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Dimensions rough, based on draft images. Obvisouly scale could be way off 
since most of these sketches are not very detailed.

Class Name       : ODYSSEY
Classification   : Explorer
Type             : CA (Heavy Cruiser)
Model Number     : I

Length           :  520 m
Beam             :  158 m
Draft            :   86 m
Displacement     :  751,508 mt

Total Standard   :  141
Officers         :   11
Crew             :  100
Passengers       :   20 (Standard)
Marines          :   10 (single squad)

Primary FTL Propulsion System
Drive Type        : QDD-181 Mk X (quantum displacement drive)
     Number       : 2

Seconary FTL Propulsion System
Drive Tyoe        : NHN-98 Mk X (nested helix nacelle)
     Number       : 2

Impulse System
Drive Type        : GDP-808 (gravitic dynamic planing)
     Number       : 2

Power Generation
Main Reactor      : ZPG-18 (zero point generator)
Secondary Reactor : FGN-818 (fusion generator network system)

Standard Cruise Speed   : 6.0
Maximum Cruise Speed    : 7.0
Sustainable for 12 hours: 7.5
Maximum Emergency Speed : 8.0

     Phaser, Type XXVIII (continuous neutral particle beam)
          Number : 5 banks
          Range  : 1,500,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer module forward dorsal arrays (f/p, f/s)
                   saucer module forward ventral array (f/p/s)
                   aft hull ventral array
                   aft hull dorsal array

     Quantum MDM Flux Torpedo, Mk IX Seeking/Direct
          Number : 3 launchers
          Range  : 150,000,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 1 aft

     Point Defense Lasers, type III
          Number : 12 (4 turrets of 3 lasers each)
          Range  : 1,000,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal turrets (p/s)
                 : aft hull mid turrets (p/s)

Deflector System : EDS-10 Enhanced deflector system

Diffusive Armor

     Standard, 6-person  : 2
     Emergency, 22-person: 2
     Cargo               : 2

Shuttle Bays     : 1 (Aft hull)
Embarked Craft (Standard, specific ships may vary)
     Shuttlepod              :  6
     Personnel Shuttle, Small:  4
     Personnel Shuttle, Large:  1
     Shuttle, QDD            :  2
     Cargo Shuttle           :  2


Quantum MDM Flux Torpedo is an enhanced version of the venerable matter-
antimatter torpedo. It created a directed energy pulse which overloads 
systems and can, at close impact range destroy hull material. As with any 
antimatter weapon, direct hull contact is catestrophic. The quantum MDM 
system is a multi-drive module that allows the flux torpedo to phase into 
quantum drive and skip back into normal space on its way to its target. 
This greatly increases the range of the weapon and makes intercepting it 
with counter-missile systems considerably harder. The most advanted 
version of the Quantum MDM system contains three drive modules, each with 
a maximum endurance of 50 million km. Effective engagement range against 
a shielded target is 500,000 km.

The effective range of the phaser is more an issue of targetting and lag 
to target. A phaser is subluminal and can't be steared. Therefor, it isn't 
useful at much more than half a light second even in the 28th century.

Diffusive armor is a layer of organic superconducting fibers grown into 
the nanomolecular structure of the outer hull that distribute the energy 
of incoming attacks over a larger area of the hull where it an be more 
safely disipated. Direct hits can still overload the armor and damage the 
superconducting fibers. They fibers can heal after damage if fed proper 
mineral componenets and energy. Their healing is enhanced by shipboard 
nano-repair drones.

The enhanced deflector system is actually a network of three systems. The 
first is a traditional gravitic shield that diffuses incoming energy and 
can even bend directed energy weapons so that they miss the hull entirely. 
The second layer is a cloud of nano-sattelites that ablate the effect of 
incoming weapons fire by absorbing the energy into themselves, destroying 
the individual sattelites which can be rapidly replenished from ship stores. 
The final level of the deflector system is an electromagentic field which 
works in concert with the diffusive armor to expand any energy that reaches 
it over a larger area of the hull.