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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Player Awards

  • Brian Barrett (SEC, ALIGHIERI) Mr. Barrett has been a great credit to the ALIGHIERI story and has an exceptional quality of including other people's characters in his stories, and writing them in character
  • Rodger Burns (USS DAEDALUS) Mr. Burns is nominated for an outstanding player award not only as an active contributor aboard the DAEDALUS, but also as one whose posts most actively advance the plot, provide others with opportunities to post in the same thread, and give detailed background information which provide springboards for future posting.
  • Margaret Kipp (MCO, USS NEBULA) Ms. Kipp helps to keep the ship going, both forward and sideways. She shows the human side of a marine command as well as the combat aspect. Margaret is an excellent writer, who contributes not only in RP, but in NRP as well. Although she is not an official part of the NEBULA's command team, she has become an unofficial member of it, helping out with all aspects of the ship.
  • Scott Lusby (CEO, USS TAMERLANE) Mr. Lusby has been a stellar and creative poster on the TAMERLANE, whose enthusiasm for the character, the unit, and the game is an example to all players.
  • Rosana Martinez (CNS, USS YORKTOWN) Ms. Martinez is a relatively new player to ASR, and has been a strong contributor to the game. She continues to motivate her fellow players and to advance the plot on the YORKTOWN.
  • Sean Murphy (MCO, DS13) Mr. Murphy is recognized for his outstanding commitment to DS13. His cooperative playing style, enthusiasm, and creativity, coupled with his consistently high quality contributions, have done much to build the foundations of this newly formed unit.
  • Gregory Posey (CMO, USS NOVA) Mr. Posey is to be commended for his tremendous efforts on behalf of the USS NOVA, where he has repeatedly taken an instrumental role in plot development, while assisting the command staff in maintaining story momentum and encouraging others in character development.
  • Mike S. Randles (716thNASW) Mr. Randles originally joined the 716th on a joint mission with the now SFPD Marine fighter unit the 21st MTFW. After the unit left, Mike decided to create a new character and remain at the 716th, and has posted often and with great enthusiasm.
  • Juan Angel Romero (SCI, SB ALIGHIERI) Mr. Romero is a new ASR player whose energy has never flagged since arriving from ALB. He has been an inspiration to others, involving other players in his unit with his stories, posting consistently, and providing energy to the unit. His level of contribution is exceptional and rare in such a new player. He is a credit to both his unit and the game.
  • Sean Speake (MCO, USS CIRCE) Mr. Speake has delivered some of the best marine officer writing in ASR's history. The depth and believability in his characterization on a marine officer go far above and beyond the norm. Sean has also developed and writes for a rich supporting cast of major marine non-coms and officers that add flavor to marine operations on the CIRCE. Long considered a difficult post to breathe life into or play well, Sean has clearly shown how marine activities can fit into the overall storyline of a ship.

