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LT Melissa Winters- Chief Engineer, USS Odyssey

Lieutenant (O-3)

  • Player: Juan Romero
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 27710110.2330

Name: Melissa Winters
Rank: Lieutenant
Billet: Chief Engineer, USS ODYSSEY

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Date of birth:  05-15-2745
Place of birth: New London, Arkansas, Earth
Citizenship: UFP
Languages spoken: Standard
Parents: John (50), Laura (48)
Siblings: Joanna (19), Mark (23)
Spouses: No
Children: No
Height: 1,74 meters
Weight: 62 kg
Eye color: Light Blue
Hair color: Red
Blood type: A-
Identifying marks: a tattoo on her right hip
She was born in a farm near New London, in the old Arkanas
from Earth. She is the oldest children of the Winters (John and
Laura). Since she was a little child she showed an incredible 
attitude for mathematics, solving equations and matrixes far
beyond her age. 

Her brother Mark arrived two years later and her sister Joanna was 
born when Melinda was 4. 

She started to help her father to repair things at the farm. She was 
able to understand, operate and repair them. 

She loves to work with things, each time bigger than the last, so 
se decided to join Starfleet.

She distinguished in engineering and all the subjects around it, 
being the first of her class. During these years she discovered the 
Quantum Dimensional Drive and the equations around it. She worked on 
them as a hobby and she discovered new methods to improve the 
efficiency of the engines. Besides that she started to work on the 
matrixes of the defense systems. That was why she was posted to SFE 
after graduating from the Academy.

She worked there for two years. After that she was promoted to LTjg 
and posted to the USS ELDRIDGE to check the new modifications of the 
engines. She spent there another two years working on the engines, 
engines that were to be used on a ship that was going to be sent to 
another galaxy, the ODYSSEY.

She was promoted again and transferred to the ODYSSEY as one of the 
people that had the best knowledge of those engines.

Service History:  2763-2767 Top 1% of her class.

After Academy she was posted to SFE to develop the work she had been
 working during her years on the Academy. 

Two year later she was promoted to Ltjg and posted to the ELDRIDGE, 
an experimental ship. Two years later was promoted again and moved to 

Skills Profile: Engineering (Quantum Dimensional Drive), Mathematics, 
Physics, Tactical system and Computer.

Personality Summary:
Current Recreational Interests