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LTJG Rebecca McKinnon - Communications Officer, USS Constellation

Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2)

I. Personal Data
Full Name:              Rebecca Victoria McKinnon
Surname:                McKinnon
Given Name:             Rebecca
Nickname:               Bekka
Current Rank:           Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
Current Billet:         Communications Officer, USS CONSTELLATION
Species:                Human (Terran)
Gender/Sex:             Female
Age:                    19 Terran years
DOB:                    March 27, 2242
POB:                    Sydney, Australia, Earth
Parents:                Andrew A McKinnon (51)
                        Chloe Anderson-McKinnon (47)
Grandparents:           Admiral Tanner Anderson(68)
                        Jourdana De Rosa Anderson (67)        
                        Holland McKinnon (75)
                        Krissie Kitridge McKinnon (77)
Siblings:               Mark McKinnon (27)
                        Sherrie McKinnon (24) 
                        Auriella McKinnon (22)
Spouse:                 None
Children:               None

A. Physical Description
HT:                    5'5"
WT:                    110 lbs
EY:                    Blue
HR:                    Blonde, just past shoulder length
SK:                    Caucasian
Blood Type:            A+
Religion:              none
Citizenship:           Earth
Languages:             English, Chinese, Andorian, Trill, Orion, 
                       Deltan, Gorn, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan.

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- University of Sydney 
         (BA in Linguistics, Xenolinguistics and Federation Social Science)

   -- Starfleet Academy
         (Officer training and Exo-Linguistics)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Xenolinguistics

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC: Starfleet Communications
   -- MOC: Crytography
   -- MOC: Small Arms Proficiency

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

Academic Major:        Xenolinguistics, Federation Social Science
Professional Major:    Xenolinguistics, Communications Technology 
                       and Cryptographics
Class Rank:            65 of 278
Reprimands:            none
Commendations:         Cadet Duty Commendation, Federation Diplomatic Corps
Athletics:             Hovercycle, Paragliding, Sailing, Running, Hiking.
Activities:            Cadet Phaser Tag Team (Forward Sniper)  

III.  Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-15:          Lived with parents in Sunshine Bay, Australia.
15-17:         Attended Sydney University, BA in Xenolinguistics
17-19:         Starfleet Academy

B. Background Summary

Rebecca McKinnon was born and raised on the shore of the East Australia 
Wilderness Reserve.  Her maternal grandfather is Admiral Tanner Anderson
and his stories of the early days of the Federation Exploration Corps 
helped fuel a sense of wanderlust and adventure that frankly didn’t 
really need any extra fueling.  The youngest of four children, Bekka 
had a curiosity and brash sense of adventure that led her to continue
to push the boundaries of her ever expanding world.  She still calls 
him Captain Tanner when not in earshot of other personnel. 

Exceptionally bright and blessed with an energetic nature and 
dangerously permissive parents, Bekka challenged herself beyond her 
advanced studies.  All the while, learning as much as she could about
the growing Federation around her.  She had an unnatural ability 
to master languages and accents.  She was also possessed of an 
insatiable curiosity that led her to explore the wilderness around her
by bike and by sail as soon as she could manage both.

She took accelerated courses and graduated early entering College at 
the age of fifteen and cut a year off her stay at Sydney University, 
graduating with specializations in Linguistics and Xenolinguistics 
as well as Federation Society and Cultural Studies.  Slightly 
undersized and inexperienced technically, she applied and got into
the Sydney University Starfleet program almost on ambition alone.  
She was accepted to Starfleet Academy on her first try, barely 
scraping through the entrance exam, leading some to speculate about
the Admiralties involvement.

She caught up quickly, however, and managed to graduate 65th in a
class of 278.  It was her scores in Linguistics and Cryptography 
that stood out, she was held out of her cadet cruise and assigned
to a diplomatic conference at Starfleet Headquarters, earning a 
duty commendation for her efforts in assisting negotiations in a
border dispute between Orion, Trill and a small collective of 
worlds called the Tralion Confederacy.

She was assigned as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade due to her University
degree.  Until now, she has never been outside Earth orbit.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2259.246:      Entered Starfleet Xenocultural Training Program
(Note: Skipped rank of Ensign due to previous education)
2261.85:       Commissioned as Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)

B. Service History
2239.246:      Entered Starfleet Xenocultural Training Program
2261.85:       Commissioned as Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
2261.90:       Assigned Communications Officer, USS DEFIANT, NCC-1764

C.  Medals and Commendations
Second Place, Starfleet Academy Combat Marksmanship Competition 2260

Hoshi Sato Award for applied Linguistics, Starfleet Academic Decathlon 

Duty Commendation, Tralion Peace Conference

V.  Skills Profile

A borderline genius, Bekka excelled in academics and coasted 
through primary school in Australia and again in University 
there.  Once she was accepted at Starfleet Academy she found 
herself an average sized academic fish swimming in a pool of 
little geniuses.  She rose to the challenge and performed 
well, if not exceptionally.

Her ability to master Languages with ease is striking.  She 
can achieve fluency in a language in a matter of weeks, managing
both technical expertise in diction and tonal phonetics.  
She can assimilate regional dialects in a few hours.  

She took to small arms training with an almost disturbing 
enthusiasm, placing second in competition.  The highest 
placement ever for a linguistics major.

Though blessed with a wild curiosity and the ability to learn 
quickly and adapt readily, Rebecca McKinnon has no experience at
all in shipboard life.  She is adept with small scale 
technological systems and can ‘field engineer’ anything up to 
the size of a hoverbike.  She does not do as well with more advanced
power systems and is not an asset in engineering.  She met 
basic qualification standards for helm duty and applied sensor

VI.  Recent Fitness Report

Lieutenant Rebecca McKinnon is in peak condition for her age 
group.  She passes all Federation requirements for physical 
ability and endurance.

-- CDR Anslem
        Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy

VII.  Psychological Profile

While appearing normal, well adjusted and academically exceptional, 
Rebecca McKinnon has a rather driven personality.  Her curiosity 
and thirst for adventure exceeds what most adults would deem prudent
and normal.  Her personal relationships tend to take a back seat to 
her ambitions.  Shes been pointing herself to the stars for as long
as she can remember.

Thus far her resolve has been mostly untested and because of that 
she can seem brash and overconfident.  She is eager and capable but
very raw.  Most disconcertingly she seems to lack a sense of fear 
almost entirely.
-- CDR Tociz Fao
        Head CNS, Starfleet Academy

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Sailing, Running and going very very fast whenever possible.  
Hoverbikes in general.  Hand pod first person shooter games when 
not able to get out on her own.

End BioFile