Cardassian Hideki II-Class

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  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: A (multiple direct exposures by multiple friendly/Star Fleet assets over a protracted period of time)


  • Class Name: HIDEKI II-Class
  • Classification: Warship
  • Typical Roles: Patrol, Light Attack.
  • SFE Designation: DE (Destroyer Escort)
  • Introduced: 2391
  • Model Number: III
  • Number in service: 400+
  • Known Registries: CUS Hideki


  • Length: 86 m
  • Span: 60 m
  • Draft: 14 m
  • Displacement: 30,000 mt


  • Total Standard: 30
  • Officers: 5
  • Crew: 25


Warp Propulsion System

  • Drive Type: GroBaH type II
  • Number: 2
  • Main Reactor: DanBaH Dilithium M/AM Reactor type I

Impulse System

  • Drive Type: Pok'Be'BaH Dispersed Thrust Engine, Type I
  • Number: 2
  • Secondary Reactor : Dan'Be'BaH Dilithium M/AM Reactor type I


  • Standard Cruise Speed: 5.0
  • Maximum Cruise Speed: 8.0
  • Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.3
  • Maximum Emergency Speed: 9.6
  • Core Failure Imminent: 9.65


Phase Disruptors, Omnidirectional Crystal Type, Class 6.

  • Number: 2 banks.
  • Range: 270,000 km
  • Arcs: Forward port/starboard (2).

Photon Torpedo Launchers

  • Number: 1 tube, 50 torpedoes.
  • Range: 2,600,000 km
  • Arcs: 1 forward

Deflector System

  • DuganBaH-class Conformal Multiphasic type, Grade 4.

Cloaking Device

  • Toskin'Be'BaH-class Plasma Matrix Strategic type.



  • 6-person, small cargo: 2
  • Cargo: 1

Cargo Bays

  • 1, Aft section – ventral access.

Embarked Craft

  • Travelpod, 4 man: 2
  • Bok’Na-Class Cargo Shuttle: 1


Originally designed as a fast patrol vessel and introduced in 2366, the original Hideki-Class Patrol ship served the Cardassian Empire well, being fast and cheap to manufacture, reliable in service and quick to repair. Fast and maneuverable at impulse, it proved useful as a commerce raider, particularly when a Cloaking Device was added to some of them. During the war, it was usually faced by the Klingon B’Rel-Class and the Federation Defiant-Class, both of which had significantly more firepower than it, nevertheless, it served well and used its maneuverability to keep from being overwhelmed.

After the war, the type would have been honourably retired except for the moratorium on new ship construction. Thus it was repeatedly upgraded until the decision was made in 2391 to begin the arduous task of upgrading all the various forms of Hideki-Classes to the standard Hideki II-Class.

Now with a good quality cloaking device, updated (but somewhat underpowered) weapons and shields and an improved computer core, the type is somewhat limited by its slow Warp Engines and now outdated sensor systems.