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LTJG Kiska Merrick- Nurse, USS Hood

Kiska Saxman

Lieutenant , JG (O-2)

I. Personal Data

A. Personal Bio
Full Name: Kiska Peninsula Saxman
Surname: Saxman
Given Name(s):  Kiska
Current Rank: Lieutenant JG(O-2)
Current Billet: Nurse, USS HOOD NCC-1703
Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Galena, AK, Earth
Age: 24 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: January 20, 2220
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Black

B. Family Data:
Spouse: Sean Merrick
Children: None
Father: Kwethluk Saxman(Yupik- Eskimo)
Mother: Galena Napaskia (Russian)
Brevig Saxman (32 years old) 
Nome Saxman (31 years old)
Yukon Saxman (30 years old)
Glacier Saxman (29 year old)
Adak Saxman  (28 years old)

C. Background Data
Religion: Eastern Orthodox/Protestant
Languages: Terran Standard, Yup'ik, Russian, Spanish

II. Educational Background
A. Academic Institutional Background:
-- Star Fleet Academy
-- Star Fleet Medical
B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School
C. Qualifications (MOC's)
-- MOC  Medical Officer  Nurse
D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Class Rank: Top 15%;
Honors *cum laude*
Academic Major: Anatomy
Professional Major: Pre-Medical
Qualifications: Nurse

III. Biographical Notes
A. Chronology (tabular form):
 0-13: Lived with parents in Galena, AK
 6-13: Attended Galena City High School
14-18: Attended and Boarded at Galena Interior Learning Academy 
18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy. 
22-24: Attended Star Fleet Medical.(Earned BSN - B.S. in Nursing)
22-24: Block Experience Nollner Health Clinic 
24:    Passed NCLEX-RN obtain a nursing license 
24:    Assigned to USS HOOD
25:    Assigned to Starbase duties
26:    Married Sean Merrick, Assigned to USS HOOD

B. Background Summary:
Kiska Peninsula Saxman was born to Kwethluk Saxman (Yupik-Eskimo/Canadian) 
and Galena Napaskia (Russian) on January 10, 2220, in the city of Galena, 
Alaska. The night she was born her father named her his little Peninsula 
but her mother insisted on the family custom to name a child after a city, 
river or island of Alaska. So they compromised and Kiska Peninsula Saxman 
became her name. She was petite in frame but she was much stronger than 
she appeared. She had grown up with brothers who had demanded she keep up 
with them or put on a dress and get back in the kitchen. 

The years of playing sports with her brothers as well as competing in 
snowmachine racing, snowboarding and numerous other physical activites gave 
her strength and endurance. She was also an excellent hunter and could 
shot just as good if not better than her brothers. Her long straight black 
hair, which she usually shoved into a ponytail, was from her father's Yupik 
side while her ice blues eyes and ivory complexion was from her Russian 
heritage on her mother's side. 

Like most young people who grow up their wholes lives in a small town, she 
couldn't wait to leave it. She longed to see, taste and feel new things, new 
ideas and new places. Starfleet gave her this chance to break free from the 
mundane life in Alaska. As soon as she earned her RN license she received 
the news that she had been assigned and was about to embark on her first 
Starship.....the USS HOOD.

Aboard the HOOD, she met and fell in love with the first officer: Sean 
Merrick. Following a whirlwind romance, Sean was reassigned to Starbase 
duty and Kiska Saxman chose to follow him. They were married
a year later in a quiet ceremony in Alaska, attended by close friends and 
family. Shortly after, the needs of the Fleet split up the newlywed couple.
Kiska was reassigned to the HOOD again while Sean took command of
the destroyer PERRY.  Both miss each other dearly, but know that their
careers will align again soon. They patiently wait for the day they will be
reunited permanently. 

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Ice sculpting, snowmachine riding, snowboarding, hunting and ice fishing
When she is in Alaska she likes to attend and particpate in some of 
Alaska's popular annual events such as the Iditarod, World Ice Art 
Championships and Tesoro Iron Dog... just name a few. 

IX. NRPG Notes
Lena Rose very kindly allowed me to pick up her character. Kiska is a 
very sweet and genuine personality, but surprisingly tough. Her 
long-developed independence will get her through the time away from
her new husband and make her even more an asset to the ship than she
was before.