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Xanthandi Empire Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220116

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: B (multiple prolonged contacts by multiple Star Fleet/OSFI assets but somewhat dated)


Exerpted from 'Xanthandi: A study of social pollution and extra-planetary manipulation.' 1st Draft; Sujatha Allison, Capt., SFN.;SD 80402.


The Xanthandi developed in the Xanth system (GALREF176-723-464). Their pre-contact empire constituted of the nearby cluster of three stars, as well as another four systems near Federation space. The Xanthandi had not yet developed beyond fusion pulse drive, but that did not stop theyr colonization and expansion into the Trans-coalsack area. All of their colony worlds were independant, though under the Imperial agesis, pre-contact.

Xanthandi Pre-contact History

Little is known about the Xanthandi that inhabited their local systems previous to Kzin contact. The Federation was only able to place HUMINT resources on Xanthandi within the last six years, shortly before Kzin contact (KC). All but one of those operatives were killed when the Kzin took control of the government. What is known is that for milennia the Xanthandi have been a warrior race kept in check by an academic leadership/government. Thirty years ago six Xanthandi warships mutinied against the government and dissapeared into the coalsack. It is believed these Xanthandi were the precursors to the Clans.

Post KC, Pre-Federation contact History

Six years ago the Kzin empire expanded into the trans-coalsack sector in an attempt to circumvent Federation border and attack Rebel forces within Federation territory. What they found was a small, primitive star empire. the Kzin immediatly attacked the Xanthandi, only to suffer hideous losses as the humaniod Xanthandi fought the Kzin to a bloody standstill. The Kzin were impressed by this, and immediatly set about to subvert the Xanthandi to their cause. Within three years the Kzin had replaced the Xanthandi governmental council with sympathisers to the Kzin Empire.

Six months ago Kzin plans were reaching their frutation stage. The kzin had armed the Xanthandi with modern weaponry, and had Kzin advisors aboard Xanthandi fleet elements. The Kzin, with the installation of warp drive on all Xanthandi fleet elements, and the operationability of the Kzin/Xanthandi doomsday weapon were now ready for a flank attack on Federation territory. It was this flurry of activity that had finally attracted the notice of Starfleet, and the USS PEARSON NCC-14654 was sent to make first contact with the Xanthandi and determin the origin of advanced technology, and if possible determin the HUMINT situation on Xanthandi.

Asteroid 345 Baker

Before the Pearson was even able to reach Xanthandi, it was intercepted by a Xanthandi fleet, outfitted with Kzin weaponry. While using diplomatic promises to lull the Federation crew into trusting them, the Xanthandi set about to capture a federation Away Team. Although the did succeed at that, the Federation hostages were able to escape, warning the Pearson of the up comming offensive against the federation. The Pearson made a run for the Federation border, to warn Starfleet, only to be cornered in the Vansen asteroid belt. the Pearson fought against the Xanthandi valiantly at Asteroid 345 Baker, but was eventually lost to the superior numbers of the oposing fleet. The Pearson went down with 146 members of her crew.

The Collapse of the Government

While the Pearson was holding the line against the Xanthandi fleet, a small strike force slipped behind enemy lines and into Xanthandi territory. The Starfleet officers, using a prototype weapon, were able to breach Xanthandi airspace, and make planet fall. They we able to retrieve one HIMINT operative, and destroy the Xanthandi doomsday weapon. in addition they wrecked havoc on the Xanthandi Empire's homeworld before escaping. The final destruction of the Xanthandi fleet in the Vansen asteroid belt by Federation forces was the final straw. With no little help from the Kzin, the current government collapsed. The Kzin, in a blink of an eye, replaced Xanthandi society with the exiled Clans, and their warrior caste system.

As the Xanthandi rebuilt their war machine and society, they planned and plotted. In recent months Xanthandi reserve fleet elements have taken up position behind and in the Coalsack, beyond federation sight. It is unknown what these maneuvers intend, but it is felt that currently, they threaten the integrity of the Federation border. Unfortunately, none of the Xanthandi fleet elements has been identified, or found yet. This leaves the Federation and Starfleet unable to do much more than to respond as best they can to Xanthandi raids and attacks.

The Clans

Even less is known of the Warrior clans now ruling Xanthandi society. What is known is that they are split into four castes. the Warrior cast, whose members are the leaders of society; the Scientist Caste, whose members repair and build the infrastructure of society; the Merchant Caste, whose members keep the Xanthandi economy afloat; and the Untouchables, who are the dregs of society.

As the Federation no longer as any HUMINT resources left alive within the Xanth system, and prescious little COMINT can be gleaned from the sporatic Xanthandi transmission, there is no way to determin the Xanthandi and the Clan's goals or plans.

Recommendations and Conclusion

It is recommended that further historical study, and intelligence, be persued to gain information about the Xanthandi in general, and the Clans in specific. It is almost inconcievable that the Clans as a society could have developed in less than a century without outside influence.

Xanthandi history seems littered with instanced of extra-planetary interfearence, and with the current Kzin pull out of the trans-coalsk sector pending a peace treaty with the Federation, this leaves the question, who is currently manipulating the Xanthandi?


This document was written by Capt. Sujatha Allison SFN (Sean Campbell)