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FULL NAME: Jordan Stern
SURNAME: Stern                           
CURRENT RANK: Lieutenant Junior Grade
GENDER/SEX: Male             
AGE: 23
DOB: 04 April 2397         
POB: Starbase 10   
PARENTS: Helen Stern
SIBLINGS: Elana (sister)                                              
HEIGHT: 1.8 m
WEIGHT: 68 kg
HAIR:    Brown
EYES:    Brown            
SKIN TONE: Light          
BLODD TYPE: B positive    
RELIGION: Jewish             
LANGUAGES:   English, Klingon


A. Academic Institutions Attended:

   -- Star Fleet Academy
         Engineering Major

B. Service Schools Attended:
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications:
   Warp engine component repair and maintenance
   Plasma systems
   Advanced weapon repair and maintenance

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academic Major: Engineering
Professional Major:
Class Rank:  25th
Reprimands:  Reprimanded for brewing a substance that was the color of
lemonade with the kick of Romulan Ale.
Commendations: Outstanding Cadet - Utopia Planatia Engineering Summer
Athletics: -
Activities: -


A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-5:         Starbase 10
6-10:        USS ATHENA (4 year exploration mission)
11-14:       USS Stephen Jay GOULD
15-17:       San Francisco, Earth
18:          Accepted into Star Fleet Academy
18-22:       Attended Star Fleet Academy
23-Present:  Active duty in Star Fleet

B. Background Summary:
Jordan Stern was born on Starbase 10, while his mother, Helen, was
stationed there as a young Lieutenant with a background in exobiology.
He has never met his father, and his mother has never married.  He has
heard rumours that his father was a high ranking officer in Star Fleet,
and that his mother has chosen to keep his identity a secret.  His
sister, Elana, was born 3 years later.  Her father is Dr. Keneth Morris,
a physician retired from Star Fleet service, and practicing on Alpha
Centauri Prime.  His mother has a reputation for being a brilliant
researcher, but also engages in an "intimate" form of exobiology.  She
has had relationships with members of several species.

Jordan spent his entire childhood as a Star Fleet brat.  His mother's
long term postings gave him a reasonable measure of stability while
allowing him to explore both the ships his mother was posted on, and the
planets they visited.  He learned first hand about cultural differences,
as well as biological and technical diversity.

At a realtively early young age Jordan displayed a talent for taking
things apart. A talent for putting things back together came much
later.  When he was 6 years old, he thought that he could improve the
operation of the door to his mother's quarters and took apart the
control panel.  He and his sister were stuck inside for 4 hours before
the CEO of the ATHENA could get the door open by overriding the
controls.  His mother was upset and impressed at the same time.  She
turned to her brother, Isaac Stern, a Star Fleet engineer (and later
captain of the USS YAMATO) to help channel Jordan's interest in more
productive ways.

C. Personality Summary:

Jordan recognizes that the expectations on him are significant.  He will
be in the shadow of both his mother and uncle, and he will have to work
hard to live up to their reputations.  He is a reasonably tallented  and
creative engineer in his own right.  He has a flare for the occasional
practical joke, and he has several recipies for "engine room moonshine"
that are quite potent.

Jordan has spent his life around Star Fleet and is extremely comfortable
aboard a starship.  He is a consumate engineer and problem solver.  Even
if it ain't broke, it could still be improved.  Sometimes this can get
him into trouble.


A. Promotion History:
Star Date (24)210501: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)

B. Service History:
Star Date (24)170801: Entered Star Fleet Academy
Star Date (24)210501: Graduated from Star Fleet Academy; commissioned as
                           Ensign (O-1)
     Academic Major:  Engineering
Star Date (24)210701: Assigned as CEO, USS YAMATO
Star Date (24)220620: Assigned as CEO, USS HOKKAIDO
Star Date (24)240330: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

Jordan is a very hands on engineer and tinkerer.  He knows his way
around warp engine systems, sensors and weapons.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

"Cadet Stern has demonstrated an ability to demonstrate creative
solutions to real engineering design problems.  He has been an asset to
the summer program, and has gained a detailed understanding of warp
engine design.  I think that he will be able to translate this knowledge
into practice once he gets into the field." -- LCDR Bal, Star Fleet

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Jordan plays chess acceptably well.  He also plays guitar and sings,
although probably less acceptably well.

IX. Miscelleneous Information