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The Federation has expanded through out the Milky Way and is now eyeing the neighboring galaxies for exploration. The Gorn and Romulans are but a shadow of their former self contracted back into their boarders and keeping to themselves, the Klingons are as they been their entire history and the Tholians have vanished.

In 2720, after a vanguard of SF ships breached Tholian space and met no resistance, they discovered a badly damaged Dyson sphere encasing the Tholian system and a wormhole generator hiden on their homeworld. For nearly 50 years scientists worked on figuring out how it worked and where it went.

Finally, one day, they discovered the answers to their questions and all the wonder on the other side...

BEYOND is the untold story of the Future of the Future.

If you are interested in knowing more about BEYOND, you can read the full proposal here. If you have already read it, like what you see and wish to join, then simply contact Marco Mueller for information on what you need to do to join.