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LT Charlotte Cooper- Chief Engineer, USS Defiant

Lieutenant (O-3)

  • Player: Ace
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 2261.118

LT Charlotte Cooper		Chief Engineer
	(played by Ace Colins )
I. Personal Data
Full Name:      Charlotte Monroe Cooper  		
Surname:        Cooper  		
Given Name:     Charlotte  		
Nickname:       Charlie, ‘Kaboom’ Cooper		
Current Rank:   Lieutenant (O-3) 
Current Billet: Chief Engineering Officer, USS DEFIANT NCC-1764
Species:        Human (Terran) 		
Gender/Sex:     Female  		
Age:            27  			
DOB:            2233 			 
POB:            Beachwood, NJ, Earth 			
Parents:	*Matthew Cooper (56)Owner: Cooper’s Garage
		*Dahlia Jamison Cooper (54) Communications Officer: Starfleet
Siblings:	*Cormack Cooper (31)Mechanic: Cooper’s Garage
		*Liam Cooper (27) Mechanic: Cooper’s Garage
		*Darrah Cooper (24) Exozoologist: Starfleet
		*Conner Cooper (21) Cadet: Starfleet Academy 	
Spouse:         None 		
Children:       None		

A. Physical Description
HT: 5’3” 			
WT: 135 pds			
EY: brown 			 
HR: dark brown			 
SK: fair 			
Blood Type: A+  		
Religion: Protestant  		
Citizenship: Earth
Languages: Terran Standard (native), Tellerite (passable)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Star Fleet Academy
         (MAJOR: Astrophysics)
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
	MOC:  Composite warp field and starship design specialist
	MOC:  Advanced Relativistic Mechanics specialist
	MOC:  Damage Control Procedures

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		Cum Laude
Academic Major: 	Astrophysics
Professional Major: 	Advanced Relativistic Mechanics
Class Rank:  		7/300
Reprimands: 		6
			*Cadet was responsible for a small, contained explosion 
                        in the Academy shuttle hangers. Damage to Starfleet property 
                        and several small injuries were catalogued. Demerits issued.

			*Five counts combative and disruptive behavior. Demerits issued.

			***Cadet was suspected of sabotaging replicators in staff 
                        lodgings to produce gagh when coffee was ordered. Reprimand 
                        dismissed due to lack of evidence.
Commendations: 		None
Athletics:  		Gymnastics (Floor and beam)
Activities:  		Student Aide in the Advanced Transporter Theory

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0:  		Born at Community Medical Center in Beachwood, NJ.
0-17:		Lived with parents and siblings on Earth, attended South Dover 
                  Grammar, and Central High School.
17-20:		Graduated high school and worked in father’s garage

20-23:		Oldest brother convinced her to attended Starfleet Academy. 
                  Graduated Cum Laude 

23:		Commissioned into 
			Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1).

24-Present:	Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary
Raised in her father’s garage, Charlie was instilled with a love of fast cars 
and things that went BOOM at an early age. She was constantly taking things apart 
to see how they worked or sneaking into the garage with her brothers to watch 
their father work. Laid back and infinitely patient, Charlie was the cool head 
among the wild liter of Cooper kids, thriving in the chaos and finding her own 
place amid the boys. 

It took Charlie a while to get into her school work. She was more hands on and 
took the initiative to learn her father’s vocation. By the time she started high 
school, she was working alongside her older brothers restoring classic cars and 
repairing shuttle craft, but Charlie had bigger dreams. She wanted to enlist in 
Starfleet, but didn’t think she would be able to hack it. Charlie settled for 
the life of a mechanic and spent years helping build up the family business. 
When her brother Liam took over the garage and started to run it into the ground, 
Charlie left and spent a few months working in the Pine Beach shipyard. Her 
eldest brother, Cormack, located her there and told her she was out of excuses. 
Cormack talked Charlie into enlisting in SA and taking a whack at the engineering 

During her time at SA, Charlie got herself into more than her fair share of trouble. 
While a good student, she was a rough neck and her brother’s influence still hung 
over her. Her first year she was rebuilding a shuttle engine and thought that she 
could sup it up, but only succeeded in blowing it and half the shuttle to high 
hell. She burned her hands, and earned herself the nickname ‘Kaboom’ Cooper. The 
scars faded, but the name didn’t as Charlie wracked up other smaller, less serious 
accidents and several demerits over her four years at SA, including a senior prank 
that involved the replicators in staff accommodations, though her involvement was 
never proven. 

Shiny toys, fast ships, and slamming weapons… what more can a girl want?

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2260.115:	Promoted to Ensign (O-1)

B. Service History
2256.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2257.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2258.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2259.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2260.115:	Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to
	 	  cadet cruise aboard USS GALILEO
2260.213:       Finished Cadet Cruiser, commissioned as Ensign (O-1);
                  assigned as ENG, USS DEFIANT NC-1764.

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile

•	Regardless of her diminutive size, Lt. Cooper received top marks in hand 
        to hand combat. 
•	Formulas and computers aside, Cooper is a first rate mechanic, getting 
        into the bowels of the ship and making repairs efficiently and flawlessly.
VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Charlotte Cooper is a picture of health. Her hands having healed perfectly, digits 
retaining full function.  No physical limitations found; No diseases or conditions 
found.  She is cleared for active duty.

-- Dr. K. Shapiro
	Starfleet Academy

VII. Psychological Profile

Typical of an engineer, Cooper shows reckless and impulsive behavior and a lack 
of self-preservation. However, she takes a great sense of pride in her work. A 
dominant personality, Cooper draws others in, often motivating those in her 
department to excel.

Overall a well balanced individual with a thirst to prove herself and a great deal 
of ability and creativity in her tool belt. Cooper has a sharp mind, is dedicated, 
resourceful, and diligent. 

-- LCDR Colin Frahm
	Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Academy

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
•	Soccer
•	Gymnastics
•	Classic car restoration