Auren Kigel

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CHARACTER NAME: Auren Kigal [AHR-ren KEE-gull]
RANK: LTjg (O-2)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Markings: Brown
Height: 153cm (5 ft)
Weight: 46kg (~100lb)
Frame: Petite
AGE: 32 (b. 2390.0327)
University of Trill, Bachelor Equivalent, Applied Physics
University of Trill, Master Equivalent, Time-Space Anomalies (Physics)
Starfleet Officer Candidate School
Systems Engineering Certificate
Hydroponics and Waste Systems Certificate
Rellis Kel (b. 2355, j. 2395), father, lieutenant-governor, Parsaxis Province, Trill
Imzi Haz (b. 2356, j. 2385), mother, Minister of Public Transportation, Trill
Talmo Rix (b. 2387, j. 2411), brother, research scientist, University of Trill
Berzi Wek (b. 2391, j. 2416), brother, assistant planetary prosecutor, Trill

Auren is the middle child of three, the only unjoined member of a family
of five.  While growing up, both of her parents had symbionts, though
her father had been selected to be joined while Auren was five.  Growing
up, Auren    greatest desire was to be joined with a symbiont, though
only a small percentage of the Trill population could be joined due to
the population difference.  She actively pursued all of the things a
potential host should pursue - excellent academics and athletics
(specifically, dance, though she does do other exercise to keep in

After completing her compulsory secondary degree at the standard age of
17, Auren decided to go into academia, choosing to pursue applied
physics at the University of Trill, one of the premiere universities in
the Federation.  She completed her baccalaureate equivalent in four
years and was accepted to continue her studies for a PhD equivalent.  It
was during this time that her older brother, Talmo, was also accepted as
a host and was joined with the symbiont Rix.

Auren was placed in the host pool as soon as she was accepted into the
University of Trill for her PhD, and had been notified of being in the
final selection for symbionts twice by the time she was 25.  When she
was 25, she was informed that she was once again in the final pool for
the symbiont Wek, but it chose her younger brother, Berzi, instead.

Frustrated and depressed, Auren decided to leave the University of Trill
for a time to find herself with her masters degree equivalent in
physics, which she    finished years before.  After some
soul-searching, she decided to join Starfleet, the latter of which was
pleased to find someone already conversant with the latest theories on
D-WARP technology.  After some discussion with varying counselors, she
decided to enter in as a candidate for Engineering positions.

After finishing OCS, she began serving on smaller Starfleet transport
ships close to Earth, rarely seeing battle but gaining a fair bit of
experience in handling aging equipment.  During this time, she began
studying for various certificates that would assist her in landing
better positions on bigger ships, including a promotion to LTjg and a
recent transfer to the USS NOVA.

Personality-wise, Auren is professional and serious, and she seems to
make surface-level friends readily enough.  She is an introvert, needing
a fair amount of alone time and yet able to carry on a normal
conversation with other beings.  Having been born and raised on a
Federation planet, she suffers from no xenophobia.

People often describe Auren as pretty, though in a childlike way given
her size.  She has dark, nut-brown hair that falls to mid-back, which
she keeps it up while on duty due to regulations.  Her eyes are large
and her features even, lending to the vague sensation of her being a
living, breathing doll.

On a personal level, Auren has had lovers before but has shown very
little interest in entering into a marriage contract, knowing that both
her family and her government want her to produce Trill children for
possible future hosts, particularly since all of her family already have
been chosen as hosts.  Although symbionts can choose any compatible host
at any age, most tend to choose hosts that are less than 40 years old;
Auren is still on the host list.


- Dance, including Trill traditional dance, ballet, and varying tribal
dances of first peoples
- Running
- Some background in gymnastics
- Reading
- Cooking

- Cooking