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LTJG Sage Hauser- Chief Science Officer, USS Republic

Sage Hauser

Liuetenant (jg) (O-2)

I. Personal Data	

Full Name:  	Sage Hauser
Surname:  	Hauser
Given Name:  	Sage
Current Rank:  	Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
Current Billet: Chief Science Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371
Species:  	Terran Human
Gender/Sex:  	Male
Age:  		24 Terran Years 
DOB:  		18 October 2239
POB:  		Eden, Idaho, Earth
Parents:  	Raphael Hauser		(2218-unknown) 	  	
                Francesca Kirkus	(2219-unknown) 
Siblings:       None	 				 		
Spouse:  	None			
Children:  	None

A. Physical Description
HT: 		6'0" 
WT: 		210 lbs 
EY: 		Green 
HR: 		Blond 
SK:  		Caucasian  
Blood Type:  	AB+
Vision:  	effectively 20/20

B. Background Data
Religion:  	None Listed
Citizenship:  	Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  	Terran Standard, some Vulcan

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Institute of Intelligence & Espionage        
   -- Institute of Military Studies        
   -- Institute of Science and Technology        
   -- Starfleet Academy 
       (Bachelor of Science & Technology, Master of Intelligence Operations)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Flight School
   -- Weapons Training   

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Science & Technology

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		Excelled in weapon's training 
Academic Major: 	Bachelor of Science & Technology                                           
Master of Intelligence Operations
Professional Major: 	Science & Technology
Class Rank:  		9/360
Reprimands: 		1
Commendations: 		3
Athletics:  		Jai Alai
Activities:  		None

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:	Born Eden, Idaho, Earth.  
0-2:    Parents abandoned him, became a ward of the state
2-16:  	Lived in foster care.  Attended public schools.
16:     Enrolled in the Institute of Intelligence & Espionage
17:     Enrolled in the Institute of Military Studies
18:     Enrolled in the Institute of Science and Technology
19-24:	Attended Starfleet Academy.
24:	Began active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Sage's parents had him when they were very young. Neither of them had 
steady work and they were forced to move from place to place to try and 
find work. When Sage was two they decided that they could no longer take 
care of him, so they abandoned him in a local supermarket. He then became 
a ward of the state of Idaho, living in foster care until theage of 16. 

Sage had a difficult childhood and a lot of repressed anger and it usually
expressed itself in fights, both in school and in bars. When Sage was 16 
one of his teachers at the public school took an interest in him and saw 
something in him that no one else thought to look for. He encouraged Sage 
to find other outlets for his anger, and helped him enroll in the 
Institute for Espionage. Sage enjoyed it for awhile, but again his 
tendency to lose his temper easily got him in trouble. 

He then enrolled in the Institute of Military Studies, but quickly grew 
bored when he realized it was all statistics and history. He then enrolled
in the Institute of Science and Technology where he found his love of 
science.  His teacher and mentor from public school then helped him enter 
into Starfleet Academy, where his natural tendencies toward science 
quickly helped him excell in his studies.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion and Service History
2256.210: Entered Starfleet Academy
2260.170: Commissioned as an Ensign (O-1)
2261.237: Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371
2263.155: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)

B.  Medals and Commendations
Commendation for accuracy with a phased rifle at 300 yards 

Commendation for bravery during a test flight crash on 2258.170

Commendation for original thinking in mapping out new plasma relay during 
testing sequence.

V. Skills Profile

Weapons accuracy
Hand to hand combat 

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Sage Hauser is in excellent health. It is my opinion that he should 
consider takingup a more healthy diet, but it does not seem to be 
disagreeing with him. He is veryactive. I certify Sage Hauser as fit for 
duty aboard the USS REPUBLIC.

-- Dr. Lien Zayna   Staff Attending, Starbase 2

VII. Psychological Profile

Sage Hauser has repressed anger that he has been working to overcome. He 
does have a very short temper, but it is something that he is aware of and,
again, is working to overcome it. He has come a long way and uses 
different techniques and practices to keep his anger in check. He is 
formidable in appearance, tall and strong, but does not use it to 
intimidate others, unlessabsolutely necessary. I certify that Sage Hauser 
is fit for duty aboard the USS REPUBLIC.

-- Dr. Prakash 2060.064   Staff Psychologist, Starbase 1

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Sage enjoys going to the weapon's range, he also participates in the 
Jai Alai league and has been known to do martial arts as well.