future.

If you do have problems filling in details for each of the fields, or please feel free to ask questions of the Director-General and her staff. We would be happy to explain the possibilities available to you for the different fields, and help you make your submission complete.

Anything else?

That's it. :) Fill out the form, send it to the Star Fleet Flag Council, and we'll take it from there. One of the Council's staff will be back in touch with you shortly afterwards with any questions we may have.

Thank you in advance for your interest. We look forward to receiving your submissions for the UFPESCO Cultures and Civilizations Database.

Respectfully yours,

Elaine Chao

J.P. Mossane, PhD

Former Director-General, UFPESCO

United Federation of Planets

Document History:

This FAQ adapted from the 'UFPDOCA FAQ' by Trevin H. Sandlin