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O-8.png O-8-sleeves.png

Personal Data

Read Admiral Denton "Buck" Vargas, Commander, Scimitar Expeditionary Force


  • Full Name: Denton Vargas [SEC-156722-8986]
  • Surname: Vargas
  • Given Name: Denton
  • Current Rank: Rear Admiral (O-8)
  • Current Billet: Commander, Scimitar Expeditionary Force
  • Species: Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
  • Gender/Sex: Male/XY
  • Age: 53 Terran Standard Years
  • DOB: 11 August 2365
  • POB: Des Moines, Iowa, Terra
  • Parents: LCDR Harold Vargas, UFPSF, Deceased; Allison Bertrand, Deceased
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None (Divorced)
  • Children: None

Physical Description

  • HT: 6'1"
  • WT: 207 lbs
  • EY: Gray/Blue
  • HR: Brown w/ gray around temple
  • SK: Light Tan; No distinguishing marks.
  • Blood Type: O-
  • Vision: O: +.25, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)
  • Religion: None
  • Citizenship: Terran, United Federation of Planets
  • Languages: Terran Standard (native speaker), Cardassian (proficient), Romulan (proficient), Klingon (proficient), Vulcan (basic knowledge)

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended

  • Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *summa cum laude*}
    • Bachelor of Arts, Military History
  • Star Fleet Naval War College
    • Master of Arts, Military History

Service Schools Attended

  • Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  • Star Fleet Naval War College
  • Star Fleet Flag Officer's Training School


  • Qual: Tactical Officer
  • Qual: Navigation/Astrogation Officer
  • Qual: Shipboard Operations & Command
  • Qual: Junior/Senior Officer Bridge Tests
  • Qual: Command Officer's Tests
  • Qual: Flag Officer's Tests

Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Honors: *Summa Cum Laude*
  • Final Cadre Rank: Cadet Commander
  • Academic Major: Military History
  • Major: Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics
  • Class Rank: 51/250
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Commendations: 4
  • Athletics: Springball
  • Activities: Cadre

Biographical Notes

Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-2: Lived with parents on USS KYUSHU.
  • 2-18: Lived with maternal grandparents in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • 18: Nominated and accepted into Star Fleet Academy.
  • 18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy.
  • 23-Present: Active duty in Star Fleet.

Background Summary

CDOR Denton Vargas (known as "Buck" to his friends) has been serving in Star fleet for over 25 years. In that time, he has developed a reputation in the fleet for being something of a tactical whiz kid. This tactical knowledge is, in part, natural gift and in part the product of study and practice. Even in his adolescent years, Buck spent hours on end in holosuites, honing his instincts in this field.

Part of the drive behind his studies in strategy and tactics, at least initially, had to do with his parents' deaths in at Wold 359 in 2367. He was only 2 at the time, but, in later years, the loss gnawed at him. He pured his energies into strategy and tactical simulations, hoping to find ways to escape the fate of his parents. Yet, despite this, he always knew he'd end up in Star fleet (he refers to it as his "calling")- his efforts were his way of reconciling his aversion/fear caused by the stories of his parent's death and his sense of duty to Star Fleet. He simply had no desire to "go the way his parents went."

In time, after several years of service, he began to realize that no amount of tactical expertise would have prevented the defeat at Wolf 359; Star Fleet forces there were simply overwhelmed. It was only then that he came to terms with his parents' deaths; consequently, it was then that his career began to take off. His tactical knowledge and his experience proved a formidible combination, and Star Fleet brass began to notice. Plus, the inordinate amount of time served as a junior officer early in his career has made him feel more a part of the crew at large- he doesn't cut himself off from his junior officers like many captains do. He fraternizes with them, mingles with them; he feels that "he's truly one of them," and depends on them both emotionally as well as professionally. He is most definitely a "crew's Captain."

In October of 2412, in the aftermath of what has become known as 2nd Tybiiran, in which Vargas led the Federation forces to an improbable-but-bloddy victory, he was summoned to a drawn-out Board of Inquiry into the events in Tybiiran. He would later be exonerrated, and go on to serve, after graduating from War College, as the last military director of SECIS, and one of ALB's Personnel Officers.

In 2417, he ascended to the post of Commander, Krima Expeditionary Force under Admiral John Brooks, a position he has cointinued to hold upon Gold command transferring to Admiral Conrad Veld.

