Dugan Dohan, M.D.

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------------- Bio chip: CDR Dohan, Dugan, MD --------------------

This material is classified: grade 3

Starfleet Personnel Department.

Re: Lieutenant-Commander Dohan, Dugan, MD


Name: Dugan "Sticks" Dohan, MD

Race: Human (Mars), male 

Rank: LCDR (O-4)

Current Assignment: CMO USS NOVA, TF HEROD, BLUE

Previous Assignments: CMO, CIVMED, R&DCMO DS13, GOLD

                      USS KIROV, CMO

		              medical ship USS RAMON Y CAJAL, CO

Skin: white        Hair: short, brown      Eyes: gray

Height: 1.73m      Weight: 79kg

Place of birth: Nova Scotia Colony, Mars

Age: 65 years 

Status: widowed

Relatives: None alive

Skills: MD, majored in psychology, xenobiology and xenosurgery.

        Minored in biology and botanics

Hobbies: botanics, classical Terran and Vulcan music, golf

Religion: none

History: Dugan Dohan was born at the Nova Scotia colony on Mars. Since

he was young, he showed attitudes towards Medicine. When he was 9 he

joined the Boy Scouts and started to study biology and specially

botanics. At 13, her mother, who served on board a Starfleet medical

vessel, died when trying to find a cure to a deadly plague on a far

colony. That marked the future of young Dugan's life. He joined

Starfleet Medical when he was 16. At 21 he had majored in Medicine,

Psychology and Xenobiology. He then started to serve on board

Starfleet vessels. Pushed by his father, he applied to Starfleet

Academy and graduated with some minor disciplines on his record, while

majoring on Xenosurgery. He then married doctor Jane Calloway, MD, all

at age 26. They served on the same ship since then. After some more

services on Starfleet vessels, he applied to Command Evaluation. While

on exams, his father passed away, what affected him and gave him the

determination to finish what he had started. He approved his exams and

after some more years, on stardate 80914, he was promoted to O-5 and

given his first command on the USS RAMON Y CAJAL, a NIGHTINGALE-class

medical vessel.

On stardate 100223, the USS RAMON Y CAJAL encountered a stranded line

ship. All the crew and passengers suffered from a strange illness

provocked by a  mutation of an Andorian virus. The virus somehow

passed the biological screenings and contaminated the crew of the

RAMON Y CAJAL. When Dohan and others managed to find a cure, more than

the 78% of the crew had already died, included her spouse. Dohan

presented his resignation but Starfleet Command only allowed him to

become a reservist, giving him an extended leave of absence. He took

the chance to go back to Mars, where he stood until summoned back to

active service. Something he didn't like.

He served on the USS FEYNMAN as CMO for a brief time, until her

destruction, and after that during the USS KIROV maiden mission, a

secret mission to rescue the highjacked USS FRUNZE, the other

Kirov-class ship available at the moment.

After that, he was appointed CMO (SFMED) of DS13, HQ KRIMAXFOR, where

he server for several months, except a brief time as temporary OPS,

position he has served for short times several times, and then taking

charge of the Civilian Hospital. In the last months, Dohan has also

served as Chief Medical of Research and Developement on DS13, but he

was starting to feel asfixiated with the huge amount of work, and the

invitation to move to the NOVA in 131102 seemed to him the closest to

a vacation he could enjoy, and so he accepted promptly.

Characteristics: Dugan has an acidic sense of humor and a sarcastic

attitude. His vision of life is very pesimistic. He doesn't like

weapons. And he absolutely hates the bridge of the ship. He is,

somehow, a defeated man, but can take strength from nowhere if someone

is suffering. He has a small alcoholism problem but it's probably

mainly under control. During the last years his alcoholism has been

controlled, somewhat, and the hard, focused work had relaxed him a

bit. Just a bit.

His golfing hobbies in the past (like most doctors, anyway) gained him

his nickname, 'Stiks', although words is out that in may be because of

'sticks and stones may break my bones...' but nobody has actually the

wits to ask him (and keep their bones, that is).


23540312 Born at Nova Scotia colony, Mars.

23751012 Graduated from Starfleet Medical. MD

23800624 Graduated from Stafleet Academy, promoted to LT (O-3).

23821024 Transferred to USS APOLLO, Medical department.

23860125 Transferred to USS TOMONAGA as CMO.

23940515 Transferred to OP-427 as CMO.

23971105 Transferred to SB KAPPA as CMO.

23990213 Transferred to USS MARVIN MINSKY as CMO.

24060430 Promoted to XO on the USS MARVIN MISNKY.

24080914 Promoted to LCDR (O-4). Transferred to the USS RAMON Y CAJAL as CO.

24100312 Death of Dugan's wide. LOA.

24100921 Summoned to SB ALPHA.

24100923 Assigned to USS FEYNMAN as CMO.

24101124 All crew transferred to USS KIROV. CMO.

24110215 Transferred to DS13 as CIVMED.

24110219 Transferred to Acting OPS and CIVMED.

24110223 Transferred to CIVMED and SFMED.

24110915 Transferred to aCMO and CIVMED.

24130117 Transferred to R&D CMO.

24131102 Transferred to USS NOVA as CMO.

24190827 - Bio updated -

---------------- End Bio chip -----------------------------------