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LCDR Hsina Amman- First Officer, USS Constellation

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Surname:                  Amman
Given Name(s):            Hsina
Current Rank:             Lieutenant Commander
Current Billet:           Chief Science Officer, USS Defiant
Species:                  Human (Iraqi-Greek)
Gender/Sex:               Female
Age:                      43 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:            December 21, 2217
Place of Birth:           Mosul, Iraq
Parents:                  LCDR Mohammad Amman, Deceased (Chief of Security, USS Kelvan
                          Doctor Marina Kovalos
Siblings:                 None
Spouse:                   Nome
Children:                 None
Religion:                 Atheist

HT:    6’1”"; 
WT:    210 lbs; 
Eyes:  Brown; 
Hr:    Black

II.  Educational Background

  - A.    Baghdad University, Dual Major Archaeology/Geology
  - B. MA Oxford University, Archaeology
  - C. Ph.D Cambridge University, Archaeology

Ultimate Fighting, Kickboxing, Spelunking, Bodybuilding, Heptathalon

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

0-18:   Lived with parents
18-22:  Baghdad University
22-26:  Oxford (MA) and then Cambridge (Ph.D)
27-29:  Starfleet Academy
30-33:  Junior Science Officer, USS Arthur Clark
34-37:  Promoted LT JG, Assistant Science Officer, USS Kellogg
37-41:  Senior Archaeologist, detailed to Vulcan Ministry of Culture
41-43:  Promoted Lieutenant, Assistant Science Officer, USS Defiant (head of 
          planetary sciences)
43:     Promoted LCDR, Chief Science Officer, USS Defiant

B.  Background Summary:

Hsina has had a tragic life.  Born in Iraq, her father was an officer on the 
USS Kelvan while her mother was a medical doctor and a teacher of medicine at 
Baghdad University.  Hsina was 16-years-old at the time of her father’s death 
during Nero’s incursion.

Wanting to honor her father’s legacy, Hsina became fascinated with the people 
and culture of Iraq’s past, eventually becoming a Doctor of Archaeology and one 
of the foremost experts in Mesopotamian history.  Rather than teaching, however, 
she again followed her father’s path and joined Starfleet.

Hsina served with distinction and was rewarded at age 37 with a prestigious 
assignment to the Vulcan ministry of culture, where she was the senior archaeologist 
on a major prehistoric Vulcan dig site.  That assignment was cut short with the 
implosion of the planet, an event that Hsina and her team escaped at the last 
possible second on one of the last transports leaving Vulcan.  She witnessed the 
second half of the battle of Vulcan from the bridge of the USS Thylek Shran, the ship 
that rescued her from the rapidly disintegrating transport ship.  On the Shran, Hsina 
stepped in and helped with damage control as one of the few able-bodied Starfleet 
officers alive on board.

Upon return from Vulcan, Hsina was assigned to the USS Defiant as 2nd in the Science 
Department and head of the planetary sciences sub-section.  She was present during 
the Altura mission and was initially in command of the away team to the moon, but was 
badly injured in a fall barely thirty minutes following beaming to the surface, and 
relinquished command to the next senior officer.  Unable to walk on her broken leg and 
with a shattered hip and major tissue damage to the thigh, the bleeding was stopped with 
a tournequet.  By the time of her rescue by the Constellation, gangrene had set in and 
Hsina was delirious, and very near to death.  She lost the leg, though a new one was 
grown for her during the long months of recovery.

Of all of the original crew of the Defiant, LT Hsina Amman was considered the most 
critical on her rescue and was not expected to survive.  Survive she did, ultimately 
becoming the only  member of the crew declared fit to return to duty. She was offered 
any science job in the fleet, but had a strange feeling that unless she returned to 
Defiant, she would forever live in fear and depression.

IV.  Skills Profile

Hsina is a highly skilled archaeologist, expert in the handling of delicate relics 
and the identification and evaluation of cultural ruins.  She is also a skilled 
geologist, a background she acquired more due to her love of spelunking than any 
interest in mining or other more usual geological pursuits.  

Totally out of character for a girl raised in a conservative Muslim society, Hsina 
is something of a masochist.  She had been bookish and even nerdy as a child and 
teenager, but upon learning of the death of her father, she immediately starting doing 
the most dangerous activities she could find, somehow trying to cheat death.  From 
high-cliff diving to hang gliding and other extreme sports, she gradually moved to 
professional fighting, something she was actually built for with her 6’1” frame and 
broad shoulders.  By the age of 20 she looked much like the powerful warrior women 
of the Klingon empire and was competing in unlimited fighting events against male 
and even alien opponents.

She has maintained a rigorous physical training regimen and is far stronger than 
most men, and extremely skilled in both clean and dirty fighting.  If its connected 
to a dangerous sport, she’s probably done it, and has settled on spelunking in deep 
caves as the only way to really settle her mind.

VI.  Recent Fitness Report

Lt. Amman is very lucky to be alive.  There was no rejection of the new leg and she 
is still awkward in walking, she has quickly taken to pushing it in the gym and 
building it to match the strength of the rest of her body.

Otherwise, Lt. Amman has nearly completed her recovery and should be fit to return 
to duty from a physical standpoint following verification of test results.

Dr. Rachel Kraus, Starfleet Academy, Duty Physician

VII.  Psychological Profile

I do not understand why this officer has shown no signs of depression, dementia 
or other mental illness following her ordeal while every single other member of 
Defiant’s crew are facing long and difficult recoveries.  Perhaps it is just the 
amount of loss that Lt Amman has previously faced, both in the death of her father 
on the Kelvan and her experiences on Vulcan as the planet imploded around her.

Lt. Amman is slightly restless and on-edge, but considering everything she has been 
through, is remarkably stable and well-centered.  While I would recommend regular 
care and observation by a competent medical officer, I cannot in good conscience go 
against Lt. Amman’s request to return to the Defiant for duty.  She believes that 
returning will help her to rationalize and understand what happened, and in my 
professional opinion, I must agree with her.

Dr. Kevin Hart, Starfleet Academy, Duty Counselor

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Ultimate Fighting, Kickboxing, Spelunking, Bodybuilding, Heptathalon, Extreme Sports, 
Binge Drinking, Pain

IX.  Miscellaneous Information
Hsina is an extremely tough nut to crack.  The mental scars run extremely deep, and 
that was before her experience on the Defiant.  If a psychiatrist were to deeply 
analyze her, there is no way she would have been cleared for dutuy, but since she has 
spent so many years containing her pain, she has become so adept at concealing.  In 
short, she knew how to answer the questions on the psych evals to assure a passing 
result, even though most of her answers were complete bullshit.

Hsina is a very troubled individual, using stimulation of whatever form is available 
to keep her head on straight.  From binge drinking to extreme sports and even the 
infliction of intense though non-permanent pain, she does whatever is necessary to 
face the world each day.

Somehow, despite that she ends up being extremely efficient and effective at 
assignments, most likely because orders and assignments are a place to focus her 
attention that distracts her, however briefly, from the inner pain.

She has also acquired a fascination with weapons since Altura, and during her 
recovery took classes in elemental chemistry and metalurgy at San Francisco State 

Roleplaying note:
Hsina has a VERY intense stare and is quite an imposing figure, though there is 
clearly a lot of pain behind her eyes.
End BioFile