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Gold Fleet Historical Archive
United Federation of Planets Star Fleet 1st Fleet
"The First in Line"

GOLD Fleet Insignia

Welcome to Gold Fleet, one of fleets which composes ASR. Gold Fleet was one of the first fleets, along with Blue Fleet, created when the club grew to the size needing administrative subdivisions in 1994- thus the designation as Star Fleet's "1st Fleet." The present incarnation of the fleet dates to January 1999 when it was reopened after a two-year hiatus. Headquartered at Starbase Beta above Andor (the Andorian homeworld), Gold Fleet is charged with protecting the core worlds of the Federation Treaty Expansion Territory and with patrolling the borders of and exploring the region of rimward Beta quadrant space of the Scutum Arm, Orion Spur and 3-Kiloparsec Arm.

The Gold Fleet Patrol Cordon borders a number of interstellar powers. These include the re-unified Gorn Confederacy, the Tholian Holdfast, and Fardon Empire.

Gold Fleet is currently not open for role play. If you are interested in finding out more about ASR, please contact the Chief of Star Fleet Operations.

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