ASR Player's Manual Appendix E: Enlisted Ratings

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Enlisted Ratings
Version 2.0

Ratings (Occupational Specialties)

What follows is a sampling (not necessarily comprehensive) of the enlisted ratings (occupational specialties) which would be found aboard most ships, stations, and starbases in ASR Star Fleet.

Enlisted personnel, as the rank structure acknowledges, have pay grades and ratings (occupational specialties). The use of the following system is optional (subject to the approval of the fleet administration and commanding officer of the unit), but proves the opportunity to flesh out the ship's crew. A couple specific notes about usage follow.

First, in ASR, for simplicity sake, ratings are earned when the person makes the title/pay grade of Petty Officer Third Class (E-4). In the real world, some ratings may be earned earlier (strikers). However we avoid that in ASR, save for yeomen. Rates identify personnel by rating (occupation) and pay grade, and are denoted as follows: a petty officer third class who is a legalman would be LN3. A chief petty officer who is a master-at-arms would be a MAC.

For example:

  • Pay Rate (Title and Abbreviation)= Rating Title or Rating Abbreviation

  • Pay Rate E-4 (Petty Officer, 3rd Class or PO3)= Master-at-Arms, 3rd Class or MA3.
  • Pay Rate E-5 (Petty Officer, 2nd Class or PO2)= Master-at-Arms, 2nd Class or MA2.
  • Pay Rate E-6 (Petty Officer, 1st Class or PO1)= Master-at-Arms, 1st Class or MA1.
  • Pay Rate E-7 (Chief Petty Officer or CPO)= Chief Master-at-Arms or MAC.
  • Pay Rate E-8 (Senior Chief Petty Officer or SCPO)= Senior Chief Master-at-Arms or MACS.
  • Pay Rate E-9 (Master Chief Petty Officer or MCPO)= Master Chief Master-at-Arms or MACM.

There are two types of mustang officers (those who came up through the enlisted ranks) that do not go through OCS or DCO progams: Warrant Officers and Limited Duty Officers. Enlisted personnel who later become warrant officers or limited duty officers almost always serve in same area in which they obtained their enlisted rating. Limited Duty Officers have a rank ceiling of O-6 (CAPT), and ARE eligible for command, provided they have the appropriate designator (training and qualifications).

Like all such optional material, it is understood that many ships may choose to adopt all, part, or some of the system, or not use it all. That is fine, and local variation is expected. However, for those who do wish to use it, this should provide a guide to the often ignored world of enlisted personnel.

Listing of Ratings in use in ASR


  • CS - Culinary Specialist
  • JO - Journalist
  • LN - Legalman
  • MU - Musician
  • NC - Naval Counselor
  • PC - Postal Clerk
  • PN - Personnelman
  • RP - Religious Program Specialist
  • SH - Ship's Serviceman
  • SK - Storekeeper
  • YN - Yeoman


This group is responsible for handling many administrative and clerical matters aboard ship. These ratings perform many functions important to all personnel on the ship.

  • CS - Culinary Specialists - Serve as cooks, butchers, and bakers for the ship's mess. (Note: With personnel replicators in common usage, there are usually only a few CS's aboard ship for formal occasions.)
  • JO - Journalist - News reporting and related duties.
  • LN - Legalman - Perform duties and tasks related to Federation Law and on the Star Fleet Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • MU - Musician - Serve as members of bands and orchestras for ceremonial events.
  • NC - Naval Counselor - Assists commands in organizing and implementing an aggressive enlisted recruiting and career information program; evaluate enlisted recruiting and career information programs within own command and/or subordinate commands as applicable; supervise and coordinate interviewing and counseling efforts; counsel individuals and give presentation to civic groups, naval personnel, and their family members on the advantages of career opportunities in the Navy; establish and maintain liaison with local media; conducts classes for supernumeraries, including minors.
  • PC - Postal Clerk - Receive packages sent to the ship and deliver them to the crew.
  • PN - Personnelman - Test, classify, counsel, and recommend assignment of enlisted personnel. Maintain officer and enlisted records. Assist executive officer in crew evaluation and training.
  • RP - Religious Program Specialist - Assist ship's clergyman. Make accommodations for the religious services of any crewman of officer serving aboard the ship.
  • SH - Ship's Serviceman - Manage ship's store activities (Barber, laundry, store clerk).
  • SK - Storekeeper - Perform clerical and maintenance duties in the supply department related to procurement and stowage of supplies of all kinds.
  • YN - Yeoman - Perform general clerical duties including records keeping, preparing reports, and handling correspondence.


