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LTJG Li Chen- Chief Helmsman, USS Republic (currently unassigned)

Lieutenant JG (O-2)

Name:  Li Chen
Date of Birth: Stardate 2229.72 
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Chinese
Position: Ship’s Helmsman/Field Scout
Marital Status: Single

                Li Chen was born in Beijing, China on July 2nd 2229 to Chinese 
parents (Robert Chen, Mei Chen), both of whom served as bureaucrats in the 
Federation Civil Service. As a child, Li attended the finest schools on Earth 
and excelled in his academic studies. Because of his parent’s heavy workload, 
Li was left to his own devices and developed an interest in physical sports, 
eventually becoming the Captain of his high school’s rugby team. There he 
embraced the value of physical sports and team-work eventually shifting his 
academic persona into one of physical labour and mental drive. 

                Li Chen graduated from the Vancouver Institute of High Learning 
with Honours in Mathematics and Engineering and was accepted into Starfleet 
Academy. During his freshman year Zhen switched his academic focus, abandoning 
the Engineering discipline and moving into starship/flight training. He did 
this after discovering his newfound interest in starship operations and flight 
mechanics. He also felt emotional reward working in flight operations, with 
his increasing fascination of various starships. His parents did not approve 
of his decision and felt that his academic skills were being wasted to what 
his father considered work more fitted for “hot rods”. A rift arose from this 
decision and Li drifted away from his parents - seeking an identity and purpose 
of his own.

                In his class year, Li was seen with much respect and envy over 
his work ethic. He was also someone who chose to live a more reserve - some 
would say - conservative lifestyle in contrast to the more ‘free-love spirited’ 
crowd of his generation. His instructors took note of this, with the Dean of 
the Academy pegging him and others like him to ‘sweet-heart’ assignments in 
deep space. This reflected the mentality of Starfleet at the time, as 
instructors cheery picked the ‘Hardest and Smartest’ to lead the next generation 
of Starfleet. This was well reflected in his take on the Kobayashi Maru, with 
Li keeping cool under-fire despite the no-win scenario. His orders were clear 
and concise and Li demonstrated true discipline and did not panic over the 
simulation, despite losing his ship with all hands. 

                Li graduated Starfleet Academy 8th. While his primary training 
is in starship flight operations, Chen also qualified and trained as a Field 
Scout (specialized training for away scouting/contact missions).  His first 
assignment was the USS Nagoya – an archer class scout ship assigned in deep 
space exploration at the fringe of the known Beta Quadrant. At the age of 22, 
he assigned as the Assistant Chief Helmsman. Li –as inexperienced he was- 
exceeded his Captain’s expectations, when he lead the away team to save a 
previous away team on the world of Falkes IV. Captain Laurence Robert noted in 
his log, the professionalism of Zhen’s conduct during this mission stating 
“I’ve never seen someone so green, so lacking in fear -or emotion for that 
matter…a young man who knew he had a job and stepped up when needed”. 

                The Nagoya concluded its five year mission in the Beta Quadrant 
in 2257. Chen ascended to the rank of the Lieutenant and served as the Chief 
Helmsman and Field Scout section leader after Commander McDonald was killed in 
action by a stray sporting arrow in a bungled first contact mission. Since then 
he implemented a department review, reinstructing scouts on first contact 
procedures and diplomatic discourse and tactics. With his thoroughness, Chen 
gained quite the reputation, with his skills and competence in ‘red-shirt’ 
security drawing high demand across the fleet. 

                Chen decided to take a break from regular service and decided 
to visit his family on Cestus III, with his parents now serving as Political 
Administrators for the new federation colony. During this time he reconciled 
with his father, who saw the value in his career choice given his impressive 
resume. He also helped that bond by getting involved in an ancient sport that 
had taken Cestus III by storm – Baseball.  Given the fringe location of Cestus 
III, Chen was unable to return to regular service when the destruction of 
Vulcan and Earth’s reserve fleet happened. 

                After the destruction of several ships with the loss of 
Vulcan, all regular servicemen were recalled into service. Chen immediately 
took his marching orders and was assigned back to Earth awaiting the USS Louis 
& Clark for its resupply. At this time Starfleet and the Federation sat at a 
crossroads in crisis, and despite only being an officer for less than a decade, 
Zhen was trusted to serve in a department head role once again. By 2260, Chen 
was reassigned to the USS Hood; serving as her new Chief Helmsman. 

                Chen has a very straightforward manner about himself. He does 
not often joke around or fraternize with people he doesn’t know very well. 
During his academy and Nagoya days, Chen had a preference for special cliques, 
establishing friendships with people he wanted to. As a result he could come 
across as a little stand-offish in social settings.  He also been known to be 
a bit of a prude, often acting awkward in ‘open-liberal’ situations and isn’t 
one to partake in too many ‘foreign customs’ if the mission did not require it.

                When he’s on the clock, Chen is a complete professional - from 
the shine of his shoes, to the concise and competent manner he operates in.  He 
is a natural leader and works extremely well in a team setting. His academia 
background also allows him to participate in conversation and discourse which 
serves him well in a diplomatic context. Because of that he is regarded as being 
book-smart, sometimes too much for his own good, as it sometimes alienates