Begullan IV

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Begullan IV

  • Colony Name: Begullan IV
  • Creator: Brian Suskind


  • System/Location: Begullan System; Rimward of Earth, at the edge of the Romulan-Thollian-Federation space.
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: Queensland Station (10 days)
  • Planet Classification: M-Class
  • Satellites/Space Stations: Four Small Moons, Orbital Docking Facility
  • Land/Water Ratio: 20%/80%; Calm pinkish oceans, slightly salty
  • Climate Controlled: Yes
  • Native Sentient Life: No


  • Colony Age (approximate): 175 years
  • Population (approximate): 80 Million native population; 100 Million with Tourist influx
  • Species Present:
    • 50% Terran
    • 20% Betazoid
    • 10% Andorian
    • 20% Others
  • Colony Status: Independent
  • Government: Democratic Congress
  • Major Cities/Settlements:
    • Belladonna (Capital)
    • Ocaica (Major city)
    • Aspian (Major city)


Begullan IV began as a scientific colony but the planet's natural beauty and temperate climate made the world perfect for colonization. Within the first fifty years of its existance Begullan IV became a popular port of call for passing starships. Instead of becoming a pleasure planet like Risa, the population of Begullan IV decided to cater toward conferences and corporations. By the time the planet reached its centennial, it had become one of the top five planets for business conferences, meetings and corporate retreats.



Tech Level



Most of the urban population is dedicated to catering to the needs of the tourist trade.


Think of the people of Begullan IV as Hotel concierges.