Cella IV

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Cella IV

  • Colony Name: Cella IV
  • Creator: Eric Sevigny aka ENS. Den N'Sha


  • System/Location: Cella system, Secara Sector
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: 3 days from Trill, 1 week from SB OMEGA
  • Planet Classification: Barren rock planetoid; Atmosphere composed of 70% nitrogen, 2% chlorine and 28% other gases
  • Satellites/Space Stations: Lenz, a large uninhabited asteroid; LX-Ja’Ran Fleet Yard and repair outpost, orbiting the colony
  • Land/Water Ratio: 100% rock overground, though the mantel and crust are composed of approximately 20%frozen water.
  • Climate Controlled: Yes, underground and overground bubble habitable only.
  • Native Sentient Life: None. But overground atmosphere contain micro-organisms.


  • Colony Age (approximate): 120 years [founded around 2280]
  • Population (approximate): 3 millions [symbiont colony excluded]
  • Species Present: 95% Trill, 5% others [symbiont colony excluded]
  • Colony Status: Trill protectorate
  • Government: Council, appointed by the colonists and representing the Trill government.
  • Major Cities/Settlements: 3 Major underground settlements: Yono Ward, New Telara and Wayland.


The Cella IV colony is a masterpiece of Trill determination. The Secara sector was first surveyed by a Trill probe 130 years ago. The Cella IV planetoid was found uninhabitable but potentially rich in minerals, a survey ship was later sent to investigate. Then, the mining colony emerged. The hostile environment and the presence of valuable minerals deep into the crust of the planet forced the colonists to establish themselves several kilometers underground; digging their own cities and exploiting natural vast caves. There exist six entrances to the colony (two for each settlements) for medium sized ships (the entrances are protected by redundant force fields and two emergency Duranium gates which close if the redundant force fields cease to function), those are: the North passage, Yavin’s throat, Lenz’s window (from which you can see the Lenz asteroid), Dark One and Dark Two and finally the Silver Ring. The settlements are also connected to each other, even though transporter technology is mostly used. There are six connecting conduits (large enough to fit a medium sized starship): the Peripheral, Maa, the Junction, the Ice cliff passage, Glimmer and an unnamed tunnel between Wayland and New Telara. The underground colony also support one of the first non-Trill based symbiont colony. Mainly located at New Telara, the colony lives in vast tunnels of heated water (from the frozen core) and chemically balanced solution.


Mineral exportation based; Dilithium and other precious materials can be found.

Tech Level



Mirror of Trill. Harsh life, strict rules and guidelines.


Star Fleet has recently sent the USS-DAMA to the Secara sector to maintain peace between the Breen, Romulans and Trill cohabiting the sector.