Yasuragi statistics Mark I

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Class Name        : YASURAGI
Classification    : Explorer
Type              : CA (Heavy Cruiser)
Model Number      : I

     Length       : 605 m
     Beam         : 323 m
     Draft        : 112 m
     Displacement : 4,098,426 mt

     Total        :  723
     Officers     :   51
     Crew         :  462
     Marines      :  160
     Passengers   :   50

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type       : ILN-654 Mk X
     Number      : 2
Main Reactor     : FRAM-1205

Impulse System
Drive Type       : GDP-1 (Gravitic Dynamic Planing Drive, Model 1)
     Number      : 2
Secondary Reactor: FGRIF-800 Network

D-Warp Drive     : Dim-IV-Y1i

     Standard Cruise Speed   : 7.00
     Maximum Cruise Speed    : 9.40
     Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.75
     Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.91
     Core Failure Imminent   : 9.98

     Phaser, Type XI (Extended range parallel phaser strip)
                Number : 9 banks
                Range  : 345,000 km
                Arcs   : saucer dorsal forward arrays (p/s)
                         saucer dorsal aft array
                            (p/s emitters, single capacitor)
                         saucer ventral forward arrays (p/s)
                         nacelle pylon aft dorsal array (p/s)
                         secondary hull forward ventral array
                         secondary hull aft ventral array

     Flux Torpedo Mk III Seeking/Direct
          Number : 3 tubes
          Range  : Flux 3,500,000 km, Photon 3,000,000
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 1 aft

     Point Defense Lasers, type III
          Number : 18 (6 turrets of 3 lasers each)
          Range  : 300,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal turrets (p/s)
                 : saucer ventral turrets (p/s)
                 : secondary hull mid turrets (p/s)

        Point Defense Drones, type I
                Number : 2 launchers
                Arcs   : saucer dorsal launcher (p/s)
            Complement : 40 drones (20 per side)

Deflector System: FD-11e Enhanced multiphasic deflector system

     Standard, 6-person  :  6
     Emergency, 16-person:  6
     Cargo               :  8

Shuttle Bays     : 2
Embarked Craft (Standard, specific ships may vary)
     Shuttlepod              :  8
     Personnel Shuttle, Small:  6
     Personnel Shuttle, Large:  2
     Shuttle, D-Warp         :  4
     Cargo Shuttle           :  8
     Runabout                :  3
     Landing Craft (Marine)  :  2
     Scout Ships             :  2


Conceived as an explorer cousin to the FEARLESS-class warship, the YASURAGI-class heavy cruiser shares many subsystems with her predecessor. The power systems of both ships are nearly identical. And, like FEARLESS, the YASURAGI is a smaller, more efficient cruiser through the use of high-technology systems.

The YASURAGI-class incorporates the same revolutionary new sublight drive as FEARLESS. The ship's dimension warp nodes have been modified to serve as the ship's main method of sublight propulsion by planing gravity in normal space, providing an acceleration potential greater than standard impulse drives. However, available inertial compensator technology is not able to take advantage of the drive's full potential. Effectively, the new drive system bestows a 5% edge in maneuverability and acceleration upon the class, making her handle like an impulse driven ship of only about 3.5 Mmt. If deemed a success, this new drive can be easily retrofitted into any starfleet vessel capable of dimension warp as the gravitic dynamic planing drive system uses the hyperspace nodes of the dimensional drive in a secondary mode with limited hardware changes to produce its propulsion effect.

Unlike her cousin, the YASURAGI is not intended as a warship. She has defensive armament that is the equal of any cruiser in space, but lacks the newer pulse and gravitic lens phasers of the FEARLESS. Instead, she focuses on scientific laboratory space and sensor arrays.

Coupling a SESR module with the latest hardware and software revision to the AUGUR sensor siute, the YASURAGI represents the cutting edge of remote sensing equipment available in the Federation today. While lacking some of the specialized tactical models of the sensor systems implemented on large warships, she retains very good tactical control systems while having a breadth of general use sensors unparalleled by any mere warship.

The ship's main computer uses multiple networked computing nodes to share functions across computer subsystems throughout the vessel. This allows for both redundancy and load balancing to speed process. All information in the ship's database is replicated no less than three times. This also has the added benefit that, in the event of accident or combat damage, the ship is capable of rerouting all primary (life support, navigational, maneuvering, and defense) computer functions so long as at least 50% of the network remains intact.

In line with her mission as a long-range exploration cruiser, some effort was made to allow her recreation systems to be as flexible as possible. Her holodecks are actually an array of reconfigurable, linked chambers. The exterior bulkheads for the holodeck system have been strengtened to maintain structural rigidity While the internal walls are non-permanent barries which are made to be reconfigred as needed. The control systems can be tied together to make one massive holodeck or a number of smaller ones divided by memory-clock barriers. Normally, a small current keeps them rigid, but discontinuing the current allows them to be rolled and stowed to connect chambers. Floors between different decks have been built to collapse and retract into the walls of the holodeck.