ASR Honors List- April 1998 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Player Awards

  • John Paul Balzen (USS BURKE, USS PROMETHEUS, USS DAEDALUS) was an extremely competent, creative and consistent contributor to the storyline and overall progress of the USS BURKE. Mr. Balzen is recognized for the consistently high standard of role play he maintains throughout his time in ASR.
  • James Braun (USS CORONA, USS PULSAR, USS NELSON) is recognized for his excellent writing and plot development. He has also demonstrated an exemplary knack for integrating others' characters and their ideas into the overall story arcs. In view of such contributions, he was selected early for OPS on the USS CORONA.
  • Jenny Dahl (USS CORONA, SFDIPTF) deserves recognition for her outstanding contributions as a new player and for her excellent depiction of a ship's counselor.
  • Mike Dailey (USS FEYNMAN, USS BURKE, SFDIPTF) has consistently contributed to a very high level, both in terms of frequency and creativity, having major influences on the creative direction of the the missions of the units on which he serves.
  • Karen Fianges (USS YAMATO) for her continued dedication to her ship and strength of her contribution to the role playing process and character development.
  • Conor Healy (USS EXCALIBUR) is to be commended for his excellent writing and knack for plot development. Outstanding new player.
  • Margaret Kipp (USS CONSTELLATION, USS NEBULA, USS RESOLUTION, USS ALLIANCE) was nominated multiple times for her excellence in role play, characterization, and plot development. She received early command selection as XO of the USS RESOLUTION. She is to be applauded for her outstanding contributions to her ships.
  • Mike Randles (USS SAM HOUSTON; 21MTFW) has consistently shown himself to be a frequent contributor to his units, garnering the praise of his fellow players.
  • David Shepherd (USS CONSTELLATION) is to be commended for his exceptional dedication and continually strong contribution far above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Mauricio Villalobos (USS ANDROMEDA) deserves recognition for his enthusiastic and diligent support of the USS ANDROMEDA during his tenure there. He sets an example by posting frequently and keeping the plot moving. His posts are constructive, cooperative, and display a good sense for interactive role playing. He has been commended on numerous occasions by his commanding officer and fleet commander.
  • Stuart Whitaker (USS PROMETHEUS; USS CONSTELLAION; USS LEXINGTON) for his outstanding contributions to role play and character development in all of his units. His dedication to ship and crew was far above and beyond the call of duty in the best tradition of ASR and those of Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenbury. He will be missed.

Outstanding Command Player Awards

Blue Fleet

  • Rodger Burns (CO, USS EXCALIBUR; XO, USS DAEDALUS) was selected for early command of the USS EXCALIBUR. His support of his CO on the USS DAEDALUS was exemplary and in no small measure has contributed to the success of that unit. Moreover, the USS EXCALIBUR, under his leadership, has already begun rebuilding posting levels.
  • Kris Gant (CO, USS VICTORY) serves as an example to others as a model commanding officer in ASR. Her ship is well-run, prolific and enjoys a high level of player satisfaction.

Green Fleet

  • Seth Green (CO, USS NELSON) is to be commended for continued extraordinary service as Commanding Officer. Mr. Green's enthusiasm for and dedication to his unit, as well as the skill he demonstrates in exercising them, serve as an example to others. Mr. Green was instrumental in the NELSON's current participation in a multi-unit mission with the Free Threads.
  • Tim Wilkin (CO, USS BURKE) has lead his unit by example: being fair, just and creative. Mr. Wilkin considered all ideas that the crew wanted to entertain, encouraged them to develop their own ideas, and remained flexible. He was always open for anyone to query, question or suggest, and took every suggestion on its merits. He has been an example to all as a command player, and will be missed in that role as he takes an extended Leave of Absence from ASR.

Indigo Fleet

  • James Bowman (CO, CONSTELLATION) for his outstanding contributions as commanding officer of an existing unit.
  • Mike Groner (COMDANTEXF) for outstanding leadership as the commander of a new expeditionary force within INDIGO FLEET. Mike's drive and commitment to excellence were fundamental in the success of the Dante Expeditionary Force. Without his key leadership, it wouldn't have been possible.
  • David Muir (CO, SB ALIGHIERI) for his exceptional efforts which have greatly contributed to the success of a new starbase and the overall success of the entire DANTE Expeditionary Force.
  • Jeffery Trock (CO, USS PROMETHEUS) for his extraordinary service as a veteran commanding officer of an existing unit. He continues to set a consistently high standard of excellence.
  • Tim Tyson (XO, USS PROMETHEUS; OPS, USS TRAFALGAR) is recognized for his outstanding role playing and non-role playing contributions to his shipboard billets. His dedication has led to the continued success of all three of his ships (he serves on the USS CONSTELLATION as well.)
  • Josh Young (CAG, 716th NAW, SB ALIGHIERI) for his outstanding contributions to both role play and unit development far above and beyond the call of duty.

