J. Robert Brooks, jr.

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CAPT J. Robert Brooks [Jeffrey Jenkins]
I. Personal Data
Surname:  BROOKS
Given Name(s):  John Robert (Robert)
Service Number:  SF-879195-09081973-SI
Current Rank:  Captain (O-6)
Current Billet:  Commanding Officer, USS NOVA, NCC-1776-A
Species:  Homo sapiens sapiens
Gender/Sex:  Male/XY
Age:  40 Terran Years
Date of Birth:  21 October 2385
Place of Birth:   Luna Colony, Orbit of Sol III (Earth's Moon)
Parents:  Ambassador John R. Brooks, (ADM, Star Fleet, extended leave)
          Mrs. Amanda Marie (Sorenson) Brooks (deceased)
Siblings:   None
Spouse:  Jennifer Brooks (deceased)
Children:  Thomas Brooks, born 50315, age: 20
           Jessica Brooks, born 90403, age: 16
Other Relations:  cousin - RADM J. Roland Brooks, special assistant to the 
                           Federation Council on Federation Security
                  uncle - CAPT James R. Brooks (MIA)
Religion:  Roman Catholic
HT:  1.86 m; WT: 91 kg; Eyes: Brown; Hr: Brown; Comp: Fair
Blood Type:  O-

II.  Educational Background

A.  Academic Institutional Background:
   -- Tharsis Military Academy  (Mars) {Salutatorian} 
   -- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *summa cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Warp Systems Engineering)
         (Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Weapon Systems Engineering)

B.  Service Schhols Attended:
    -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
    -- MOC:  Navigation Officer
    -- MOC:  Tactical Officer
    -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
    -- MOC:  Operations Officer
    -- CERT:  Junior/Senior Officer Bridge Tests

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank:  2/298; Honors *summa cum laude*;  Academic Major(s):  Warp
Systems Engineering, Weapon Systems Engineering; Professional Major:  
Tactical Operations, Engineering Operations; Qualifications:  tactical,
security, engineering, navigation, helm, operations; Commendations:  2;
Reprimands:  1

Commendation for leading Nova Squadron to third consecutive title.
Commendation as Top Cadet Marksman.

Reprimand for fighting.

Activities:  Nova Squadron, Parrises Squares varsity letter,
Marksmanship Team varsity letter
III. Biographical Notes 

A. Chronology (tabular form): 
 0- 5:  Lived with mother on Izar while his father served aboard ship.
 5-12:  Lived with mother's family on Izar.
12-16:  Tharsis Military Academy  (Mars).  Graduated *summa cum laude*.
16   :  Received appointment to Star Fleet Academy.
19   :  Birth of first child, Thomas James (male).
20   :  Graduated from Star Fleet Academy.
22   :  Married Jennifer Brooks (nee Garth).
23   :  Birth of second child, Jessica Marie (female).

IV. Official Starfleet Record 

A. Promotion History:
060415.0000  Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
060420.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2).
060515.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
060901.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
070301.0000  Promoted to Commander (O-5).
070304.0000  Breveted to rank of Captain (O-6)
070809.0000  Confirmed at rank of Captain (O-6).

B. Service History: 
020615.0000  Entered Star Fleet Academy
060211.0000  Special Senior Cruise assignment, USS PHOENIX, NCC-2500, 
             Tactical Officer
060302.0000  USS PHOENIX, NCC-2500, Chief Engineering Officer
060415.0000  Graduated Star Fleet Academy
060420.0000  Posted OPS, USS COMRADE (NCC-4600, WELLINGTON-class CL)
060901.0000  Posted XO, USS COMRADE (NCC-4600, WELLINGTON-class CL)
070304.0000  Posted CO, USS NOVA (NCC-1776, GALAXY-class CL)
080115.0000  Posted CO, USS NOVA (NCC-1776, ENDEAVOUR-class CA)
080814.0000  Posted CO, USS NOVA (NCC-1776-A, SOLAR-class CBC)
090519.0000  Ordered to Earth for Office of Star Fleet Intelligence
             special operation.  Cover story:  Relieved of command.  This
             entry retroactively entered into service jacket.
090530.0000  OSFI, Covert Opererative, Dalriadan Alliance
100514.0000  Posted CO, USS NOVA (NCC-1776-A, SOLAR-class CBC)

C.  Medals and Commendations 
061017.0000  Awarded Star Fleet Outstanding Unit Citation (USS COMRADE)
070810.0000  Awarded Distinguished Service Cross
080120.0000  Awarded Wounded Lion
080625.0000  Awarded Latinum Star
080910.0000  Awarded Medal of Valor
110803.0000  Awarded Zephram Cochrane Medal of Merit

(*) He also has the usual combat action ribbons, quadrant service ribbons,
etc. expected of an officer of his rank and experience.

V. Skills Profile 

Proven commander; innovative strategician.  Has high expectations of
himself and others.  Unforgiving and somewhat judgemental, bordering on
occasional intolerance.  A career space warfare officer.

VI. Recent Fitness Report

Subj: Routine Fitness Report
Re: Additional Comments

My professional acquaintance with CAPT J.R. Brooks began in 2407, when I
appointed him commanding officer of the USS NOVA.  As was typical of the
period, many talented officers were thrust into positions far beyond what
their experience could otherwise warrant.  Five years later, CAPT Brooks
is one of the few of these who remains in space service, thereby
demonstrating extraordinary energy and commitment.  His own personal
courage and grace under fire have been noted elswhere, as he has been
awarded several of Star Fleet's highest decorations.

Brooks' management of shipboard affairs reflects a judgement and relative
maturity which events largely thrust upon him, and which were no doubt
hard won.  Suffice it to say that my earlier reservations (namely that he
would stop developing as an officer once he mastered the command chair of
a CBC) were largely without merit.  Nevertheless, Star Fleet owes a
special duty to a young officer of whom we have asked so much. Recommend
posting to Star Fleet Staff & Command College for further educational
opportunities and training once the Gorn/Tholian situation quiets.

                --ADM W. Gordon Crowell, CINCSF, (120215.0000)

VII. Psychological Profile

Captain Brooks has been certified as fit to resume active duty and fit for
command upon completion of his services for the Office of Star Fleet
Intelligence in Dalriadan Alliance territories.  He shows no significant
residual effects of the trauma resulting from his wife's death at the
hands of the renegade Torval Dix

-- CDR Mitchell Ward, Star Fleet Counseling Corps, detatched to Office of
   Star Fleet Inteligence, Earth (10515)

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Swimming, Martial Arts (various)