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SILVER Fleet Insignia

Based out of Starbase EPSILON, SILVER Fleet, one of the oldest fleets in the ASR universe, is located just inside the Beta Quadrant and shares borders with GREEN fleet, the Cardassian Union, the Kzinti Republic and the unexplored frontier.

Within SILVER's borders lies the Lion's Mane Nebula, a large and dangerous nebula. Known by its inhabitants as the 'Coalsack Nebula' or the 'Sack, its perpetual storms have turned it into a graveyard of ships. SILVER ships have encountered many races inside the 'Sack including the enemy Xanthandi, a thriving pirate trade and technological remains of the dead Husnock Empire. With the majority of the 'Sack still unexplored the opportunities for adventure and scientific discovery are endless.

SILVER has long been recognized as a creative environment with excellent writers. However it is probably best known for its Grand Tapestry where missions are incorporated into the SILVER Fleet Mythology and then carried on and expanded by other ships. The result is that each member has the opportunity to build on others work and in doing so help to create the continually expanding SILVER universe.

If you are interested in joining SILVER or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mary McNeely
RADM Jenna Harris

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