Mission 1: Rescue from R-597

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Andrew F./          MD -2 yrs            USS Normandy is catapulted back in time and space at 
Kyungmi K.				 Vulcan.  Etsuko Oda takes command of the ship. (“Back
					 to the Future”)

Kyungmi K.	    MD -30.0230		 A damaged NORMANDY makes contact with the
					 Klingons and gets aid.  (“Pomp and Circumstance”)

Kyungmi K.	    MD -10.1300	         Etsuko arrives on Starbase 6, 21 years after disappearing.
					 (“Pomp and Circumstance”)

Greg P.		    MD -3.1300 		 Theros gets recalled to STARBASE 6 for reassignment; 
					 sees ENDEAVOR for the first time. 

           * TO BE COMPLETED *

Greg P.			2.0757		Theros meets with the new Doctor (“Meeting 

Wendon P.		2.0758		M'Barra gets right to work on addressing the 
					Farnsworth radiation problem. (“Cats Always Land
					On Their Feet Running”)

Wendon P./		2.0817		Doctors Douglass and M'Barra work on a counter-agent
Mary M.					for the radiation. (“Doctor Talk[JP]”)

Scott L./		2.0822		Veld and Theros discuss the situation at R-597 in general 
Greg P.					terms. (“Captain's Summit”)

Greg VDM./		2.0840		Theros visits Engineering; he and Midge discuss 
Greg P.					Farnsworth radiation. (“Problems and Solutions
					[JP][Part 1]”)

Greg VDM./		2.0843		Midge proposes filtering the Farnsworth clouds of their
Greg P.					harmful neutrons. (“Problems and Solutions[JP]
					[Part 2]”)

Greg VDM./		2.0846		Midge proposes using inverted energy beams from 
Greg P.					CONNIE and ENDIE to lasso the deadly Farnsworth 
					radiation. (“Problems and Solutions[JP][Part 3]”)

Wendon P.		2.1442		M'Barra comes up with the proper ratio for delivering the
					radiation counter-agent. (“Seven Percent Solution”)

Greg P.			2.1444		Theros asks Dr. M'Barra whether the anti-radiation 
					formula could be administered to the colonists on R-597.
					(“The Face of Death”) 

Greg P./		2.1650		ENDEAVOR arrives in the R-597 system and Etsuko
Kyungmi K.				readies a landing party for the surface. (“Planetfall[JP]”)

Greg P.			2.1700		The Vuvuzelas' psisonic attack strikes ENDEAVOR, 
					damaging its bridge and threatening its crew. (“Shatter

Kyungmi K./		2.1701		Etsuko orders the ship's phasers to stun the attacking
					Vuvuzelas, ending the attack. (“Deja New”)

Greg VDM		2.1710		Midge is stranded in the Turbo Lifts. She soon escapes but 
					wishes she hadn't. (“A bad day getting worse”)

Greg P.			2.1710		Carissa and her father, Dorian, ignore the attempt to 
					communicate and watch as ENDEAVOR is forced 
					to (temporarily) retreat from R-597. (“Colony One”)

Greg P./		2.1715		Theros authorizes Etsuko to take the landing party down,
Monica R./				S'Treena is promoted to head of security. (“A Bad Day
Kyungmi K.				Getting Worse[JP]”)

Greg VDM.		2.1715		Midge comes too and heads to the Bridge where she 
					works on a plan to protect the ship from a similar attack. 
					(“A bad day getting worse[Part II]”)

Greg P.			2.1716		The Vuvuzelas' cloud starts moving towards ENDEAVOR 
					and Theros piles more work on Midge's plate. (“The Face
					of Death”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1722		The away team is on the ground, moving toward the 
					Vuvuzelas. (“Shooting Star”)

Monica R.		2.1722		After landing, S'Treena issues order to her security team
					and prepares for meeting the natives. (“Shooting Star”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1815		S'Treena spots the hiding Vuvuzelas and Etsuko plans 
					first contact (“Approach”)

Monica R./		2.1817		Etsuko and S'Treena find their way to the Folk and
Kyungmi K.				gird themselves for an uncertain First Contact. 
					(“And So It Begins Anew”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1820		Etsuko cuts through the Folk's psionic barrier with
					her sword; tells them about the radiation cloud.
					(“First Contact”)

