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The Bureau of Personnel, or "BuPers," is the department tasked with assigning new and returning ASR players into training (if applicable) and then into the fleet proper. This site is an administrative site only, designed to place the most up-to-date information at the fingertips of the BuPers administrators and unit commanders.

The first step in the BuPers process for most players (unless they are returning players) is ASR's training facility, Armstrong Lunar Base, commanded by ADM Brachthyne von Mainzel, played by Chris Mayberry. ALB is responsible for preparing new players for life in ASR, after which they are sent to the CSFO for assignment into the fleet. Questions and comments regarding training should be directed to their offices here.

The second, and usually final, step in the BuPers process is assignment into the fleet proper. This task is carried out by the Chief of Star Fleet Operations (CSFO), ADM Leon Kidd, played by Anna Cordray.