Personality Summary

Buck is a man very much on an even keel emotionally- he almost never gets too high (preferring to stay somewhat cautious and on-guard during these times) nor too low (instead finding the "silver lining" in the cloud)- which is the key to his successes to date. He is able to see all sides of an equation- good, bad and ugle, for better or for worse), which benefits him as both a tactician AND in interpersonal relations.

His highest emotions he reserves for his private moments with loved ones and close friends. He is divorced, but still harbors some attachment to his former wife. They remain on friendly terms, communicating regularly. He understands and accepts that his career is what destroyed the marriage, which enabled he and his ex-wife to smooth over the emotional wounds which occur during any separation. As such, they depend on one another for emotional support, but neither of them are willing to "try again" due to their respective careers- a good tactician never makes the same mistake twice...

Official Star Fleet Record

Promotion History

  • Star Date (23)870501: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
  • Star Date (23)900815: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
  • Star Date (23)940228: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3)
  • Star Date (23)961015: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
  • Star Date (24)010631: Promoted to rank of Commander (O-5)
  • Star Date (24)080505: Promoted to rank of Captain (O-6)
  • Star Date (24)140501: Promoted to rank of Commodore (O-7)
  • Star Date (24)190501: Promoted to rank of Rear Admrial (O-8)

Service History

  • Star Date (23)830801: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Terra
  • Star Date (23)870331: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 51st in class of 250
    • Major: Military History
    • Minor: Negotiation/Diplomacy
  • Star Date (23)870401: Assigned to Space Warfare Officer School for training.
  • Star Date (23)870431: Graduated Space Warfare Officer School, Assigned to Star Base ALPHA for Assignment
  • Star Date (23)870501: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1); Assigned NAV, USS GUDERIAN
  • Star Date (23)900801: Tour of duty on USS GUDERIAN ends.
  • Star Date (23)900815: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2); assigned as TAC, USS BELGRADE.
  • Star Date (23)921118: Tour of duty on USS BELGRADE ends.
  • Star Date (23)921201: Assigned as TAC, USS SUMTER.
  • Star Date (23)940215: Tour of duty on USS SUMTER ends.
  • Star Date (23)940228: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3); Assigned as CIC, USS HANNIBAL.
  • Star Date (23)961001: Tour of duty on USS HANNIBAL ends.
  • Star Date (23)961015: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4); Assigned as OPS, USS EL-ADREL.
  • Star Date (24)010615: Tour of duty on USS EL-ADREL ends.
  • Star Date (24)010630: Promoted to rank of Commander (O-5); Assigned as XO, USS BELLEROPHON.
  • Star Date (24)080504: Tour of duty as XO, USS BELLEROPHON ends.
  • Star Date (24)080505: Promoted to rank of Captain (O-6); Assigned as Tactical Analyst, Star Fleet Headquarters.
  • Star Date (24)110425: Tour of duty at SFHQ ends.
  • Star Date (24)110425: Assigned as CO, USS LEVIATHAN.
  • Star Date (24)121015: Tour of duty as CO, USS LEVIATHAN ends.
  • Star Date (24)130115: Assigned to Naval War College.
  • Star Date (24)140501: Graduated from Naval War College; promoted to Commodore (O-7) and reassigned as DIRSECIS.
  • Star Date (24)161231: Tour of duty as DIRSECIS ends.
  • Star Date (24)170115: Assigned Personnel Officer, Armstrong Lunar Base.
  • Star Date (24)171031: Tour of duty in ALB ends; assigned as DEPCINCGOLD and COMKRIMAXFOR, GOLD Fleet.
  • Star Date (24)181030: Tour of duty as DEPCINCGOLD ends. Remains as COMKRIMAXFOR.
  • Star Date (24)190501: Promoted to Rear Admiral (O-8).
  • Star Date (24)270701: Reassigned as COMSCIMXFOR.

(Note: Ships recorded at classification at the time officer was assigned, not their current re-classification.)

Medals and Commendations

  • (23)950713.0000: Star Fleet Commendation Medal.
  • (24)080401.0000: Cross of Alexander- for strategic and tactical supremacy during military action against the Cardassian Union.
  • (24)080401.0000: Wounded Lion- wounded during battle.
  • (24)120201.0000: Wounded Lion- wounded during Tybiiran Campaign.
  • (24)120201.0000: Tybiiran Campaign Ribbon.
  • (24)121031.0000: Wounded Lion- wounded during Second Battle of the Belt.
  • (24)130115.0000: Silver Star- for actions against the Gorn Hegemony in the Second Battle of the Belt.
  • (24)171031.0000: Star Fleet Commendation Medal.
  • (24)181030.0000: Distinguished Service Medal.

