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Norung - The Sixth Mission of the USS FEARLESS

Stardates: 211022.1930 - current

Mission Dates: 1.0800 - current

Mission Synopsis:

The USS FEARLESS and her small fleet of 6 Star Fleet escorts are still in the GAMMA quadrant, slowly making their way to the aperture of the Bajoran wormhole. Currently in Dominion space, they find themselves traveling though sections controlled by both factions of the Dominion civil war - the "True Way", the hard-line division that continues to seek control over all known space, and the "Great Link", a moderate group that is tentatively open to peaceful relations with 'solids'. The fleet has reached an agreement with a Great Link Founder for passage through Dominion space while requiring an escort of Dominion vessels. In addition, a Romulan scout ship, the VASHKOR, is currently being shared by both sides.

Since the lady Founder was angered about the damage to the VASHKOR and wanted it repaired quickly, it was agreed that she would give the SF fleet access to a repair station orbiting a nearby planet and even allow the fleet to have shore leave while the VASHKOR and SOYUZ were repaired.

However, once the SF crew arrived at Norung, they then found out that the Founder had neglected to mention that the populace of the planet has a cultural taboo against clothing. They believe that people covering themselves up (i.e. wearing clothes) is a disgrace against nature and dignity, almost as bad as murder. And since they don't even talk to anyone wearing clothes, first contact became very awkward. Currently, all personnel not involved in the repair work are allowed either free time on the ship's holodecks, or shore leave on the planet, which requires that they not wear anything.

Further, the crew discovered increasing planetary tectonic activity, genetic aberrations in the Vorta and Jem'hadar stationed there, and a cloaked base presumably run by the True Way, and a hostage situation on the ship. Currently, the crew is seeking to rescue a civilian child taken into the cloaked base, searching for their missing XO lost during an earthquake in the capital city, watching tensely as ships from both sides of the Dominion are likely in bound, a Borg ship also in bound, and the possibility of a Dominion Mad Scientist somewhere nearby.

Mission Details (by MD): Note: This detail section is updated periodically. The most up-to-date mission details may be found here.

[Backpost, No MD] Aboard the HOLMES, Thorpe and Patrick play an innocent round of strip poker before an attacking Borg ship arrives. (Stripping to the Oldies)

[No MD] P'Trell and Callas learn from Sareka their new mission. Mayia slips past her minders. They d-warp into the Gamma quadrant to find the FEARLESS. (Looking For Lost Sheep)

[No MD] After traveling through the Bajoran wormhole, the advanced d-warp engine breaks on the shuttle carrying P'Trell, Callas and Mayia. They discover ships closing in. (Don't You Trust Me Anymore, Sheres?)

1.0030 A squad of Dominion ships finds and collects the broken shuttle with Callas, P'Trell and Mayia inside. (Lost Sheep Have Been Found)

1.0800 Jorgensdatter has her first staff meeting, learning something about each of the crew heads. (This will be Awkward)

1.1000 Arriving at the planet Norung, their greetings are angrily shot down. The Founder explains that the Dominion lets the people live how they want and the crew will have to dress accordingly or go away. The CO has a closed-door conversation with the planet representatives. (This will be Awkward)

1.1025 Back in the Observation Lounge, Jorgensdatter announces time off for the crew but says that anyone visiting the planet or meeting the populace must do so naked. (This will be Awkward)

1.1030 Dr Aravek 'briefs' the medical staff on the peculiarities of Norung civilisation. (Not One Little Bit)

1.1030 Jorgensdatter and Donalson discuss their concerns about the Dominion's seeming lack of concern for the Norung planet. (Captain and First Mate)

1.1100 Aravek discharges Major Kingston from Sickbay. (Seeking the Naked Truth)

1.1130 Aravek and Rain discuss the merits and demerits of the Romulan's participation in CDR Donalson's diplomatic away mission. (Seeking the Naked Truth)

1.1200 Donalson meets with Alyssa Gideon, the Chief of Boat. (Let the Awkwardness Begin)

1.1300 After being woken early, Yaaliz and his OPS department enjoy a mixer on the holodeck. Shortly, the holodeck malfunctions, trapping them inside. (A drink, a chat, and a good holodeck program.)