  • CT - Cryptographic Technician
    • CTA (Administrative)
    • CTI (Interpretive)
    • CTM (Maintenance)
    • CTO (Communications)
    • CTR (Collection)
    • CTT (Technical)
  • IS - Intelligence Specialist
  • IT - Information Systems Technician
  • OS - Operations Specialist


This department is responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating combat and operational information.

  • CT - Cryptographic Technician - Perform duties related to decoding encoded transmissions, handling classified transmissions, and interpreting transmissions in unknown language codes. This rating is subdivided into second depending on what an individual's specific duties relate to.
    • CTA (Administrative)
    • CTI (Interpretive)
    • CTM (Maintenance)
    • CTO (Communications)
    • CTR (Collection)
    • CTT (Technical)
  • IS - Intelligence Specialist - Plan, collect, process, produce and disseminate intelligence. Transmit reports of ship's activities and intelligence to Office of Star Fleet Intelligence (OSFI).
  • IT - Information Systems Technician - Operate communications equipment and automated information systems.
  • OS - Operations Specialist - Operate all sensor repeaters, tracking system consoles and other equipment in the Combat Information Center (CIC) under the supervision of the CIC Watch Officer


  • QM - Quartermaster


The navigation department is responsible for the safe navigation and piloting of the ship.

  • QM - Quartermaster - Perform ship-control, navigation and bridge watch duties; correct charts and maintain navigational aids; stand sensor lookout watch; act as helmsman. (Note: This is a *Naval* Quartermaster and has no relation to the Army or Marine Supply Corps which is known as the Quartermaster Corps.)


  • EW - Electronics Warfare Technician
  • FT - Fire Control Technician
  • GM - Gunner's Mate
    • GMP (Phasers)
    • GMT (Torpedoes)


This department is in charge of the defense of the ship from external threats. It is responsible for all general maintenance and handling of the weapons systems, fire control computers, targeting systems, electronic countermeasures, and other combat systems aboard ship.

  • EW - Electronics Warfare Technician - Operate, maintain, repair, and overhaul electronic countermeasure systems.
  • FT - Fire Control Technician - Perform upkeep, major repair, and overhaul of central fire-control systems and their components, including fire-control sensors.
  • GM - Gunner's Mate - Operate, perform upkeep, major repairs, and overhaul of remote weapons emplacement control centers; lead gun crews during combat operations.
    • GMP (Phasers)
    • GMT (Torpedoes)


  • DC - Damage Controlman
  • EM - Electrician's Mate
  • EN - Propulsion (Engine) Technician
    • END Propulsion Technician, Dimensional Warp
    • ENI Propulsion Technician, Impulse
    • ENW Propulsion Technician, Warp
  • ET - Electronics Technician
  • GT - Gravitic Systems Technician
    • GTC Gravitic Systems Technician, Communications/Long Range Sensors
    • GTS Gravitic Systems Technician, Shields/Tractor Beams
  • HT - Hull Maintenance Technician
  • IC - Interior Communications Electrician
  • MM - Machinist's Mate
  • RT - Replicator Technician
  • TT - Transporter Technician


This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all propulsion and auxiliary machinery, the control of damage, the repair of the hull and its fixtures, and all repairs beyond the capacity of other departments.