Skills Profile

Wholly unambitious- his advancement stems from his actions, not his politicking. Unpretentious nature allows him a clarity of thought which is his greatest attribute. Sees all sides of conflict. Imagninative despite his historical knowledge- will vary exisitng strategies and tactics to suit situation. As a result, is often unpredictable in combat.

Recent Fitness Reports

"Lieutenant Denton Vargas is certainly a 'good' officer, but I can't help feel that he's holding something back. He does his job, and does it to the satisfaction of his superiors, but I feel that he's not giving his true best effort. It is recommended that he be sent to the end of the promotion list- maybe that will kick-start him without grounding his career."

  • CDR Phillipe Savage

"I'm having a difficult time believing that the LTJG Vargas I have been serving with is the same one who served on the BELGRADE. I have found him to be a hard-working, dilligent and conscientious officer who never gave anything less than his best effort. I see no reason to continue holding LTJG Vargas back from promotion.

  • CDR Hack Anderson

"LT Vargas has been an invaluable addition to my crew. His presence was strongly felt and will be sorely missed. His sevice has been exemplary. While already awarded the Commendation Medal for his service on SD 950627 bears mentioning here- it exemplifies his dedication to both his crew and his duty, as well as the finest principles of Star Fleet.

On the aforementioned date, the HANNIBAL was engaged in testing a new design in power couplings. This is pretty mundane work, and certainly not something a CIC would be involved in during the course of his normal duty. Thus, he was ordered to assist the ENG with the testing. At one critical point during the testing, a coupling ruptured, almost completely gutting the Jefferies tube. Despite injury and a raging plasma fire that had engulfed the tube, Vargas re-entered the tube (having been blown clear by the explosion) and pulled the ENG, the XO (who had just arrived on the scene for a status report) and a technician from the blaze. All three officers lived, but surely wouldn't have without Vargas' help. His decision to risk his own life in order to save those of other men exhibits the principles of Star Fleet and the Federation. He will be missed here."

  • CAPT Thorvin Schnev

<exerpt from report to Star Fleet Command from USS BELLEROPHON, SD 80216.1735>

"Encountered a squadron of 3 Galor-class refits escorting a weapons supply ship earlier. Despite the odds, we engaged, as per standing orders because of the existing conflict. We knew those weapons were going to their Base of Operations inside UFP space- we had no choice but to engage.

In the first volley, one of the Galors scored a direct hit to the bridge, reducing our shields to nothing. The second hit took out the bridge, wounding and/or killing several officers. I myself was incapacitated, and spent the remainder of the battle lapsing in and out of consciousness.

CDR Vargas acted immediately, transferring command to the battle bridge ensuring the wounded got medical care. Most, in that situation, would have disengaged and high-tailed it out of there. But Vargas knew his orders and the consequnces should those weapons reach their destination. He put together a brilliant plan which enabled him to destroy one of the and the supply ship itself, while keeping the wounded bow of the BELLEROPHON away from their weapons, undeniably saving lives, if not the lives of the entire ship. Without his fast action and brilliant tactics, the mission would have failed, and the Bellerophon would likely have been destroyed.

I have included the recordings of the battle- judge for yourslef. I recommend he be awarded the appropriate decoration for his service.

  • CAPT Jarrod Appleton

<exerpt from Board of Inquiry files on the Second Battle of the Belt>

"...this Board does not see, given the situation at hand and what was at stake at the time in the region of the Tybiiran Complex, that Captain Vargas could rightly have avoided combat without placing other Federation assetts in jeopardy; the loss of Tybiiran would have been catastrophic strategically for GOLD Fleet. Therefore, this Board of Inquiry finds that Captain Denton Vargas of the U.S.S. LEVIATHAN to have taken expected and appropriate action to safeguard the lives of the crew of LEVIATHAN and her escorts while neutralizing the Gorn Hegemony threat in the region."

  • CDOR Richard Coleman
  • COMKRIMAXFOR/Chair, Board of Inquiry

Current Recreational Interests

Occassional springball matches; holosims and writing holonovels