1.1430 Two members of a cabal of smugglers meet to discuss one of them going on the away mission to case the planet. (Thieves' Den)

1.1500 The away team departs. (Let the Awkwardness Begin)

1.1500 Wight and his team beam to the repair station where they get a tour, additional insight about the Norung people, and a look at some new technology. (Entourage)

1.1500 Dr Suran discovers that the FEARLESS nurses value their privacy. (Catching Rays)

1.1500 Alice seeks out a companion for shore leave but is rejected by several people, even deciding that Kellogg is too distracted to join her. (The Huntress and her Collateral Damage)

1.1530 The Away Team meet their Norung hosts; Donalson and Aravek discuss their suspicions. (Acclimatisation)

1.1555 Aravek finds a piano in the council building and starts to play. (Reconnection)

1.1600 The Vorta Heldwin returns the shuttle and occupants and gives a stern warning to Jorgensdatter. (Lost Sheep Have Been Found)

1.1615 Rachmaninov's 3rd is interrupted yet again as Aravek is asked to return to FEARLESS to check on a new arrival. (Reconnection)

1.1620 Mayia, Marasmius and Sheres meet Dr Aravek in Sickbay; he arranges temporary accommodation for the newcomers. (Family Ties)

1.1645 Callas meets with Captains Jorgensdatter, discussing the reason he, P'Trell and Mayia were in the area. (Mission On Hold)

1.1730 Sheres P'Trell makes up her mind to pay Norung a visit. (Gamma Quadrant Ball Games)

1.1730 Sheres P'Trell seeks a face-to-face encounter with the Jem’hadar of Norung. (The Naked Truth - Or What Looks Like It)

1.2030 Sheres reports her findings to Captains Jorgensdatter and she, Callas and the CO speculate about what might be going on. (The Naked Truth - Or What Looks Like It)

1.2030 With crewman Alfandari, Alice beams down to the planet and finds that cliff diving is harder than it looks. (The Huntress and her Collateral Damage)

1.2050 In a comedy of errors, Alice saves herself from drowning by reverting to her true form, and Alfandari knocks herself out. (The Huntress and her Collateral Damage)

1.2113 Aravek has dinner with the Vorta governor of Norung, Corlon, and takes the opportunity to acquire detailed genetic scans. (Detecting the Defectives)

1.2115 Alice and Jesca Rain have a telepathic conversation and clear up the shore leave mess. (The Huntress and her Collateral Damage)

1.2200 The OPS department is presumably still stuck in the holodeck, and even the Bridge begins to notice their absence. (Banging on the Wall)

1.2200 Ndungu and Vulik discover building tectonic activity on the planet and inform the Bridge. (Banging on the Wall)

1.2200 Wight beams to the surface and meets with Alice. (Banging on the Wall)

1.2215 Jorgensdatter tries unsuccessfully to impart the seriousness of the looming seismic problems to the Norung Government. (Banging on the Wall)

1.2215 Wight and Alice watch as the tidal wave is circumvented. (Banging on the Wall)

1.2250 Initial analysis suggests a curious conclusion; Aravek reports to the captain with his findings. (Detecting the Defectives)

1.2330 Marasmius Callas decides to have a personal look at the Dominion on Norung too – without the company of Sheres. (Empiric Study Underway)

2.0015 Sheres takes an hour-long swim on Norung (Shifting Tides)

2.0030 Callas meets and scans Jem'hadar on the planet. In the Med Lab, he discovers that they are genetically docile and missing Ketracel White. (a walk on the nude side)

2.0130 LMAJ Michael Kingston suffers a nightmare connected with his late brother's death centuries earlier. He contacts Dr Aravek. (Awakening)

2.0140 Aravek invites Kingston to join him in his office for some late-night counselling. (Awakening)

2.0200 Kingston and Aravek begin their discussion of the nightmare.(Awakening)

2.0700 Donalson, Gideon and Sorean receive a discussion of Norung art over breakfast. Gideon notices something odd about the ensign and decides to look further into her file. (Death by Culture)

2.0800 Wight agrees to take the station admin and his son on a tour of the ship. (A Three Hour Tour...)

2.0915 Sheres investigates the tidal wave from the previous day. (The Beast From 20000 Fathoms)

2.0925 A bored Mayia escapes her quarters, finds two naked crewmembers beaming down to the surface, and follows them. (little and bored)

2.0945 Callas, unable to find Mayia, tracks her last location to the transporter room and contacts Sheres to join him. (little and bored)

2.0930 A thoroughly enchanted Mayia enjoys making a sandcastle and begins swimming further and further from the shore. (little and bored)

2.1900 Sheres reports to Captain Jorgensdatter that Norung has little half-live left. (The Beast From 20000 Fathoms)

2.1905 Sheres and Marasmius go down to Norung to find Mayia. (She’s Gone!)

2.1930 Aravek and Rain both 'hear' Mayia crying for help; Aravek and Kingston join the search, but it seems the little girl may be in BIG trouble... (A Cry for Help)

2.1930 Sheres is searching the ocean - as futile as it might be - for Mayia when Aravek and Kinston arrive. (Little Mermaids Mother)

