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ASR is an email role-playing club based on the internet; the stories thus authored are published on the Usenet newsgroup alt.starfleet.rpg and the Yahoo! Group archive. ASR is non-commercial, and participation is free.

The club is governed by the institution known as the 'Round Table', or 'RT', consisting of all the leaders of the role-playing units in the game, known as 'COs'. The RT meets twice a year, thus fulfilling its role as supervisory body for the 'administration'. (For further information, see the document ASR Player's Manual Appendix T: ASR Round Table Description)

'The administration' in the widest sense are all the players who voluntarily have undertaken to help with the running of the club. It is their task to teach new members the basics and find role-playing units to participate for those as well as returning members or players who wish to transfer/start a new character. Further, the administration makes sure that all units are well-run, and develops supporting documentation.

The administration endeavours to answer all requests, questions, and concerns in a courteous and timely manner. Individual administrators may pass same on to somebody else, be it that time constraints demand this course of action to ensure a timely reply, or be it that somebody else is more competent to answer the query. It is recommended therefore that all confidential mails be marked as same.

In the case that a ruling has been made, appeals can be directed to the direct superior of the administrator making the ruling. (For a description of the responsibilities of the various administrative positions, see the document ASR Player's Manual Appendix C: Administrative Billet Descriptions.) The ultimate authority over all matters is held by the RT.

The administration strives to assign each character to a role-playing unit suiting the player in question. Players are, however, free to leave units which they don't enjoy, and if they so wish, the administration will try to find more suitable places for them. Players who wish to leave for a longer period, or entirely, are asked to inform their COs of their intentions.

The creation of new characters and the transfer of existing ones are governed by the 'ASR Recruitment Guide'*, and all members are asked to comply with same. Players who wish to create additional characters should consult the ASR Player's Manual Appendix A: Second Character FAQ and consult with their Fleet Commander and/or the CSFO.

Players may not use other people's characters, especially those on other units, without the controlling player's consent. On many ships, this consent is tacitly granted within certain bounds to facilitate interactive storytelling. COs should make new players familiar with what is considered appropriate for their units. Since a character's controlling player is to be considered the ultimate authority on that character's behaviour, said player can demand material to be withdrawn if others strayed too far in their portrayals. It is therefore recommended that in doubtful cases, the controlling player should be consulted before posting.

All material written within the club is understood to be the intellectual property of its authors. It is understood that everything placed among the ASR resources (branch webpages or other documents) may be freely used by any member of the club unless the original author has expressly denied that.

The unit COs are responsible for the role-playing of the group assigned to them. As such, they control the content within the limitations placed upon them by their Fleet Commander (administrator responsible for a 'fleet', ie, a group of role-playing units) and by the rules of the club. They report any vacancies to their FC, and are authorized to label players as 'missing' if they have been absent for a considerable time, in which case the CO can ask for a replacement.

Units can change fleets at the request of the CO, provided that the receiving FC has agreed to it, and the matter has been discussed with the current FC and the CSFO. Furthermore, the members of the unit have to agree - if they do not, they can petition the current FC to remain, and the matter will be handed to the CSFO for mediation.

The FCs are responsible for all the units in their fleet, supporting the COs by helping them staff their units, passing on personnel requests to BUPERS, and helping with the creation of campaign material. FCs are authorized to relieve command personnel of units in their charge who have been absent without making arrangements, or are otherwise not fulfilling their role satisfactorily. Players should bring such matters to the attention of their FC.

For information about further administrative positions, their responsibilities and duties, see ASR Player's Manual Appendix C: Administrative Billet Descriptions.

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