Outstanding Command Player Awards

  • Chris Aubrey (XO, USS CIRCE) Since the launch of the CIRCE, Mr. Aubrey has been an integral part in mission development and establishment of the tone and feel of the USS CIRCE. Chris' leadership has been evidenced in his consistent, high-quality posts, as well as his ability to write in a manner that draws in all players, thereby enhancing participation. Chris developed the CIRCE web page and set up a posting archive, all without prompting. He has been an asset to the CIRCE, as well as to ASR.
  • Jason Bostjancic (CO, USS VALIANT; SEC, USS KIROV) As a CO of a small vessel, with unique needs, Jason has managed to keep things moving forwards, fostering an environment that allows new players to come into their own. Mr. Bostjancic is also a valuable contributor to the KIROV and his NRP efforts throughout the fleet are appreciated by all.
  • James Braun (CO, USS CORONA) Mr. Braun is to be commended for his excellence as a veteran commanding officer of an existing unit. Not only did he provide outstanding leadership in the autumn, but also his determination to rebuild his unit in the wake of the SF:PD split should serve as an example to all. When the split left his ship asunder, he led the USS CORONA's rapid recovery.
  • Chris Fontaine (CO, USS NEBULA) Ms. Fontaine is to be praised for her continuing work as the commanding officer of USS NEBULA. Under her leadership, NEBULA is a strong and vibrant ship with a character and style all her own.
  • Markku Herd (CO, USS ANDROMEDA) Mr. Herd has created a ship which handles combat assignments and simple character development with equal facility. His leadership has resulted in a stable crew who work well together and are able to interweave their writing into a seemless story line. Markku has also demostrated aptitude at refining rough mission outlines into fully developed plots.
  • Janis Hill (CO, SB OMEGA) Ms. Hill, having recently taken command of Starbase OMEGA, has done a great deal with limited resources, and little time. She is an inspiration to her unit and her Fleet. Her character development is strong and consisten and her leadership by example has produced measurable results int he units of which she is a part.
  • John Luerding (XO, USS SUFFOLK) As XO of the USS SUFFOLK, it is known as a frequent poster. He is the most willing to pick up the plot threads that other players on his ship have established, and his contributions truly make the SUFFOLK is a collaborative effort.
  • Scott Lusby (XO, DS13) Mr. Lusby is recognized for his excellence as a newly appointed command player. He was involved in the DS13 project from very beginning, and has commited an enormous amount of time, energy, and enthusiasm to the project. He has set an example to others by embracing his new command responsibilities, and by supporting the efforts of his CO and Gold Command in making DS13 and the Krima project a success.
  • Melvin Pollack (CO, DS4) Mr. Pollack never ceases to amaze and delight the readers of DS4 with his creative output for his unit. His RP is augmented by his patient NRPG correspondence with all of his players, and his willingness to let the players' imaginations run their full course has led to the development of a unit with a truly unique presence in ASR.
  • Alton Reich (CO, USS YAMATO) Mr. Reich is a dedicated command player who runs a strong ship. Under his leadership, YAMATO has developed a unique character. He posts consistently and demonstrated unflagging dedication to and leadership of his unit, and hasn't missed a beat since taking the additional responsibility of INDIGOXO.
  • Peach Sweeny (XO, USS CHESAPEAKE) Ms. Sweeny is a steady and energetic presence on which the CO and her crewmates can depend. While the unit's CO had been preoccupied with various admin matters, she took the initiative and kept the ship's narrative moving forward, for which her CO, and the unit, would like to express their sincere appreciation.
  • Stefan Wiedner (XO, USS YORKTOWN) Mr. Wiedner has long been the strongest link in the success of the YORKTOWN. His enthusiasm has never slowed. His leadership in NRPG and role play make him a true asset to the ship.

Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Chris Aubrey (ALB Instructor) Mr. Aubrey's excellent contribution to ALB is evident through his recent appointment to the position of Personnel Officer. As an instructor, Chris is enthusiastic and supportive, and provides an excellent introduction to ASR for his students. During a time when very few ALB instructors were available, Chris offered to take several classes in a row thus ensuring that new players had as short a waiting period as possible before getting into the game.
  • Jason Bostjancic (ASR Webmaster; COMSFE) Mr. Bostjancic has contributed much time and energy to the club in providing game-wide graphics of excellent quality, as well as in the timely maintenance and updating of ASR's official webpage. As a result of his work, ASR's web presence has taken a quantum leap into professional-quality web development and continues to improve. Mr. Bostjancic has also been a steady administrator for Star Fleet Engineering, bringing fresh ideas and outstanding new graphic work to the most venerable branch in ASR.
  • James Bowman (CINCVIOLET) When ASR split into two separate RPG groups, Mr. Bowman was called upon to take up the reins of the fleet that suffered most from the split. He executed with promptness and tact the thankless task of corresponding with departing units and making sure that all players (regardless of fleet) knew all the options available to them in a time of great confusion. He should be recognized if only for his great fortitude and skill in dealing with players, regardless of game.
  • D'Maris Coffman (CINCGOLD) Ms. Coffman has been a source of inspiration to her players and, as a result, Gold Fleet has prospered. It is difficult to over-emphasize the effect that her dedication the the players in Gold Fleet, effort in creating web-page supported interlocking story lines, and knowledge ASR have been have had for those players.
  • Staci Golladay (USS DAEDALUS) Staci Golladay, better known as "JadeRyan," receives a VIOLET Fleet administrative commendation for her revamping of the DAEDALUS web page. When the color of RED Fleet changed to VIOLET Fleet, she painstakingly changed the color scheme and graphics with (almost) little complaint.
  • Matthew Nicholls (Gold Webmaster) is recognized for his outstanding efforts on behalf of Gold Fleet admininstration in developing and maintaining the Gold Fleet world wide web page. His willingness to embrace constructive criticism and to perform ongoing and timely revision & maintenance are rare in a voluntary endeavour.
  • Matthew Partington (USS SUFFOLK) Mr. Partington is commended for creating the framework for a SUFFOLK web page, one rich in color and graphics-intensive, without being asked to take the lion's share of the burden.
  • Alton Reich (BATA Engineering Liaison; CO, USS YAMATO) Mr. Reich is to be commended for his outstanding contributions to BATA. He worked with tremendous diligence and attention to detail in developing a full line of Romulan specs, always willing to take constructive criticism and balance requests for revision. His efforts on behalf of BATA are far beyond what one might reasonably expect of any volunteer.

Star Fleet Outstanding Unit Citation

  • DS13

Most Improved ASR Unit Award


Honors to Retired Personnel

  • Andrew Bell (former CO, USS SORANUS) and Ken Cox (former CO, USS ASCLEPIUS) Two very able commanders who deserve recognition for their willingness to keep their ships running actively, for the freshness of their roleplay ideas, and their personal graciousness. We honor them for their roles as commanding officers.
  • Andy Catterick (former CINCGREEN) Mr. Catterick's willingness to trust his COs with the independence to do what is best for their units, and be available when they need his assistance, as well as his integrity and honesty, make him an effective and well-respected CINCGREEN.
  • Chris Fontaine (former COMSILVERTFZ) Ms. Fontaine is recognized for her work as the commander of Task Force Zinderneuf, her work on the Silver Fleet web page and general dedication above and beyond the call of duty for her work.
  • Mary Ann Harrison (former ALB Personnel Officer) Following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Masako Goto, Mary Ann worked tirelessly as Personnel Officer, helping new players develop their character bios. Her energy, enthusiasm and good humour made all newcomers feel welcome to the world of ASR.
  • Paul Kiefer Jr. (formerly of USS SUFFOLK) Paul was an active, interested contributor to his ship, ably assisting in roleplay and any NRPG duties assigned to him. His contribution to the SUFFOLK over the last six months deserves recognition.
  • Takako Nagumo (former CSFO) Ms. Nagumo has served in the demanding role of CSFO during an interesting year which saw one CINCSF step down and which saw ASR ranks split into two different PBEMs. She was able to step into the "hot seat" that is the office of CSFO and managed to maintain the good will of the body of ASR. Even the players who have moved on to SFPD have expressed their admiration for Ms. Nagumo as an administrator. Both during the RT and outside of it, some have wanted her to run for CINCSF, but her real-life concerns have unfortunately prevented her from doing so. She has maintained the respect and admiration of just about anyone who has served in any administrative position in ASR. She acts quickly, puts in long hours in front of the computer behind the scenes, and only for the love of the game.
  • Tim Tyson (former TAC, USS CONSTELLATION) During his time aboard the CONSTELLATION, Mr. Tyson's attention to the accurate portrayal of his character, Lieutenant Kzar, set a standard which might never be exceeded. He established high levels of quality in any individual or collaborative effort.


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