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Star Fleet Marine Corps

Marine Corps Insignia

For over 800 years the citizens of earth and the United Federation of Planets have required an expeditionary force capable of rapid self-sustained deployment via a multitude of methods. Additionally this force has been required to provide protection to ships from the blue waters of earth to the inky blackness of space. For these eight centuries those beings have been known as Marines.

The Star Fleet Marine Corps (SFMC) is the expeditionary arm of the United Federation of Planets. Deployable from shipboard detachments or specialized assault transports, the Marines supply a lasting ground presence for the UFP.

The Star Fleet Marine Corps is a branch of the Star Fleet universe. Star Fleet is a role-playing game based on the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but set some 50 years after the series.

For more information on the Star Fleet Marine Corps see the Star Fleet Marine Corps' FAQ.

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