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Department of Colonial Affairs

Full ASR Insignia

This datbase's purpose is to provide information about the colony worlds of the United Federation of Planets and its members, as they interact with ASR (alt.starfleet.rpg), an online role playing universe. UFPDOCA is a part of the government of the United Federation of Planets.

You can view a list of the Colonies and Megacorps of the ASR universe, as well as submit your own. There are also links to ASR pages and other websites covering this sort of information.

DOCA has been given the task of indexing the various colonies in use by players throughout ASR. Over the years, many players have created colony worlds of the Federation, either for their characters, or for various missions. By creating an index of these worlds, DOCA will be creating a resource for all players to use in the future, for a multitude of purposes.

If you have any questions regarding DOCA or are interested in developing material for DOCA, please send a note to the Star Fleet Flag Council.

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