Mission 2: A Spartan Affair

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A Spartan Affair: Timeline of the activities of the USS DEFIANT as she sails to a world populated by descendants of the Spartans in an attempt to locate a missing Federation administrator.


David K.	-1.0600		After morning ablutions, Bekka discovers her office
				vandalized by a youngster motif.  “Black Tuesday”
				begins. (“Black Tuesday part one”)

Ace/Marc J.	-1.0915	        Chief Engineer Hopkins saddles Charlotte with the
				role of deputy and nearly all the work. (“When
				Opportunity Knocks[JP]”)

Greg P.		1.1030		Hap grills aNAV Callas about the 227514 system. 
				(“Grilling Ensigns”)

Greg P.	        1.1030		Hap grills aNAV Callas about the 227514 sector. 
				(“Grilling Ensigns”)

Andrew F.	1.1030		Hsina postulates that the Delta Herculis system is
				populated by descendants of the Spartans
				(“Crackers and Exhibitions”)

Rob M.		1.1031		Luken is horrified to learn that if Amman's prediction is 
				right, he's about to meet his philosophical opposites in the 
				Delta Herculis system.  (“All Greek to Me”)

David K.	1.1035		Defiant headed for Delta Herculis to begin searching for 
				the lost transport. (“What now part one”)

Matt B./	1.1109		Wolfe expresses disbelief at discovering there are
Andrew F.	1.1115		Spartans in his future.  Hsina confirms it. (“The 

Greg P.		1.1155		Cassidy and her roommate, Marla Rae, discuss Spartans
				(“Pillow-Throwing, Note-Taking”)

Matt B./	1.1140		Wolfe explains how security will handle the
Andrew F.			Spartan menace. (“The 300-continued[JP]”)

David K.	1.2125		Bekka joins Hsina, impressing her with her language skill
				and narrowly avoids self-injury via sword (“The 
				Adventures of Teen Lieutenant in the Den of[Part 2]”)

Andrew F.	1.2130		Hsina summons Bekka to her office/foundry.  (“The
				Adventures of Teen Lieutenant in the Den of”)

Andrew F.	2.0600		Hsina talks with the apparition of DEFIANT's 
				former Captain, Paul Arroway. (“Demons”)

Marc J.		2.0700		Lewis reviews notes from each department as DEFIANT
                                continues towards its destination. (“Under Way”)

Andrew F.	2.0750		Hsina reports for a hasty medical before going up to
				see the Captain. (“Reporting, not quite as ordered”)

David K./	2.0710		Lewis and McKinnon discuss the potential
Marc J.				communication/linguistic challenges ahead. (“Not All
				Greek to Me[JP]”)

Erich 		2.0751		Doctor h'Zirath conducts a medical eval on Hsina
				(“A place for everything and everything all over the

Marc J./	2.0800		Lewis discusses the away mission and what team
Andrew F.			members would be good to have on it. (“Away 
				[team] we go[JP]”)

Greg P./	2.0815	        Hap and Hsina discuss the away mission.  Hsina
Andrew F.			suggests scrawny officers need not apply for the 
				team. (“Away we go[JP]”)

Marc J.		2.1100		Lewis reviews the report from SF Medical that another 
				DEFIANT survivor has committed suicide and requests 
				that Zi'shara comply with the orders to give Hsina 
				another psych exam. (“Troubling news from home”)

Marc J.		2.1400		Lewis has an unpleasant conversation with the 
				Administrator of Outpost Sayvil 4. (“Headaches

Andrew F.	2.2359		The resilient plant entity returns, forcing crewman
				Sparks to kill Crowley, then herself. (“Midnight in
				the Garden of Good and Evil”)

Matt B./	3.0034		Wolfe calls the Captain and First Officer down to 
Marc J./			talk over the deaths of Crowley and Sparks.  They
Greg P.				review the footage and Wolfe plans to visit Cooper
				in the morning. (“In cold blood[JP]”)

Matt B.		3.1214		Wolfe reviews the footage from the plant-induced
				murder/suicide (“Ashes to ashes”)

Marc J./	3.1330		Lewis and Hap informally talk over mission possibilities 
Greg P.				during lunch (“Chat and Chew[JP]”)

Marc J.		3.1500		The Spartan King and Leader of the Senate discuss
				their new "guest." (“Royal Duty”)

Marc J.		4.0500		Kekela, ship's Bos'un, considers the new mission while
				at breakfast (“Breakfast Musings”)

Marc J.		4.0900		The Plant continues to tap into DEFIANT's
				environmental controls and escape detection. (“Growing”)

Rob M./		3.2147		In the Wardroom, Hap and Luken discuss the missing 
Greg P.		4.1030		transport ship over a late snack.   Luken reports to the 
				bridge, ready to handle DEFIANT's arrival in the Delta 
				Herculis system. Once there, he remembers a 
				conversation with the XO, held the previous day . . .
				(“Cutting Corners[JP]”)

