Jacqueline Woodbine

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Played by Aveline Ristuccia - updated SD 240425.

ENS Jacqueline Woodbine


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: Jacqueline
  • SURNAME: Woodbine
  • CURRENT RANK: Ensign (O-1)
  • GENDER/SEX: Female
  • AGE: 27 TSY
  • DOB: 22nd of September 2395
  • POB: Beaune, France, Earth

B. Family

    • Vincent Woodbine [father] (born 2366, Emeritus Professor, Sorbonne University)
    • Marie Woodbine-Corday [mother] (born 2370, Behavioural Psychologist (Cultural Differences))
    • Marc Woodbine [Brother] (born 2403, Anthropologist, Manchester, Earth)
  • SPOUSE: none
  • CHILDREN: none

C. Physical Description

  • HEIGHT: 140 cm
  • WEIGHT: 48.2 kg
  • HAIR: Dark Brown
  • EYES: Green
  • SKIN TONE: Light
  • VISION: 10/10
  • RELIGION: Catholic
  • LANGUAGES: English, Vulcan, Romulan, Andorian, French, Italian


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Star Fleet Communications and Medical Psychology

C. Qualifications

  -- Communications Specialist
  -- Operations Specialist
  -- Bridge Officer
  -- Counselling and Psychology

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Professional Major: Communication and Linguistics
  • Professional Minor: Psychology and Mental Health
  • Class rank: Cadet
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Commendations: 3
  • Athletics: Fencing and Cross Country
  • Activities: Art, Classical and Dance Choreography


A. Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-4 Born and raised in Beaune, France, Earth
  • 14-18 Tutored IN Psychology at Paris, France, Earth
  • 18-22 Starfleet Academy
  • 23 – Present: Active duty in Starfleet

B. Background Summary:

In school, Jacqueline was known as a well-rounded person and student by all those who had dealings with her. She was talented in several fields, including linguistcs (where she avidly studied the syntax and morphological differences between Vulcan and Italian) as well as her main interest, psychology. She reviewed old writings that dealt with deviational psychology, and also blows to the head and their effects on language . Her studies on Broca’s area of the brain was largely lauded by her professors and garnered her great praise from several of her contemporaries in the field. She began to take interest in the importance of studying cultural differences amongst different planets so as to ease diplomacy in the Federation.

She joined Starfleet Academy and came highly recommended, though she found it rather difficult at first to be away from her family. She longed for the baguettes hot out of the replicators back home though she gradually came to terms with the distance as she knew that Starfleet would take her further still. Once she had adjusted to life at Starfleet Academy, she quickly continued to excel in the fields of linguistics (predominantly in phonology) and in psychology. She mostly enjoyed the realm of studies in the arts and humanities as opposed to the scientific side of things, though she was quite quick to pick up the information required in such classes.

Her first assignment came quickly on the USS AVENTINE and she found it to be a most fulfilling endeavour. She loved the continuous hustle and bustle on board and enjoyed meeting new people. Her assignment as Ships Counselor was her dream come true as she could get to know many of the crew and help them stay focussed and grounded on their important jobs.

C. Personality Summary

Jacqueline is quite social, and enjoys speaking to and learning from others. She is quick to smile and has a bubbly personality. She is quite easy to get along with and an excellent listener, which are assets as ship’s counsellor. Although she is a happy person, her professionalism in all counselling situations shows through. Her calm demeanour in such situations often puts others at ease. Although she deals effectively with others, she does not enjoy conflicts in her own personal life and tends to try and keep the peace.


A. Promotion History

  • SD (24)160305: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)

B. Service History

  • SD (24)160305: Graduated with honours, Starfleet Academy
  • SD (24)160410: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned Counsellor USS AVENTINE

C. Medals and Commendations

  • None


A consciencious hard worker, with a passion for helping others, Jacqueline is perfect for the position of ship’s counsellor. Her ability to empathise with others is an asset to her position. She is quite talented in the fields of phonology, morphology and syntax of various languages, which gives her an advantage for first contact. She also has an extensive knowledge of brain functions due to her studies in psychology.


"Her fitness level could be described as unique, she has an excellent stamina level and her health record is something you may want to use as a teaching aid. One interesting fact is the fact that Ensign Woodbine is far more flexible that most standard humans."

  • CDR Valsan Sorn

"Ensign Woodbine made an impression as soon as she hit deck on the AVETINE, being ships counsellor is no easy task, but coupled with her abilities in science and linguistics she has proved to be one very capable officer. Sociable and outgoing she has made friends not just with members but the whole ship, in doing so has gained the respect and trust of this crew.

I consider this ship to have been extremely fortunate to have such a capable officer.”

  • CDR, Oovebei


“Jacqueline is a very confident, social and outgoing person and has been proven with her time serving on USS AVETINE, she is an extremely competent officer and this is attested to by the XO. One area to watch is her reaction to being rejected by other people as she has issues handling this type of rejection.

Her time as a counsellor has helped her deal with these types of feelings and her last assignment has only boosted her. I recommend that an ongoing informal assessment is held on a 2-3 year basis.”

  • LCDR Yeoman
  • Counsellor, Star Fleet Medical
  • General duty evaluation, SD 24190210


Jacqueline loves to dance in her free time. She finds the freedom to express herself freeing. Her somewhat extroverted personality also means she enjoys to perform for others when the opportunity arises. In her more quiet moments, she likes to draw or read classic novels from Earth’s history. She also has a fondness for fencing though the bruising left from recent bouts has left her wary of this sport.