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Played by Federico Colnago - updated SD 250130.

CAPT Alexandra Hong Lee


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: Alexandra
  • SURNAME: Hong Lee
  • CURRENT BILLET: CO, SB SAIKAI, Gamma Hydra Sector
  • GENDER/SEX: Female
  • AGE: 41 TSY
  • DOB: 10th of January 2384
  • POB: Busan, Korean Peninsula, Earth

B. Family

    • Jeung Hong Lee [father] (born 2349, Physicist, Seoul University)
    • Emily McAlbert [mother] (born 2362, Ret. CAPT, CO USS BRASILIA)
    • Sung Hong Lee [sister] (born 2375, Civil Engineer, Gralen IV Colony)
    • David Hong Lee [brother] (born 2378, Journalist, FNS, Earth)
    • Eric Hong Lee [brother] (born 2380, CDR, SCI USS ALBATROSS)
  • SPOUSE: Enor Taler [divorced] (born 2388, Betazed Ambassador Advisor, Earth)
  • CHILDREN: Jaylen (Born SD 120320 - Deceased SD 120506)

C. Physical Description

  • HEIGHT: 172 cm
  • WEIGHT: 56 kg
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Hazel
  • SKIN TONE: Light
  • VISION: 10/10
  • RELIGION: None
  • LANGUAGES: English, Korean, Japanese, Vulcan, Klingon


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications

  -- Scientific Officer
  -- Combat Flight Specialist
  -- Bridge Officer
  -- Command

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Professional Major: Quantum Physics/Physics
  • Professional Minor: Klingon History/History
  • Class Rank: Cadet Lieutenant
  • Reprimands: 2
  • Commendations: 2
  • Athletics: Volleyball Academy Team
  • Activities: Editor of "The Subspace Buzzer", SCI faculty newspaper.


A. Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-2: Born and raised in Busan, Korean Peninsula, Earth.
  • 2-10: Moved to Seoul with her father. Primary school.
  • 10-18: Lived on USS BRASILIA with her parents.
  • 18-22: Starfleet Academy.
  • 23-Present: Active duty in Starfleet

B. Background Summary:

Alexandra was born in a very peculiar family, one where her mother was mostly an absent figure, mostly filled with resentment for that unwanted daughter that was at risk of ruining her career. It was nothing but natural then for her to focus on her father as guiding figure in her initial career choices.

Leaving the USS BRASILIA to move back to Earth and attend Star Fleet Academy was, for Alexandra, a real eye opening experience. The detachment from the constant hassling environment that her mother was creating on the BRASILIA allowed Alexandra to finally start working on the issue that this troubled relationship with her mother had left her with.

The time she spent at Star Fleet Academy is, in her own words, the most exciting period of her life.

The first years of service, first on the USS BLACKBURN and then on the USS HELIOS represent for Alexandra a great period of growth as a woman and a turning point in her approach to her career too. After finally coming to term with her mother (by now divorced from his father), Alexandra started to appreciate the incredible efforts required for a successful Star Fleet career, and to some extend forgave her mother for all the harshness and hardship.

This gave Alexandra the drive toward switching her career in the direction of a Command, and since that this is what has been driving her forward.

It in late 2408 that she met Enor Taler, 4 years her younger, during a mission on Trill. The Betazoid diplomatic ataché and Alexandra fell in love instantly and as soon as he managed to secure a post as diplomatic advisor on the HELIOS, the two got married in early 2409 just as Alexandra decided to leave the Science Department for the Operations one.

The four years of marriage that followed were without doubt among the most happy and serene the two had experienced in their life, as both career progressed further and further.

Her pregnancy, in the late months 2411 wasn't a planned one, but nonetheless both they embraced it with great happiness. Jaylen, the couple son, was born in March 2412. An unfortunate encounter with a rouge alien entity was to be the cause of the biggest tragedy Alexandra had to endure, as the attack the entity launched against the LARSSON was to be cause of her first child death.

Alexandra and Enor never recovered as a couple after that event, and divorced shortly after.

Alexandra left Star Fleet active duty for three months, and went back to Earth at her father's home. It was to be, once again, the paternal and loving figure of old Jeung to drive her back into life again, and back to active duty on the USS AENEA.

She started to climb the promotion ladder again on the USS AENEA, arriving at the position of Executive Officer. It was, however, another tragedy to play a vital role in the life of Alexandra, as the USS AENEA found herself among a small Task Force of five ships being ambushed by a rogue group of ex-Dominion forces in the Var'is system when in orbit around Var'is IV to respond to a distress call.

