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LTJG Linda Wierzbowski- Chief Engineeering Officer, USS Pegasus

Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:      Linda Wierzbowski
Surname:        Wierzbowski (formerly Romano)
Given Name:     Linda
Nickname:       Ice Queen
Current Rank:   Lieutenant j.g.
Current Billet: Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus
Species:        Human (colony-born) Italian/Polish
Gender/Sex:     Female/XX
Age:            28 Terran Years
DOB:            2/14
POB:            Trader ship SS Dreamer
Parents:        Pearl and Aaron Wierzbowski
Siblings:       None
Spouse:         N/A

A. Physical Description
HT:            5'1"
WT:            120lbs
EY:            Hazel (brown-green)
HR:            Black
SK:            Light
Blood Type:    A+
Vision:        L: 20/15, R: 20/20
Religion:      None
Citizenship:   United Federation of Planets
Languages:     Terran Standard (native speaker), Romulan

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
-- Federation Distance Remedial Program
-- Star Fleet Academy
  (Bachelor of Science, Engineering)

B. Service Schools Attended
-- Star Fleet Engineering

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
Officer training

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors:             Jerry R Rig First Prize (contest)
Academic Major:     Damage Control
Professional Major: Warp Physics
Class Rank:         125/343
Reprimands:         0
Commendations:      0
Athletics:          Swimming

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:    Born on ship.
0-13: Raised by aunt and uncle (Romano) upon the death of her parents, on Mordin II, 
  an originally K-class terraformed planet.
13-18: Whereabouts unknown
18-19: Starfleet Academy, remedial academics program
19-22 - Starfleet Academy
23-Present: Active Duty in Starfleet

B. Background Summary
Anyone seeking to trace back Linda's records would have to start with "Linda Romano", 
the orphaned girl legally adopted by her mother's sister and raised like a second-class 
citizen among her several cousins on a backwater agricultural colony. Linda's aunt and 
uncle never would tell her how her parents died, or why they didn't want to talk about 
the Wierzbowski's. Instead, they set out to raise her along with the rest of the family 
in a rigid structure that chafed at her sense of fairness and curiosity.

She was in her early teens when she snuck out, defying her family, and went to experience 
a terribly sinful form of entertainment from which not only she but all of her cousins 
were barred from viewing. Fascinated by the glitter, the skills, and the camaraderie she 
saw, the wide-eyed girl waited until after the show and signed up with her parents' last 
name instead of her legal last name, faking her date of birth to make her seem 16 instead 
of nearly 14. She was accepted.

In other words, she ran away and joined the circus... literally.

The circus leader seemed to take an interest in her development, seeing that she learned 
the mechanical skills she needed to help service their equipment and the athletic skills 
to perform a few simple crowd-pleasing acts. He gave her lots of advice and even spent 
some special time with her, giving out gifts and other favors, because she was a very 
special girl...

About three years later, the circus fell apart when its leader was arrested and jailed 
for sexual relationships with several of the minors under his employ. Being minors, none 
of them were named in the records, to protect their privacy. Linda fell off the grid for 
several months, until she turned up ragged and hungry at a Starfleet recruitment center, 
claiming to have recently turned 18. Again, she signed her parents' last name on the form. 
Impressed by her intelligence and mechanical knowledge, but dismayed by her break in 
schooling, the recruiter sent her on a slow trip back to Earth, during which time she 
finished her high school diploma with just one tenth of a percent higher than the required 
score to join Starfleet.

Linda had a lot of catching up to do with her education. She pulled a C-average through 
Starfleet Academy, with excellent scores in math and electronics and poor scores in her 
other academic studies. She kept her head down and studied hard, extremely frugal with both 
her time and money.

Her career has involved several transfers, promotions, and demotions. She is a dedicated 
worker and very intelligent, but she has a poor attitude and challenges her superiors 
strongly if she disagrees with their methods. Her most recent promotion back from Ensign to 
Lieutenant Junior Grade is the result of an incidence on the USS Ingersoll in which she so 
strongly opposed her chief's repair decision that he sent her to the brig overnight. She was 
let out of the brig when the repair failed, resulting in the death of the chief, and she set 
straight to work in his place with no sign of hesitation or pride. Her quick work saved the 
ship, and her CO recommended her for a chief spot... on any ship but his own.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History
USS Levithan - Ensign to LT. j.g.
Starbase 23 - LT j.g. to Ensign
USS Barracuda- Ensign to LT j.g.
USS Ingersoll - LT j.g. to Ensign
USS Ingersoll - Ensign to LT j.g.

B. Service History
USS Leviathan - 14mo.
Starbase 23 - 6mo.
USS Delhi - 13mo.
USS Barracuda- 3mo.
USS Brisbee - 18mo.
Starbase 36 - 4mo.
USS Ingersoll - 2mo.

C. Medals and Commendations
One Commendation at Starbase 23 for hard work and bravery above and beyond.
One Commendation on USS Brisbee for dedication and hard work.
One Commendation on the USS Ingersoll for hard work and refusal of a dangerous order.

D. Reprimands
USS Leviathan - 4 reprimands for insubordination.
Starbase 23 - 9 reprimands for insubordination
USS Delhi - 3 reprimands for insubordination
USS Barracuda - 5 reprimands for insubordination
Starbase 36 - 1 reprimand for insubordination
USS Ingersoll - 1 reprimand for insubordination; 1 withdrawn

V. Skills Profile
Linda is a creative problem-solver and a very hard worker. She follows safety protocols 
to the letter. When required to make repairs or modifications that go outside of proper 
specifications, she doubles safety protocols, inventing them herself if need be. She has 
shown high proficiency with jury-rigging solutions in times of scarcity.

Linda does not have good 'people skills', but she does have a command presence and her 
people will follow orders. She is reasonable with them in matters of downtime and 
scheduling, but she does not show kindness when dealing with them face-to-face. She does 
not show favoritism. Her people often become very loyal, sometimes confiding that they 
are more afraid of her than of the officer giving the counter-order.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Linda Wierzbowski is in excellent health and meets or exceeds all fitness standards. She 
claims no athletic hobbies, but her stamina and flexibility in particular suggests a sport.

VII. Psychological Profile
Linda is stubborn and challenges authority readily, but does not appear to be prideful. She 
is a dedicated worker and does not shirk the dirtiest and roughest duties. Although she 
challenges authority, she is fiercely loyal to Starfleet, her subordinates, and the chain of 

She appears to have a distinct lack of friends, close or distant, and is openly hostile 
particularly to members of the Starfleet Counseling Science Division.

Attempts to understand her experiences or feelings during the undocumented part of her 
childhood have failed.

**Permanent Note: It is recommended that Linda's superior officers, if she is on the edge of 
being charged with insubordination, attempt to give her a direct order first. This simple 
action may reduce the number of reprimands on the file of this dedicated and intelligent officer. 

-- Counselor Banna, USS Delhi **

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Linda refuses to list her recreational interests. If pressed, she merely replies "I read" and 
will not elaborate.