ASR Honors List- October 2004 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia


Please join me in congratulating the honored writers,
administrators and units that follow.

-Scott Lusby
=^= ADM Conrad Veld
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet

**Outstanding Players**

Mary McNeely (TAC, USS ANDROMEDA- SILVER)- Using a rare
and beautiful talent to combine intriguing characters
with interesting plotlines, Mary always comes through.
Her support of the Adams during its merger with the
Andromeda and beyond was invaluable.

P. Todd Criswell (CSO, USS ANDROMEDA- SILVER), in the
guise of the character of Ransom and all his NPCs, skirts
the edge of the rules but never the edge of boring. An
excellent player, he gives plenty of hooks to others- an
important skill in a cooperative fiction medium.

Jeff Uribe (CSO/TAC, USS NEBULA- SILVER) has been a rock.
Ever since he arrived on board NEBULA, he's been very
active, his posts are always well thought out posts that
move the plot along well, and allows others to add to what
he has already come up with.

Lars Duening (TAC, USS NOVA- GOLD) is nominated for his
outstanding contributions to the NOVA. Lars is a leader
among the crew whose passion for writing is infectious.

Noah Eaton (TAC, USS CIRCE- GOLD) is nominated for his
outstanding creativity in creating and developing one of
the unit's recurring enemies. On top of this, Noah has
shown himself to be unafraid to throw new twists into
the plot while helping to push existing threads forward.
Has been a critical part of the CIRCE writing team the past
6 months.

nominated primarily for his role as the KUSANAGI's Klingon
CMO- his interaction with the mission's plot has been
tremendous, and his character development has been second
to none.

is nominated for the enthusiasm with which he jumped
into the storyline upon his transfer from LEVIATHAN. He
essentially wrote as if he were in a command billet- moving
the plot forward, helping to direct the flow of the
mission at a time when, at different intervals, both the CO
and the XO of the unit were indisposed. Has since assumed a
command billet on CIRCE as a result, in addition to
commanding GREEN's USS BURKE.

Mariluz Ochao (ENG, USS NOVA- GOLD) is nominated for her
outstanding enthusiasm and exceptional skill at team-
building and cooperative writing. Mariluz has, in her short
time aboard, forged connections with virtually every player
and department on the ship. Her efforts serve as an
inspiration to her fellow collaborative fiction writers.

remarkable for the depth of his enthusiasm and
inventiveness. His attention to detail and mischievous
flair for plot twists have lent a special flare to the
missions in which he has been involved.

Lena Rose (CMO, USS BURKE- GREEN) As one person said, 'She
has been posting her heart out ever since her arrival on
BURKE, and has already been a major contributor to character
development and unit cohesion'. As CINCGREEN said, 'new
players who hit the ground running, who demonstrate they know
what they are doing and are eager to interact with other
energetic and creative players, are the wonderful exceptions,
not the rule, in these endeavors. They and their instructors
at ALB are to be commended and complimented for their
generosity in sharing their interests with us. Lena Rose is
one of those wonderful exceptions and Green Fleet in ASR is
darn lucky to have her'.
Multiple nominations.

**Outstanding Command Players**

Gabriel Weckesser (XO, USS YAMATO- SILVER)- The merger of the
Yamato and Endeavour was made all the smoother by Gabriel's
attention to administration detail. All the time, he managed
to write posts that kept the whole thing working.

Karen Fainges (CO, USS ANDROMEDA- SILVER)- Karen, at the helm
of one of ASR's strongest units, demonstrated an exceptional
ability to adapt to the consolidation of two units, and with
the exceptional grace and spirit of team play demonstrated by
Markuu Herd, Andromeda's past CO who took on the XO role in the
new consolidated merger, has provided ASR with an even stronger
unit with a stronger command team and stronger core of key
players. Karen has been in command of examples of what an ASR
role play unit with players can be, for years, and the success
of the new USS Andromeda arguably makes her more qualified now
as outstanding command player, than any other past nomination
she has deservedly earned. Multiple nominations.

Joseph Baker (OPS/2O, USS NEBULA- SILVER) has embraced his
responsibility to fill in as a command level officer when the XO
and CO are not available. This has been the result this summer,
as the XO and CO have been extremely busy. Joseph took the
reigns without complaint, and has been furthering the plot in
a way to allow all of the junior officers to fit in to the plot
without any problem. Although he is new to the crew, he has fit
in perfectly, and this has earned him the respect, gratitude,
and thanks of his Captain. Multiple nominations.

Scott Lusby (CO, USS CIRCE- GOLD) deserves the credit for
turning around USS CIRCE and effecting a nearly complete but
organic revolution of the senior staff. His ability to do this
is an inspiration to other command players. By involving
everyone in a cooperative team and maintaining a healthy sense
of humor Scott has made CIRCE the proud unit she is today.

**Meritorious Administrative Commendation**

Karen Fainges (CINCSILVER) stepped in to a sticky situation
when promoted to CINCSILVER int he wake of Andy Catterick's
resignation, and did an outstanding job of jumping in head-
first and doing the job required of her. The end result was
a trimmer, yet healthier fleet, and it was all done quickly
and compassionately. An outstanding first 6 months as a
fleet commander.

Spring Koeneman (ALB - Personnel Officer)- Since taking over
the position of Personnel Officer, Spring Koeneman has almost
single-handedly insured that incoming players are given their
initial screening and communication with ALB and ASR. Through
her dedication, latency in the initial phases of training has
been reduced and new players have solid example to look up to.

**Honors to Retired Personnel**

Andy Catterick (CINCSILVER) had served as CINCSILVER for three
consecutive CINCSFs, bringing a sense of stability to the Flag
Council that was clearly needed. His sound advice and words of
wisdom in particular will be missed both on the Flag Council
and in ASR as a whole- and all this says nothing about his
obvious creative talent.

Michael Lafferty (CoS/SFMC)- Michael has been in charge of the
Marine branch of ASR since Sean Murphy's assumption of the CSFO
post 18 months ago. Michael's help in developing a coherent,
consistent deployment table (with the help of SFE) was a long
time coming. He shall be missed as both a writer and a person.

**Most Outstanding Unit**


**Most Improved Units**