The subsequent battle gravely wounded Alexandra, killed the Captain, and forced her to take command of the crippled AENEA. She managed to keep the ship and the crew together long enough to bring them back to Deep Space 10, her actions during the battle and the subsequent days granted her the awarding of both the Pike Medallion for Heroic Injury (Wounded Lion) and the Star Fleet Cross Medal.

It was to be another three months before the USS AENEA could leave dry dock again. By now a Decorated Commander, Alexandra was awarded a promotion and offered command of the AENEA. She would command that ship until decommissioning almost five years later, before being offered the position of Commanding Officer on the Command Battle Cruiser USS FENRIR in mid 2422.

C. Personality Summary



A. Promotion History

  • SD (24)061230: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
  • SD (24)080201: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant J.G. (O-2).
  • SD (24)090110: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3).
  • SD (24)131120: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • SD (24)150311: Promoted to rank of Commander (O-5).
  • SD (24)171223: Promoted to rank of Captain (O-6).

B. Service History

  • SD (24)020101: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth.
  • SD (24)061226: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 18th of 258.
  • SD (24)061230: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned Stellar Cartography, USS BLACKBURN.
  • SD (24)070902: Combat Flight Training Course, Bajor.
  • SD (24)080201: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant J.G. (O-2), assigned Deputy SCI, USS BLACKBURN.
  • SD (24)081026: Transferred to USS HELIOS as SCI.
  • SD (24)090104: Department transfer, commissioned OPS, USS HELIOS.
  • SD (24)090110: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3).
  • SD (24)100201: Bridge Officer Qualification Passed.
  • SD (24)100804: Command Officer Course, Star Fleet, Earth.
  • SD (24)110104: Command Officer Qualification, assigned OPS, USS LARSSON.
  • SD (24)120526: Prolonged (3 months) LOA, personal reasons.
  • SD (24)120901: Return to Active Duty
  • SD (24)131120: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • SD (24)140202: Commissioned 2O/OPS, USS AENEA.
  • SD (24)150311: Promoted to rank of Commander (O-5), assigned XO, USS AENEA.
  • SD (24)170914: Assumes Command of USS AENEA after CAPT L'renn is Killed-In-Action.
  • SD (24)171223: Promoted to rank of Captain (O-6), confirmed as CO of USS AENEA.
  • SD (24)220202: USS AENEA lost in battle against rogue Dominion Forces.
  • SD (24)220614: Commissioned CO, USS FENRIR.
  • SD (24)250124: Commissioned CO, Starbase SAIKAI.

C. Medals and Commendations

  • Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon.
  • SILVER Fleet Service Ribbon.
  • GREEN Fleet Service Ribbon.
  • Klingon Sector Ribbon.
  • Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Silver Lifesaving Medal - For her actions during a flight training accident on Bajor.
  • Wounded Lion - For the wounds sustained during the battle of Var'is IV on USS AENEA.
  • Star Fleet Cross - For the exemplary actions during the blatte of Var'is IV on USS AENEA.


A scientist by vocation, and an efficient officer by ambition and training, Alexandra is wonderfully gifted as a leader and a natural team builder. Her so far untamed record has proven her to be greatly reliable and highly efficient when working under stress.


"Her stamina and energy are second to none, even among the security teams. Her incredible passion for her work seem to propel her whenever her physical resources are approaching depletion. Outstanding."

  • CDR George Arty

"Her actions during the final moments of the AENEA are those worthy of only the finest officers on the line of duty. Her exemplary conduct in those difficult and hard moments, not to the slightest affected by her debilitating wounds, is an example of great commitment and dedication that cannot be praised enough."

  • VADM Ennar ch'Lorath
  • Commanding Officer, Deep Space 10


"Though her recovery from the trauma is in line with the incredible mental and physical resources she has at her avail, it is undoubtedly clear that the person that Alexandra once was is not anymore, yet it is not completely understood how this might affect her life on the line of duty. She is, however, fit for field duty, but I strongly recommend a post-discharge series of evaluation meetings with other counselor."

  • LCDR Barbra Willis
  • Specialist Counselor, Star Fleet Medical
  • Return to duty final evaluation, SD 120820.


Alexandra is an avid mountain trekker and occasional amateur geologist.

When she is not tiring herself out on the holodeck under her strict fitness and martial arts regime, she is most often then not found trying to get engaged in social activities.

She has a passion for strategy games.


Nothing at this time.