Garoth IV

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Garoth IV

  • Colony Name: Garoth IV
  • Creator: Marc Johnson


  • System/Location: Garoth System; near the Federation/Klingon Border
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: Three Weeks to SB ETA
  • Planet Classification: Class K
  • Satellites/Space Stations: Federation Research Station Sagan-pi
  • Land/Water Ratio: 6% water, 94% land
  • Climate Controlled: All settlements are within pressure domes.
  • Native Sentient Life: None


  • Colony Age (approximate): 50 years
  • Population (approximate): 5,000
  • Species Present:
    • 75% Human
    • 10% Vulcan
    • 15% other
  • Colony Status: Federation Science Colony
  • Government: Federation Governorship and Council
  • Major Cities/Settlements: Sagan-Alpha Settlement


The Garoth IV settlement was founded by a group of Federation Scientists who firmly believed that the planet's unique mineral resources could be studied for the advancement of technology. The Federation granted the group's wish, and they established the original pressure dome, the Sagan-Alpha settlement. The minerals found relatively near the planet's crust are usually more rare, making the planet invaluable in studying their uses. Five years after founding, the Sagan-pi orbital station was built by the Federation at the request of the colony to facilitate experimentation with off-planet power cores using the materials found on the planet.


Standard Federation Economy

Tech Level

Modern/Slightly Advanced. Advanced study of power generation takes place here, so many of the pressure domes are powered by highly advanced, experimental power systems.


None, really. A fairly average Federation Science colony.


Garoth IV is primarily a research and development colony. Working with the orbiting station, they have for fifty years been developing newer methods of generating power that may someday be more widely implemented.