2.1930 After the tour of the ship, the administrator's son flips out. (A Three Hour Tour...)

2.1940 Wight, Jorgensdatter and the aCSO discuss the standoff with the hostage-taker in Engineering. (Tons of Ideas)

2.1945 Donalson and Gideon's Norung Opera is interrupted by an earthquake. (A Cultural Enterprise of Earth-Shattering Proportions)

2.1945 Wight uses the gravity planing engines to end the hostage situation in Engineering. (Grief)

2.1950 Kingston, Aravek, P'Trell and Callas meet on the beach. The MCO detects Mayia out on a boat with Jem'hadar and a Vorta. (3 Big Uglies, and 1 not quite big and ugly)

2.2000 The Jem'Hadar take Mayia into a cloaked facility; Aravek calls Governor Corlon a/nd learns that the facility does not belong to the Great Link--and in two hours' time, there's going to be an attack which will put Mayia's life in danger. (Sanctioned Operatives)

2.2000 In the morgue, a Borg tendril escapes from the temple of the dead Timur. On a Borg ship, Thorpe and Patrick meet in Unimatrix Pi to plan their escape. (Between a rock and a wry place)

2.2000 The Mayia rescue squad gets ready to kick some Jem Hadar butt (Bless (And Rescue) The Child)

2.2005 Aravek appears to decide that rescuing Mayia is not his problem. (Apocalypto)

2.2015 Jorgensdatter informs Wight about the incoming Dominion ships, and orders him to speed up the repairs. (The Eventuality)

2.2025 Jorgensdatter asks Alice to search for Donalson, then confronts the lady Founder and discovers that there may be a Dominion mad scientist hiding on/in the planet. (Visiting the Wicked Witch of the West )

2.2035 The three swimmers provide a handy diversion, allowing Aravek to shut down the cloak. Chaos ensues (Apocalypto)

2.2035 Despite their working tension, Alice and Caractus home in on the missing XO and CoB. (Beauty and the Beast)

2.2038 The intruders' commander (as yet unidentified, but we have our suspicions) makes preparations for his escape. (Apocalypto)

2.2040 Aravek is beamed back aboard the FEARLESS. Is he alone, or was the rescue mission a success? (Apocalypto)

2.2040 Voatsh takes a moment to pull a scary prank on Mayia before escaping right through the Great Link's fingers. Back on the FEARLESS, P'Trell, Callas and Kingston have the ship cause mines to explode next to the downed ship, allowing Mayia to be beamed to safety. (You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry)

2.2100 Aravek confuses Jesca Rain, learns about the Norung earthquake, and then receives a visit from Mayia plus parents. Jesca Rain finds out what te'effemay means. (Bedside Manner)

2.2115 Callas, P'Trell and Aravek discuss Mayia's case. (Parental Guidance)

2.2130 An enormous Dominion ship docks with the station. (Pennies from Heaven)

2.2130 Donalson and Gideon wake up covered in earthquake rubble. (Unburried)

2.2130 Alice transforms and digs her way down to the XO and CoB. (Unburried)

2.2140 Wight wakes to find that a deployment of Dominion technicians have arrived to assist in the repairs. (Pennies from Heaven)

2.2145 Voatch pays a visit to the Lady Founder. (Madness is as Madness does)

2.2150 Voatch and Oriel have a somewhat calm conversation. (Evening Tea)

2.2200 Dr Gopal has Donalson stay the night in Sickbay. (Unburried)

3.0815 Callas summarizes his hours of study of the transmitter that was extricated from Mayia. (tracking it down)

3.0815 P'Trell makes her decision about Mayia's surgery. (Under The Starlight)

3.0820 Callas tells P'trell of his plan to track the enemy and of the potential risk to himself. (We Are Our Daughters Keepers)

3.0850 P'Trell makes preparations in case the Borg experiment with Callas goes wrong. (Safer But Still Sorry)

3.1015 Aravek surgically implants the transmitter into Callas' head. (operation succeeded)

3.1030 Jorgensdatter has a breakfast conversation with her yeoman. Nurse Bryce stumbles upon what might be a Borg-ified formerly-dead Norung teen. Callas awakes from his surgery informing P'Trell and Aravek that he's receiving an enemy signal from inside the main shuttle bay. (Echoes)

3.1035 Callas realizes that the transmitter will eventually convert him to a Borg, but in the mean time he uses it to learn about the process infecting the dead boy, Timur. (infections and Borgifications)

3.1035 P'Trell collects a hidden sword as a de-evolved Timur bursts into the main Sickbay. (Call Of Cthulhu - Call To Arms)


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