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Master Vacancies List- Star Fleet: PRIME
Updated SD 230412

To Apply for an Opening:

Individual Players

  • Contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations with your name, your proposed character's name, the position you'd like to play and the ship you'd like to be posted to. He will then direct you to the appropriate person.
  • Contact the Captain directly with your name, your proposed character's name, and the position you'd like to apply for. Please do not apply for a position that is not listed below as vacant. You can contact the Captain of each ship by clicking on the starship's name below.

Ships and Starbases

  • Contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations with your name and contact information, the name of the ship you intend to bring into PRIME, and the rest of the players' names and contact information. He will then work with you on character bios and placement within PRIME.

Supplemental Information:

Player Openings

NOTE: All active units in the PRIME timeline are considered "full" if they have 8 players on their rosters. CO's may recruit additinal players for remaining billets at their discretion, but the Star Fleet Bureau of Personnel ("BUPERS") will not actively recruit for units with 8 players or more. To inquire about openings on "full" units, contact the CO of the unit directly by clicking on the ship or station's name below.





^ NOTE- Only experienced ASR players may apply for the positions of Captain and First Officer. Furthermore, no player may command more than one STAR FLEET: PRIME, STAR FLEET: ORIGINS or STAR FLEET: BEYOND unit at a time.