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Captain Cameron Carver's BIO

I. Personal Data
Name: Cameron Vincent Carver
Current Rank: Captain
Service Number: SC-845362-1001028-CI
Current Billet: Commanding Officer USS VALHALLA
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Age: 41
Date of Birth: 1 November 2380
Place of Birth: Boston, North America, Earth
Marital Status: Single

Mother: Rebecca Carver, Diplomatic Attache
Father: Max Carver, Commodore (Retired) Starfleet; Federation Ambassador to the Dominion.
Siblings: None

Physical Appearance:
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 198 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Cameron has several scars on his left side and back
from several incidents from operation duties. Details Classified by


II. Background
Cameron Carver was born into an extremely busy household, and traveled
throughout the Federation with his mother as a member of the Diplomatic
Corps. As a senior administrator and attache, Cameron's mother was sought after by
several Ambassadors, and even served on the staff of Ambassador Spock for
several months.

Cameron's education was one of the finest that could be offered by the
Federation. Although he received a tremendous amount of training on
diplomacy and external relations with other planets and people, he also received training
in the martial disciplines of several worlds, including Klingon, Andorian, 
Vulcan, Bajoran, Hirogen, Breen and even Romulan. Well liked by all his
tutors, he was a very good student in all aspects of his training.

Charismatic, humorous, friendly, compassionate and disciplined, it was obvious to all
that he would become an Ambassador someday, following in his parents' footsteps.

When Cameron was 13 years old, he met a Hirogen Warrior for the first time.
The Hirogen, old by his people's standards but one of the more storied
warriors, spent 6 months with Cameron, teaching him his ways, and telling him stories
of the hunts he had been on. Cameron traveled the stars, exploring, and meeting
new cultures.

This changed Cameron's view on what he wanted to do with his life, and from
there he trained himself utilizing the staff and several teaching programs
to learn everything he could - so that he could join his father as a Starfleet

When his father retired from Starfleet to become a federation Ambassador
with Cameron's mother when Cameron was 17, Cameron saw that as a sign that
it was time for the Carver family to send another boy to Starfleet Academy.
Although his application was not accepted the first year he applied, it was
accepted the second year after a certain celebrated Ambassador sponsored the young

Leaving for the Academy with proud parents, Cameron began a journey that
would take him to the Gamma Quadrant and many alien cultures and back again.

All information between Stardate 150622.1500 and 190401.0600 is Classified by Starfleet
Intelligence. Note: these were the years that Carver was "behind enemy lines"
infiltrating the Dominion with his Jem'Hadar comrade, Sergeant Major Kudak M'Sai.

III. Education
A. "Home Schooled". Graduated with High Honors.

B. Starfleet Academy (Graduated Summa Cum Laude)
- Bachelor of Science Kinesiology and Computer Science
- Minor in History, Interplanetary Relations, Engineering
- Advanced Pilot Training, Class A, Level 10

E. Academy Qualifications
- Primary MOC: Tactical
- Primary MOC: Operations
- Secondary MOC: Navigation
- Secondary MOC: Counselling (Psychology/Diplomacy)
- Secondary MOC: Science

F. Academy Record
- Rank: 1 out of 269.
- High Honours (Valedictorian & Magna Cum Laude.)

IV. Service Record
020615.0700 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
020622.0700 - Transferred to USS INDEPENDENCE, NCC-5212, ENDEAVOR-class starship. Assigned as a Tactical Officer.
030829.1143 - Promoted to Lieutenant (J.G.). Assigned as an Operations Officer.
050810.0100 - Promoted to Lieutenant.
050810.0200 - Assigned to the USS UNIVERSE, NCC-71121, SOLAR-class starship as Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security
071220.0700 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Assigned as the Chief of Operations/Second Officer.
080101.0001 - Transferred to Starfleet Intelligence, BLUE Fleet, Dominion Intelligence.
121219.0700 - Promoted to Commander. Transferred to USS CHIMAERA, NCC-25011, AGAMEMNON-class starship. 
121220.0700 - Assigned as First Officer/Executive Officer on the CHIMAERA.
131010.0923 - Promoted to Captain, USS CHIMAERA.
150622.1500 - Transferred to Starfleet Intelligence.
190401.0600 - Transferred to USS VALHALLA, NCC-18000, VALHALLA-class starship as Commanding Officer.
210522.1312 - USS VALHALLA transferred to GOLD Fleet Command, KRIMA Expeditionary Force.

V. Medals and Commendations
010105.1700 - Awarded Academy Commendation for Service.
020305.1700 - Awarded Academy Commendation for Selfless Heroism.
050830.1111 - Awarded Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal.
061210.0630 - Awarded Commendation for Original Thinking.
071111.1534 - Awarded Starfleet Cross.
121219.0700 - Awarded Federation Citation of Honor and Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon.
190331.1800 - Awarded Starfleet Intelligence Medal of service.

Note: Carver has received numerous campaign ribbons, commendations, and
other awards in his service not noted here.

VI. Skills and Traits
A. Skills: Cameron was raised around diplomats and legal attaches, so he has
picked up a few traits and skills in those areas. Cameron is naturally
charismatic and a great mediator. He is also skilled in strategy and
tactics, and a natural commander.

B. Cameron is a student of the martial arts, and has learned numerous
methods from dozens of races, as well as the practical application of these

VII. Medical
"Lt. Commander Carver will not reveal to me how he received those grievious
wounds to his left side and back. They appear to have been made from serrated
edges consistant with Jem'Hadar bladed weapons. Several of the wounds are
very serious, and infected. It is a wonder that he survived long enough to
return for medical treatement. He is expected to make a full recovery, however."

- Lt. Commander Michelle Danvers, M.D. CMO, USS CHIMAERA.

"Captain Cameron carver's medical has come back with a few anomalies, but
nothing that register as life threatening. It is more than likely from his
exposure to several foreign planetary bodies and unknown food and water. The medical
treatments he was undergoing to continue with his charade as a Vorta have
also taxed his physiology to the near breaking point, but he should recover fully
given a few weeks of rest and recuperation."

- Commander Michelle Danvers, M.D., USS CHIMAERA

VIII. Psychological Profile
"Captain Cameron Carver seems to have readjusted to his return to Federation
space after being wherever he was. Although he has some psychological issues
that he will have to work out with his Counsellor, I will be able to clear
him again for active duty. As a "Type A" personality, he has moved forward
already, and seems to be fine mentally and psychologically."

- Lieutenant Commander Mia Fitzpatrick, COUN, USS CHIMAERA

IX. Fitness Report
"Captain Cameron Carver is an outstanding physical athlete. Although he has
several injuries he will have to recover from, his spirit and will are
indominatable. His body is in great shape, and there are no serious issues
to consider at this time."

-Lieutenant Myal V'Shas, CSO/TAC, USS CHIMAERA

X. Personal Interests
Cameron has several interests, including athletics, baseball, history,
current diplomatic relations with other cultures, and archaeology.