Greg VDM/		2.1820		Engineering installs the sound dampeners; ENDEAVOR 
Greg P.					returns to R-597 (“Sound Barriers[JP]”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1840		The native threat to Endeavor and Constellation is
					negotiated, as is a little bit of help in slowing the 
					approaching cloud. (“Extension”)

Wendon P.		2.1844		M'Barra encounters the mysterious Folk and learns
					the inoculations may be possible after all. (“Cat-	
					ching Up Is Hard To Do! [Part 1]”)

Greg VDM		2.1900		Midge continues work on dispersing the 
					Farnsworth cloud only to discover it has vanished.
					(“The third child of trouble”)

Kyungmi K./		2.1910		Endeavor returns to orbit and contacts the away team, 
Greg P.					which is about to make contact with the colony. (“Second
					First Contact”) 

Greg P.			2.1910 		Dorian Mailer and family have dinner interrupted by the 
					arrival of ENDIE.  Dorian prepares to make clear his 
					intent that the colonists stay on R-597 (“Here To Stay”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1915		Etsuko tells S'Treena of her plan to be “captured”
					and orders her security team to keep watch.
					(“When there's a will”)

Monica R.		2.1917		S'Treena passes out orders to her team, ponders
					how they'll persuade the colonists to depart.
					(“Second First Contact”)

Greg VDM.		2.1930		Midge comes up with a way of using shuttlecraft to attract 
					the radiation clouds away from the Transporters. 
					(“Painting A Target”)

Wendon P.		2.1940		M'Barra prepares for dispensing inoculations and
					for enlisting the Folk's help. (“Raising My Hackles”)

Kyungmi K.		2.1945		Etsuko and M'Barra are met by Dorian and some
					armed guards. (“When there's a will”)

Kyungmi K./		2.1945		Etsuko faces the colonial council, informs them of
Greg P.					the danger and the rescue plan. (“Should I stay or
					should I go?  If I stay there...”)

Wendon P.		2.1945		M'Barra encounters the xenophobic colonists and
					confirms the deadliness of the coming radiation. 
					(“Cat-ching Up Is Hard To Do! [Part 2]”)

Greg P.			2.1948		The Colonial Council agrees to leave R-597, much to 
					Dorian's chagrin. (“A Council Divided”)

Greg P.			2.1955		Dorian begins gathering volunteers to help defend the 
					tunnels against intruders. (“Fighting Words”)

Greg P.			2.1935 		Theros agrees to Midge's transporter/shuttle proposal.
			2.1941		Theros tries to help M'Barra contact the Folk and sets the 
					ship's bo'sun to helping with ship preparations. (“Long

Greg VDM.		2.1940		Midge sets up the shuttlecraft and contemplates what is 
					required (“Catch 22”)

Greg P.			2.2000		Theros reflects on the status of the mission; sends a 
					message to CONNIE updating them. (“A Council 

Atian T./		2.2100		Relief Helsman ENS Abel gets time at the controls
Greg P.					and informs Theros of his readiness to take the ship
					out when the time comes. (“Escape Velocity[JP]”)

Greg VDM		2.2135		Midge takes Shuttlecraft 1 out of the hangar and
					baits the Farnsworth cloud to allow the transporters
					to begin beaming away colonists. (“Baiting the

Stacey S./		2.2140	        T'Lara gets a promotion from Captain Theros and 
Greg P.					becomes the new Science Officer For ENDIE (“Up to
					The Challenge[JP]”)

Wendon P.		2.2300		M'Barra is frustrated at the slow pace and potential 
					sabotage of the Folk.  She and CDR Oda discuss the 
					afterlife and the just rewards of both the Folk and the 
					colony hold outs. (“In a Cat's Eye”)

Kyungmi K.		3.0430		Etsuko turns over supervision of the colonist transfer to
			3.0445		S'Treena then heads down to the tunnels to offer Dorian
					an ultimatum. (“Cooperation”)		

Greg P.			3.0450		Pushed too far, the volunteers turn on Dorian, killing him.  							                   
                                        They agree to offer no further resistance. (“Et Tu,