Marc J.		4.1025		Lewis reviews reports from several departments
		4.1035		before DEFIANT arrives in the Delta Herulis
				system. (“Arrival”)
Greg P.		4.1035		Sensors reveal a class-M planet and an ion trail leading 
				towards it. (“Survey Says”)

Marc J.		4.1040		They detect no indication the Delta Hurculeans
				have advanced to space flight and move closer to the 
				planet.  (“Let's Hope No One's Looking Up”)

Greg P.		4.1050		While preparing for the away mission, Hap gets a visit 
				from his yeoman who brings up a (supposedly) secret 
				episode from his past. (“Sock Drawer Revelations”)

Andrew F./	4.1100		Hsina is visited by Kekela; the two talk over what they
Marc J.				expect to find on Delta Herculis. (“Amazon Bonding”)

David K.	4.1111		Kekela's snickering leads to the revelation that Bekka is
				unknowingly dressed as a Spartan slave for the away 
				mission. (“Away Team Bound”)

Andrew F.	4.1115		Hsina replaces the standard equipment with tools of her
				own make; suggests the non-fluent speakers to keep quiet
				on the surface. (“Landing”)

Greg P./	4.1120		Hap gives a warning to the away team prior to beam-
Andrew F.	4.1615		down.  The team locates some shepherds along the way to 
				the city; decide to approach for information. (“Sheep and
				Precious Directives [JP]”)

Andrew F.	4.1600		Hsina is pestered by Paul's poltergeist as she leads the 
				away team on a brisk march. (“Afternoon Stroll”)

Matt B.		4.1600		On route to the Spartan city, Wolfe decides to cut the 
				away teams trail to make sure they are not bring followed.

Andrew F.	4.1625		The shepherd confirms that the administrator is here, 
				and gives directions. (“They went thattaway”)

Rob M.		4.1635		Visiting Main Engineering, Luken plays a prank on LCDR 
				Hopkins, who should probably lock the door to his office 
				when he takes a nap. (“Dirty Tricks”)

Erich L./	4.1720		Crewman Vanderbilt offers Hap his medical opinion on
Greg P.				the missing admin's status. (“Medical Discussion”)

Greg P.		4.1730		Agoge students Anicetus and Kakion fight; Nikanor 
				discovers the strange metal and heads down to the lake to 
				search for more. (“The Agoge”)

Greg P.		4.1745		Yeomen Cassidy and Marla Rae have their workout 
				interrupted by a potentially deadly wrestling match. 
				Pandemonium ensues and security is called. (“Botanical

Greg P.		4.1745		The away team enters the Capitol city of New Sparta and 
				is confronted by two armed Spartans. (“So Some Spartans
				Enter a Bar”)

Andrew F.	4.1750		Hsina proves a haughty Spartan is no match for her and
				earns some free drinks in the process. (“Veterans Only”)

Matt B.		4.1801		Ensign R'Vek orders Theta Team to handle the outbreak
				of fighting in the gymnasium. ("A certain kind of logic")

Greg P.		4.1802		After being stunned by security, Cass and Em await their
				fates in the brig. (“The Pen, the Big House, Up the River”)

Andrew F.	4.1930		Hsina learns the fate of the administrator, and has 
				an idea (“Bad wine, and lots of it”)

Matt B./	4.2113		Wolfe walks in on a science experiment and learns of the 
Andrew F.			spore responsible for the odd happenings. (“What lies
				beneath (“What lies beneath[JP]”)

Marc J.		4.2115		Lewis considers the building problems with the DEFIANT 
				(“Warning Signs”)

Matt B./	4.2134		Wolfe and his security staff debrief Cass and Em before 
Greg P.	                        releasing them from custody. (“The angry customer[JP]”)

Erich L.	4.2140		Doctor Shara is called to the brig and runs a scan on the
				oddly-behaving prisoner there. (“What happens in the 

Matt B./	4.2145		During the med exam, an enraged Summers awakes and
Erich L.			strikes out at Shara and R'Vek.  Wolfe arrives in the nick
				of time to subdue the prisoner. (“Brig Encounters[JP]”)

Marc J.		4.2300		The Spartan King meets with Nikanor and orders him to 
				take a handpicked team to search for the source of the
				strange metal (“From the Heavens”)

Andrew F./	5.0530		Hsina and Kekela get ready for the day and come to some 
Marc J.				mutual understanding (“Amazon Understanding[JP]”)

Greg P.		5.0630		After a rough night sampling Spartan "hospitality", Hap 
				gathers the away team and they plan their next actions.
				(“The Demon Drink”) 

Andrew F.	5.0630		Hsina replied, and thinks (“I won't break him”)

>>> To Be Continued <<<