  • DC - Damage Controlman - Serve as technical assistants, instructors, and inspectors for fire prevention, fire fighting, damage control, and radiation, biological, and chemical contamination. (Note: Ship's computers aren't fullproof and there is nothing more dangerous on a starship than a fire that consumes precious oxygen and damages critical equipment and circuits if undetected. Also, in combat when fire suppression systems go offline, these crewmen are all that stands between life and death for the ship.)
  • EM - Electrician's Mate - Maintain and repair ship's power distribution and lighting systems.
  • EN - Propulsion (Engine) Technician - Operate, maintain, and repair ship's propulsion systems, including the warp core and nacelles, dimensional warp nodes, fusion reactors and impulse drive systems.
    • END Dimensional Warp
    • ENI Impulse
    • ENW Warp
  • ET - Electronics Technician - Maintain, repair, and overhaul electronic equipment including computer systems and sensor systems.
  • GT - Gravitic Systems Technician - Maintain and repair gravitic systems, including those related to shield grids, tractor beam emitters, communications and long range sensors.
    • GTC Communications/Long Range Sensors
    • GTS Shields/Tractor Beams
  • HT - Hull Maintenance Technician - Maintain and repair ship's internal and external hulls.
  • IC - Interior Communications Electrician - Maintain and repair internal communication and sensor systems.
  • MM - Machinist's Mate - Install, operate and maintain, mechanical ship's systems including propulsion, power generators, and life support equipment.
  • RT - Replicator Technician - Maintain and repair material replication system network including individual units and central raw material distribution.
  • TT - Transporter Technician - Operate, maintain, and repair transporter systems.


  • FI - Forensic Invesitgator
  • MA - Master-at-arms


This department is responsible for the internal discipline of the crew. Ship's security is generally a small group of enlisted persons, commanded by the Chief Master-at-Arms (CMAA), except when a ship has a marine contingent.

  • FI - Forensic Investigator - Conducts forensic investigations as required.
  • MA - Master-at-arms - Maintain internal discipline of the crew.


  • LT - Laboratory Technician
    • LTS Laborary Technician, Science


This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the science terminals, labs, and scientific sensor arrays

  • LTS - Laboratory Technician, Science - Operation, maintain, and repair research laboratory equipment.


  • DT - Dental Technician
  • HM - Hospital Corpsman
  • LT - Laboratory Technician
    • LTM Laborary Technician, Medical


This department is responsible for maintaining the health of the officers and crew; the treatment and care of the sick and wounded; the sanitation and hygiene of the ship and its company; the inspection of the ship, food, and water insofar as the health of the crew may be affected; and for training and directing personnel assigned to the medical department.

  • DT - Dental Technician - Perform dental, clinical, and administrative duties for dental officers.
  • HM - Hospital Corpsman - Perform numerous types of medical and clerical duties; may be technicians in specialized fields; may serve in small ships treating all illnesses and injuries (i.e. ships without a medical officer). (Note: Duties would include manning the dispensary, acting as nurse's and doctor's aides, etc.)
  • LTM - Laboratory Technician, Medical - Operate, maintain, and repair medical laboratory equipment. (Duties include performing standard medical testing such as disease screening, blood work, gene sequencing, forensic analysis, etc.)


  • PR - Shuttle Crew Survival Equipmentman
  • SB - Boatswain's Mate
  • SC - Shuttle Traffic Controller
  • SD - Shuttlecraft Machinist's Mate
  • SE - Shuttlecraft Electrician's Mate
  • SM - Shuttlecraft Structural Mechanic
  • SO - Shuttlecraft Ordnanceman
  • SS - Shuttlecraft Support Equipment Technician
  • ST - Shuttlecraft Electronics Technician
  • SW - Shuttle Systems Warfare Operator
  • SZ - Shuttlecraft Maintenance Administrationman


The flight operations department is concerned with the function of the all embarked craft. It is charged with shuttlecraft launching, landing, and handling operations, with the service, maintenance, and repair of shuttle craft, and with the handling of shuttle fuel and ordinance.