Red Fleet

  • Ken Cox (CO, USS ASCLEPIUS; XO, USS ALLIANCE; OPS, USS SORANUS) is to be commended for his contributions to all three of his command billets. In addition to his efforts to ensure the success of his own command, he was also instrumental in helping the USS ALLIANCE through a change of command and USS SORANUS through a a leave of absence on the part of her commanding officer.
  • Kerry Drake (USS SUFFOLK) deserves recognition for his service as acting commanding of the USS SUFFOLK and for his contributions to the ship's storylines and in its administration.
  • Melanie Pocknall (XO, USS TEMPEST) is commended for her support of her role playing unit and for her timely, relevant, and supportive contributions via role play and through her administrative efforts.
  • Eric Snyder (CO, USS TEMPEST) for his activity and enthusiasm for in his role as a new commanding officer. He is also commended for assisting the new Red Fleet command team in their transition to to their new billets.

Silver Fleet

  • Chris Fontaine (CO, USS NEBULA) for outstanding service as a returning commanding officer. Her leadership of the USS NEBULA has made it one of the more active units in ASR. She has also set an example by taking over a ship after three years under its original commanding officer and has molded an unique new environment without compromising player enjoyment.
  • Masako Goto (XO, USS NEBULA) for excellent service as a veteran command player of an existing unit. Masako Goto has been instrumental in helping the players adjust to the ship's transfer to Silver, and has set an example for upbeat, enthusiastic support of her commanding officer.

Free Threads

  • Mike Tripp (CO, USS SAM HOUSTON) is recognized for his continued dedication to his unit and his enthusiasm for improving ASR. He was recently selected to become ANCXO and is noted for his attention to detail and organizational skills.

Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Andy Catterick (COMSILVERTFZ) has received multiple nominations for outstanding veteran task force commander. His ongoing leadership and commitment to the ships under his command should serve as an example to all fleet command personnel.
  • Matt Cunliffe (COMSFSCI) receives recognition as an outstanding new branch head. The SFSCI site is informative, well designed, and provides a wealth>
  • Jeff Jenkins (CINCINDIGO) is to be commended for his ongoing contributions as a veteran fleet commander and branch head. Indigo serves as an example of a well run fleet with a dynamic story arc. SFE(NG)continues to stand as the model of the branch system. Outstanding Contribution to ASR.
  • Seth Green (COMANC, now CINCRED) is to be commended for his enthusiastic leadership of the free threads and the ease of his transition to CINCRED. Mr. Green has received multiple nominations and is recognized for his Outstanding Contribution to ASR.
  • Tim Meushaw (COMANCTFA) provides a strong, mature voice in ANCADMIN and has contributed heavily towards making the ANC division's joint mission, Battle of Centerpoint, a success.
  • Takako Nagumo (CINCGREEN) is recognized as an outstanding new fleet commander. Her service to Green Fleet has been exemplary and her appointment to CSFO should speak for itself. Outstanding Contribution to ASR.
  • Jeff Trock (COMINDIGOTFE, INDIGOXO) is recognized for his excellent excellent srvice as executive officer of a fleet. Jeff's organizational skills and dedication have been a key factor in the continuing success of INDIGO Fleet in this past year. Outstanding Contribution to ASR.
  • Tim Tyson (INDIGOFGM) for outstanding service in planning and assisting in the coordination of fleet missions. Tim's commitment and ingenuity have been fundamental to the unity and strength of INDIGO Fleet story lines.

Winners of Star Fleet Outstanding Unit Citations

  • USS VICTORY (Blue Fleet)
  • USS NELSON (Green Fleet)
  • USS PROMETHEUS (Indigo Fleet)
  • USS TEMPEST (Red Fleet)
  • USS ENDEAVOUR (Silver Fleet)
  • USS SAM HOUSTON (Free Threads)

Most Improved ASR Unit Award

  • USS BEARCAT (aka RMF-15)

Honors to Retired Personnel

  • Jeff Finocchiaro (CINCBLUE, COMSFE) is commended for his outstanding contributions to ASR both as CINCBLUE and as the Commander of Star Fleet Engineering. As CINCBLUE his reliability and attention to detail were well-known. As COMSFE, he built the organization

from relative obscurity to the flagship of the ASR branches. Outstanding contribution to ASR.

  • Matt Hydeman (REDXO) is commended for commitment to Red Fleet and his willingness to step up and assume acting CINCRED during his CO's leave of absence this fall. He is thanked for his dedication to and enthusiasm for ASR.
  • Masako Goto (ALB) is recognized for her exceptional service as Personnel Officer. Her decision to return to the position was welcomed by the administration.
  • Clayton Sears (CINCRED) is recognized for his substantial contributions to Red Fleet over his two year tenure at her helm. He is to be commended for his outstanding contribution to ASR.
  • Andrea Schalk (CSFO) is recognized for her outstanding services to the whole club. Her expertise and good judgement are hailed by all who worked with her, and she brought a sense of professionalism to the office of CSFO.

Special Honors

  • D'Maris Coffman (CINCSF) is recognized for her outstanding services to the whole club. Her tireless dedication and continued contributions of the highest quality are praised by all who have been in contact with her. Her contributions to ASR have gone far beyond any call of duty, and she is therefore awarded this special recommendation.

Respectfully, Jari Makela Chairman, ASR RT