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CAPT Bruce "Lucky" Paulson- Commanding Officer, USS Republic

Bruce Paulson

Captain (CAPT O-6)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:    	 	Bruce "Lucky" Paulson
Surname:    	 	Paulson
Given Name:    	 	Bruce
Current Rank:    	Captain (O-6)
Current Billet:  	CO, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371
Species:    	 	Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:    	 	Male/XY
Age:     	 	50 Terran Years 
DOB:     	 	13 July 2213 
POB:     	 	San Antonio, TX, Earth
Parents:    	  	David Paulson    	(2188- 	) - Accountant
     	 	 	Holly Parker-Paulson  	(2187- 	) - Professor
Siblings:      	 	None
Spouse:    	 	Carla Nell-Paulson  	(2215- 	) - Biochemist
Children: 	 	Richard    	 	(2240- 	) - Graduate Student
 	 	 	Pauline    	 	(2240- 	) - Graduate Student

A. Physical Description
HT:    	 	 	6'4" (191 cm)
WT:   	 	 	230 lbs (104 kg)
EY:    	 	 	Brown 
HR:    	 	 	Blue 
SK:     	 	Light Tan  
Blood Type:    	 	A+
Vision:    	 	O: +.010, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)

B. Background Data
Religion:    	 	Protestant Christian
Citizenship:    	Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages: 	 	Terran Standard (native speaking)
   	 	  	Spanish (fluent)

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Academy {Graduated *summa cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Enlisted Basics Course
   -- Starfleet Enlisted Advanced Course
   -- Starfleet Engineering School
   -- Starfleet Security School
   -- Starfleet Navigation School
   -- Starfleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
   -- MOC:  Navigation Officer
   -- MOC:  Security Officer
   -- MOC:  Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 	 	*Summa Cum Laude* 
Academic Major: 	Mechanical Engineering
Professional Major: 	Starship Engineering
Class Rank: 	 	13/313
Reprimands: 	 	0
Commendations: 	 	3
Athletics: 	 	Combatives
Activities: 	 	Orbital Sky Diving

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0: 	Born San Antonio, Texas, Earth.
0-18: 	Lived with parents.  Attended private schools.
18:  	Enlisted in Starfleet
27:  	Married Carla Nell.
27:  	Attended Starfleet Academy.
48:  	Assumed first starship command, the USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371.

B. Background Summary

Starfleet Career
At around five decades old, Bruce "Lucky" Paulson has led a distinguished career 
in Starfleet.  He has participated in three extended conflicts, twelve first 
contact encounters, and two five year exploratory missions.  He has served as a 
Chief of the Boat, Commander of two Starfleet garrisons, and Captain of the 
Federation's newest Constitution class starship, the USS REPBULIC.  

Paulson's list of commendations are respectably extensive.  He earned a Bronze 
Star and Wounded Lion while repelling boarders during the Aurias Conflict of 
2236.  He was awarded a second Wounded Lion for actions on Outpost Cestus III
in 2259.  

Most notably, he earned a Silver Star in 2258 for selfless actions aboard the 
late USS ODYSSEY.  During Nero's attack on Vulcan, he survived the initial 
assault inside the shuttle hanger's flight control room.  Suffering from a 
concussion and broken wrist, he re-entered the ODYSSEY's shattered hull four 
times to bring wounded back to a shuttle pod in the only remaining 
pressurized maintenance bay.  His bravery saved twelve other crewmen: the only 
survivors of the doomed Vulcan rescue fleet.  

Lucky Thirteen
The first question many people ask Paulson is why does everyone call him Lucky? 
Paulson earned his nickname during his exploits in the Bull Riding ring as a 
wreckless youth: specifically that he managed to escape serious injury after 
being spectacularly thrown virtually every ride.  Ironically, he was the only 
man in Texas to last 13 seconds on Stone Grinder, a feat to which songs are 
still sung in the bars of Denton.  The nickname Lucky, however, has stuck 
because of Paulson's unlikely and sometimes macabe association the number 

To begin with, Paulson was born on July 13th, 2213.  His first assignment took 
him to the USS KELVIN on the ship's thirteenth sortie which saw her destruction 
at the hand of the renegade Nero in Paulson's 13th month of duty aboard ship. 
His quick actions helped save his shuttle, number 13 oddly enough, which was 
damaged while escaping the KELVIN. 

Years later while assigned as FO to the USS ODYSSEY, he ended up being one of 
only 13 survivors from the Federation armada destroyed over Vulcan in Nero's 
attack.  The USS ODYSSEY, incidentally, was named for the ill fated Apollo 13 
command module from Earth. He graduated 13th in his class at Starfleet Academy.  
His first garrison command was Romulan Neutral Zone Outpost 13.  His first 
starship command, the USS REPUBLIC, has the registry NCC-1371. 

What does Captain Paulson think of this parade of coincidences?  He freely 
admits to struggling with survivor's guilt where his embarrassingly 
good luck has spared him when literally billions of others died.  He says that  
he bears the emotional burden in tribute to those who did not survive the 
missions, tragedies, and wars he did.

