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CDR Steven E. Stone- Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus

Commander (O-5)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:      Steven Eugene Stone
Surname:        Stone
Given Name:     Steven
Nickname:       Steven or "Silent Stone"
Current Rank:   Commander (O-5)
Current Billet: Commanding Officer, USS PEGSAUS NCC-0565
Species:        Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:     Male/XY
Age:            39 Terran Years
DOB:            19 May 2224
POB:            Sacramento, California, Earth
Parents:        Matthew L. Stone  (DOB: 2191)- Civilian Strategist
                Ariel Stone  (DOB: 2188)- School Teacher
Siblings:       Matthew L. Stone Jr.  (DOB: 2229)- Merchant Marine
                Jessica          (DOB: 2229)- Federation Diplomatic Corps, 
                  Junior Ambassador to Phil Gannet
Spouse:         N/A

A. Physical Description
HT:             5'7"
WT:             165 lbs (75kg)
EY:             Hazel
HR:             Brown
SK:             Light Tan;
Blood Type:     O-
Vision:         O: +.05, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)
Religion:       Mormon (non-practicing)
Citizenship:    Earth; United Federation of Planets
Languages:      Terran Standard (native speaker)

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
-- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
   (Bachelor of Science, Managment)

B. Service Schools Attended
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
-- Star Fleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
-- MOC: Security/Tactical Officer
-- MOC: Navigation/Astrogation Officer
-- MOC: Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors:             Cum Laude
Academic Major:     Management
Professional Major: Command
Class Rank:         32/340
Reprimands:         2
  - Involved in near fatal accident while out Training Field
Commendations:      3
Athletics:          Baseball

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:     Born on Earth.
0-18:  Lived with Parents on Earth; attended California Public Schools.
18-21: Attended Starfleet Academy.
21:    Cadet Cruise aboard USS Dallas; passed with High Honors. 
         Commissioned into Starfleet as Ensign (0-1).
21-27  Assistant NAV, USS Armstrong
27-28: Entered Command Officer's School; graduated with distinction.
28-:   Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary
Steven Eugene Stone is a man of honor and respect. Having been  raised with the 
ethics and ideas of law & order and responsibility. His childhood was average and 
he spent most of his time at the Starfleet Musuem in downtown San Francisco. However, 
at the age of sixteen a rift formed between him and his father. 

During a class trip his father agreed to be one of the chaperons. He accidentally 
got separated from his class after using the restroom. He had bumped into one of 
Starfleet's earliest pioneers, Malcom Reed.  Reed was the officer responsible for 
many of Starfleet's Security Protocols and Tactical Systems. Reed led him back to 
his class and a brief conversation ensued between Steven's father and Admiral Reed.  
His father's resentment of Starfleet fueled Steven's own ambition to serve for 
something far greater than he is.   

Silver Star:
Stone earned it while on-board STARBASE 10. An Orion Raiding Party attacked the base 
in the hope of gaining slaves for black market sale. During the course of the attack 
Steven was defending a group of scientists in a lab, most of them women. He fought 
several of them hand to hand even when he took a shot in the shoulder and the knee. 
He then improvised a small explosive from the lab materials and ignited it outside 
the corridor before passing out due to the extreme pain.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History
2242: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2243: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2244: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2245: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2246: Graduated Starfleet Academy

B. Service History
2246 Mar: Assigned as Mishipman, USS DALLAS, NCC-0485 for Cadet Cruise.
2246 May: Completed Cadet Cruise, Returned to Earth Graduated Assigned as HELM, 
2248 Jul: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-2).  Assigned as NAV, USS ARMSTRONG NCC-0540.
2250 Aug: Assigned as HELM, USS ARCHER.  Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
2252 Feb: Assigned as to STARBASE 10 as Starfleet Liason to Federation Ambassador 
  Phil Gannet
2254 Jul: Assigned as Senior NAV, USS SIOUX, NCC-1020.
2255 Aug: Entered Command School.
2256 Sep: Graduated from Command School, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4), Assigned 
  as First Officer, USS ESSEX NCC 1034
2258 May: Promoted to Commander (0-5) Reassigned as First Officer, USS PEGASUS NCC-0565
2262 Jan: Assumed command of USS PEGASUS  after death of CO

C. Medals and Commendations
Starfleet Commendation Award x4
T’Pol Medal of Diplomacy
Silver Star
Combat Action Award x2
Medal of Merit- Diplomacy

V. Skills Profile
Steven is an exceptional officer, he's calm mannered, easy going personaility 
serves him well.  He is always eager to try new things regardless of it may hurt 

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
Steven Stone is physically fit in terms with his regimen for his favorite 
pastime which is the archaic form of Basketball

-- Doctor Diane Chandler

VII. Psychological Profile
There may be some lingering resentment between Steven and his father. His father 
has often in his view disrespected the work that Steven carries out on a daily basis.  
Following his graduation from HS, Steven and his father grew more apart with his 
decision to Enter Starfleet. His parents divorced soon after, Steven silently blames 
himself for his parents failed marriage.
-- LCDR Amanda Haynes
   Staff Psychologist, USS SIOUX

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Steven is a avid baseball player. He learned the game on Earth and has among 
his most prized possessions a basketball once owned by the legendary 
Steve Nash