Greg VDM		3.0630		Midge does her part to keep the radiation cloud at
					bay and risks her life to buy ENDIE the final 
					minutes she needs. (“Tying up loose ends”)

Greg VDM		3.0715		Lieutenant Kelly & Lieutenant T'Lara work to get
Stacey S.				the main Deflector and Tractor Beam working to keep the 
					radiation cloud away for a few more precious minutes. 
					(“From the Jaws of Defeat[JP]”)

Wendon P.		3.0726		M'Barra heroically saves a colonist's furry friend
					before learning her escape will require a bit of
					jury-rigging. (“In the Nick of Time!”)

Greg P./		3.0726		T'Lara tells Theros of her discovery that the cloud will 
Stacey S.				arrive ahead of schedule.  They scramble to find a way to 
					keep the cloud at bay until they can evacuate. (“A
					Minute Problem[JP]”)

Atian T.		3.0727		Atian Abel uses his knowledge of deflectors to propose an
					additional course of action. (“A Minute Problem”)

Stacey S.		3.0728		T'Lara ties her science console in with the helm to try and 
					slow the approaching cloud down. (“A Minute

Greg P.			3.0729		The procedure to stall the cloud is initiated and Midge 
					recalled to the ship.  With almost no time left, 
					ENDEAVOR readies to leave orbit, with or without the 
					away team and final colonists. (“Tick Tick Tick”)

Stacey S.		3.0730		T'Lara works to strengthen the tractor beam as much as 
					she can while giving a countdown to when the cloud will 
					reach the ship. Time is running out, and fast. (“Tick
							Tick Tick”)

Wendon P.		3.0730		M'Barra and the last of the colonists beam aboard just as
					the radiation cloud overwhelms the ship and the planet.
					(“A Wink of an Eye”)

Greg P./		3.0750		The Folk send a farewell to the two starships as they leave 
Roger B.				R-597;  Theros confronts Dorian's widow, expressing both 
					displeasure and hope. (“The Skald, the Bard, and the

Kyungmi K./		3.0800		An exhausted LCDR Oda collapses onto Theros' chairs 
Greg P.					and starts a very informal, non-military report.

Kyungmi K./		3.0810		Etsuko's pent-up anger over the colonist's bad behavior
Greg P.					explodes, leading to a heated standoff between Captain
					and First Officer. (“Breach of Protocol[JP]”)

Atian T.		3.1025		Atian runs into Etsuko as she pummels a heavy bag.  He
					offers to spar with her to blow of steam instead. (“Blowing
					off steam.”)

Kyungmi K.		3.1030		Etsuko politely declines to spar, but is eager to get 
					slapped around a bit. (“Rageus Interruptus”)

Atian T.		3.1032		Atian tests Etsuko's defences (“Rageus Interruptus”)

Wendon P.		3.0915		Midge wakes up in Sickbay and Doctor M'Barra agrees to 
Greg VDM				release her to her quarters –which is where she will stay. 
					For a while at least. :) (“Waking up is hard to do[JP]”)

Greg VDM		5.1030		Midge outlines her plan to the Captain on how to deal 
			5.1630		with the excess waste.  Midge and Shiotani have a 
					discussion about engineering needs for new colony. (“A
					Wee Problem Solved”)

Greg VDM		5.1115		TX-892 is scouted for a suitable location to house the new 
					Colony. (“Home Sweet Home”) 

Wendon P.		6.0800		M'Barra's memories bring about good feelings poolside.
					Very, very good feelings. (“Cat Memories”)

Greg P.			6.1615		Theros goes on walkabout around the ship, ending up at 
					the Rec Room. (“Walkabout”)

Stacey S.		6.1620		T'Lara approaches Theros as he sits at the chess board & 
					strikes up a game & some conversation (“Walkabout”)

Stacey S./		6.1630		Theros and T'Lara chat a bit while play tri-dimensional 
Greg P.					chess (“Strategy and Small-Talk[JP]”)

Stacey S./		6.1720		T'Lara and Midge discuss the previous mission. (“The
Wendon P.				Aftermath of Crisis[JP]”)