Despite his many professional accomplishments, he considers his greatest 
achievement to be his family.  Paulson met his beautiful wife, an ambitious and 
bright biochemist named Carla Nell, while aboard the USS ERASMUS during his 
security specialist days.  She admits she never took much notice of him because 
of his enlisted rank until after he rescued her during an ill-fated planetary 
survey from a rabble of medieval natives intent of burning her as a demon.  

As the story goes, an ion storm prevented them from beaming to safety and thanks 
to the Prime Directive a shuttle retrieval could not be risked.  So they hid in 
an abandoned hut for three days.  Paulson impressed Carla with his charming 
southern manners, enthusiastic outlook, rugged cooking skills, and surprisingly 
educated wit (he had already earned a bachelor's degree by that time).  

Carla has supported and whenever possible accompanied Paulson on several tours.  
Their twin children, a son and daughter, are aspiring young scientists in their
own right.  Paulson and Carla currently reside at STARBASE 6.  For the first 
year of Paulson's third 5 year mission, Carla will be engaged in the 
terraforming project of the Starbase 6 planet.  They expect her to join him 

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion and Service History
2232.010: Enlisted in Starfleet as a Crewman Recruit (E-1)
2232.159: Promoted to Crewman Apprentice (E-2)
2232.159: Assigned as Engineering Specialist, USS KELVIN, NCC-0514
2233.190: Promoted to Petty Officer, 3rd Class (E-4)
2233.190: Assigned as Ordnance Specialist, USS EINSTEIN, NCC-1879
2235.363: Promoted to Petty Officer, 2nd Class (E-5)
2235.363: Assigned as Transporter Specialist, USS EINSTEIN, NCC-1879
2237.222: Promoted to Petty Officer, 1st Class (E-6)
2237.222: Assigned as Security Specialist, USS ERASMUS, NCC-1600
2239.313: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer (E-7)
2239.313: Assigned as COB, USS IOWA, NCC-0661
2240.199: Entered Starfleet Academy
2242.010: Commissioned as an Ensign (O-1)
2242.004: Assigned as Security Officer, USS IOWA, NCC-0661
2243.101: Assigned as Helmsman, USS IOWA, NCC-0661
2244.159: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
2245.012: Assigned as Chief Security Officer, USS MISSOURI, NCC-0663
2246.022: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2246.253: Assigned as Engineering Officer, USS RILEY, NCC-1853
2248.140: Assigned as Logistics Officer, Outpost 13, Romulan Neutral Zone
2249.226: Assigned as Operations Officer, Outpost 13, Romulan Neutral Zone
2250.190: Assigned as First Officer, Outpost 13, Romulan Neutral Zone
2250.360: Assigned as Commanding Officer, Outpost 13, Romulan Neutral Zone
2252.058: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
2253.010: Assigned as Chief Security Officer, USS NEWTON, NCC-1643
2254.099: Assigned as Operations Officer, USS NEWTON, NCC-1643
2254.349: Assigned as Chief Operations Officer, USS NEWTON, NCC-1643
2255.212: Promoted to Commander (O-5)
2255.109: Assigned as First Officer, USS ODYSSEY, NCC-2001
2258.196: Assigned as Commanding Officer, Starfleet Outpost, Cestus III
2260.030: Promoted to Captain (O-6)
2260.075: Assigned as Chief Operations Officer, STARBASE 6
2261.208: Assigned as Commanding Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371
2262.080: Assigned as Operations Officer, STARBASE 6 while recovering from injuries.
2263.155: Assigned as Commanding Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371

B.  Medals and Commendations
Starfleet Commendation Award x 9
Medal of Merit x 5
Outstanding Unit Citation x 4
Combat Action Award x 3
Wounded Lion x 3
Bronze Star
Silver Star

V. Skills Profile
Redbelt Level 4, Starfleet Combatives
Proficiency with knife fighting

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Bruce Paulson is a proud Texan in top athletic condition.  11:53 minute 
4 km runtime.  92 Push-ups in 2 minutes.  73 sit-ups in 2 minutes.  
No physical limitations found.  No diseases or conditions found.  He 
is cleared for active duty and bull riding. 

-- Dr. Stile Corbett, MD
   Medical Officer, Starfleet Outpost, Cestus III

VII. Psychological Profile
Through his record and interview, Bruce "Lucky" Paulson impresses me a fairly 
uncomplex man of great enthusiasm, fair mindedness, quick wit, considerate 
charm, and deep devotion to his responsibilites.  His proven ability to inspire
and motivate his men speaks for itself.  Everyone I have corresponded with 
regarding this evaluation says he is a pleasure to work with: the model of 
professionalism and decor.  

-- 2061.003
   Staff Psychologist, Starbase 6

VIII. Current Recreational Interests & Idiosyncracies
Enjoys the occassional tequila shot and Cuban cigar in the evening.  
Likes practicing with his prize Colt (a gift from a great uncle).  
Bull Riding (strictly spectator now or so he tells his wife).   
Seen to wear his cowboy hat whenever off duty and out of uniform.