  • PR - Shuttle Crew Survival Equipmentman - Operate, maintain, and repair shuttlecraft safety equipment, especially emergency transporters; instruct in operation of equipment and in crash survival techniques.
  • SB - Boatswain's Mate - Perform various deck duties aboard ship; supervise operation and maintenance of shuttlecraft; operate and maintain cargo-handling equipment; supervise working and damage control partied; act as members of gun crew.
  • SC - Shuttle Traffic Controller - Operate, maintain, and repair systems associated with the safe launch, tracking, and recovery of shuttlecraft.
  • SD - Shuttlecraft Machinist's Mate - Maintain, service, adjust, and replace shuttlecraft engines and accessories.
  • SE - Shuttlecraft Electrician's Mate - Repair, maintain, and adjust shuttlecraft electrical equipment and instruments.
  • SM - Shuttlecraft Structural Mechanic - Maintain and repair shuttlecraft spaceframe structures and life support systems.
  • SO - Shuttlecraft Ordnanceman - Operate, install, repair, and service all shuttlecraft ordnance equipment.
  • SS - Shuttlecraft Support Equipment Technician - Operate, maintain, and repair ship's systems and equipment associated with the operation and maintenance of shuttlecraft.
  • ST - Shuttlecraft Electronics Technician - Maintain, repair, adjust, and install shuttlecraft electronic equipment.
  • SW - Shuttle Systems Warfare Operator - Operate, maintain, and repair shuttlecraft electronic countermeasure, tactical, and weapons systems.
  • SZ - Shuttlecraft Maintenance Administrationman - Maintain complete records of shuttlecraft flight operations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.


  • BU - Builder
  • CE - Construction Electrician
  • CM - Construction Mechanic
  • EA - Engineering Aide
  • EO - Equipment Operator
  • MW - Materials Worker
  • SV - Surveyor
  • UT - Utilitiesman


Construction ratings are usually only found on planets and space stations or starbases, but they are included for completeness. These ratings are responsible for duties associated with the building of new facilities.

  • BU - Builder - Construct, repair, and maintain structures.
  • CE - Construction Electrician - Install, maintain, operate, and repair power distribution systems, lighting fixtures, and communications systems.
  • CM - Construction Mechanic - Maintain and repair heavy construction equipment.
  • EA - Engineering Aide - Assist engineering officers assigned to the construction project; supervise other construction ratings.
  • EO - Equipment Operator - Operate, field-check, and service heavy construction equipment.
  • MW - Materials Worker - Work with special materials involved in construction and ensure their proper use.
  • SV - Surveyor - Make reconnaissance and preliminary and final location surveys for facilities to be constructed.
  • UT - Utilitiesman - Install, operate, maintain, and repair power generation and sanitation systems.

Description of Rates for Pay Grades E-1 through E-3


  • Pay Rate: E-1
    • Rate Title: Construction Recruit
    • Rate Abbreviation: BR
  • Pay Rate: E-2
    • Rate Title: Constrcution Apprentice
    • Rate Abbreviation: BA
  • Pay Rate: E-3
    • Rate Title: Construction
    • Rate Abbreviation: BN


  • Pay Rate: E-1
    • Rate Title: Crewman Recruit
    • Rate Abbreviation: CR
  • Pay Rate: E-2
    • Rate Title: Crewman Apprentice
    • Rate Abbreviation: CA
  • Pay Rate: E-3
    • Rate Title: Crewman
    • Rate Abbreviation: CN


  • Pay Rate: E-1
    • Rate Title: Dental Recruit
    • Rate Abbreviation: DR
  • Pay Rate: E-2
    • Rate Title: Dental Apprentice
    • Rate Abbreviation: DA
  • Pay Rate: E-3
    • Rate Title: Dentalman
    • Rate Abbreviation: DN


  • Pay Rate: E-1
    • Rate Title: Fireman Recruit
    • Rate Abbreviation: FR
  • Pay Rate: E-2
    • Rate Title: Fireman Apprentice
    • Rate Abbreviation: FA
  • Pay Rate: E-3
    • Rate Title: Fireman
    • Rate Abbreviation: FN


  • Pay Rate: E-1
    • Rate Title: Hospitalman Recruit
    • Rate Abbreviation: HR
  • Pay Rate: E-2
    • Rate Title: Hospitalman Apprentice
    • Rate Abbreviation: HA
  • Pay Rate: E-3
    • Rate Title: Hospitalman
    • Rate Abbreviation: HN


Information based on material from:

  • 1997 ALL HANDS Owner's and Operator's Manual, January 1997.
  • BLUEJACKETS' MANUAL, 15Ed, The United Stated Naval Institute: Annapolis, MD, 1959.

Document History

  • Version 2.0- Additions and modifications by Harry Iha (SD 160409)
  • Version 1.0- Original creation by Jeffrey Jenkins with the assistance of Jeffery Trock. Editing and introductory remarks by D'Maris Coffman.