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LCDR Stile Corbett- Chief Medical Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data

Full Name:	Stile Hadrian Corbett 
Surname:	Corbett
Given Name:	Stile
Nickname:	Cowboy
Current Rank:	Lieutenant Commander(O-4)
Current Billet:	Chief Medical Officer, USS HOOD NCC-1703
Species:	Homo Sapien (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:  	Male
Age:  		37 Terran Years 
DOB:  		June 26, 2225 
POB:		San Antonio, Texas, Earth
Father:  	Mitchell (Duke) Corbett - Texas Ranger (Dec.)
Mother:     	Maria Capela-Corbett 	– Family Physician (Dec.)
Siblings: 	None
Spouse:  	None
Children:  	None

A. Physical Description
HT: 		6'1" 
WT: 		215 lbs
HR: 		Black
EY:		Neon Green
SK:  		Light Tan   
Blood Type:  	O-

B. Background Data
Religion:  	Roman Catholic
Citizenship:  	Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  	Terran Standard (native speaking), Denobulan (fluent), 
		Orion (fluent), Vulcan (passable)

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Medical Academy {Graduated Summa cum laude)
   -- Univ. of Texas, San Antonio (Graduated Magna cum laude)
		(Bachelors, Chemistry, Masters, Genetics)

B. Post Graduate Training (Residency)
   -- Xenosurgery 
   -- Emergency Medicine    

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Medical Officer

D. Star Fleet Medical Academy Record
Honors: 		Summa Cum Laude 
Academic Major: 	Medicine
Class Rank:  		4/100
Reprimands: 		6- 1(sealed)
Athletics:  		Shodokan and Iaido
Activities:  		Alpha Omega Alpha (Medical Honor Society)

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0: 	Born San Antonio, Texas, United States.  
0-17:  	Lived with parents.  Attended Bexar County public schools.
17-22: 	Attended University of Texas San Antonio.
22-26: 	Starfleet Medical Academy.
26-29:	Civilian Residency Emergency Medicine (Orion)
29-34:	Civilian Residency Xenosurgery (Denobula)

B. Background Summary
Stile Corbett is a Texan, plain and simple, he proudly as well as 
repeatedly will let anyone and everyone know that his family is very old 
Texan with at least one relative who died defending the Alamo.

Athletic and Muscular, Corbett’s striking feature is his neon green 
eyes, which were an in-utero side effect of a medication his mother took 
while pregnant. Corbett’s eyes actually seem to glow in the dark. This 
anatomical anomaly allows him to see in low light conditions.

Extremely confident sometimes bordering on cocky. He has a very 
decisive, analytical, and disciplined mind. However, he rounds out his 
personality as a Lothario and a mischievous practical joker.

Corbett was introduced to shooting and the outdoor life at an early age, 
by his Father an avid outdoors-man and Texas Ranger. While Corbett was a 
marksman and excellent hunter, he proffered the intellectual and social 
pursuits introduced him by his mother.  

Corbett’s years at the Starfleet Medical Academy were rocky to say the 
least. Although he graduated with honors; his file is filled with 
multiple disciplinary actions due to diagnostic arguments with senior 
medical staff and several practical jokes that went awry. 

During his 4th year of medical school while on a training rotation, his 
ship came under fire by a Klingon BOP and was boarded. The sickbay was 
destroyed leaving Corbett as the only medical personnel aboard. While 
the cadet and instructor crew managed to repel the boarders and save the 
ship, a cadet was severely injured by a Daqtagh. With 23rd century 
medical equipment unavailable Corbett used a small paring knife and 
equipment from the galley to perform a chest cut-down and intercardiac 
massage to save the cadets life. 

Corbett has many moral character flaws, but is a true son of Texas; he 
loves tequila, Cuban cigars, shooting vintage pistols, and playing 
poker.  His beloved cowboy hat is never off his head and he also 
carries a 305 year old colt cobra pistol in an ankle holster in his left 

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion and Service History
2247.210: Entered Starfleet Medical Academy
2251.182: Leave of Absence Granted for Civilian Medical Residency (Orion)
2254.182: Leave of Absence Extended for Civilian Medical Residency (Denobula) 
2259.181: Commissioned as Lieutenant (O-3)
2259.196: Assigned Medical Officer, Starfleet Outpost, Cestus III
2260.155: Assigned Chief Medical Officer, USS HOOD NCC 1703
2261.138: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B.  Medals and Commendations

V. Skills Profile

Hand to Hand Combat
Small Craft pilot

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Dr. Corbett is in excellent physical condition.  He has been counseled 
that he needs to decrease or preferably eliminate his use of tobacco and 
alcohol if he wishes to remain in peak condition. I have further noted 
that Dr. Corbett’s unique eye coloration which allows him visual acuity 
in low light has deteriorated slightly in bright light conditions; this 
represents a 4% change from his last physical exam. This deterioration is 
within Starfleet parameters and is attributed to aging. I have discussed 
with him the need to use protective eye-wear when in bright sunlight. I 
find no other physical limitations, diseases or conditions.  Dr. Corbett 
is cleared for active duty.

-- J. Shimata, MD
   Attending Physician, Starbase 12

VII. Psychological Profile

Dr. Corbett presents himself as a well rounded and stable individual.  
However he harbors an almost narcissistic attitude about his abilities 
with females of any species. This was evident in his attempts to entice 
me to a sexual liaison during his psychological profile exam. Dr. Corbett 
is vain, egotistical, and completely consumed with his own abilities. 
Intellectually he is well suited for medical duty aboard a starship as 
evidenced by his academic and post graduate training. 

Given Dr. Corbett’s strong history of defiance to authority I questioned 
his ability to operate in the highly structured and hierarchical environment 
of a military unit such as a starship. Dr. Corbett remarked that he has 
strong respect for command personnel just not always the incompetence of 
other physicians that have been placed in charge of him.  While this seems 
to exemplify Dr. Corbett’s egoism and disregard for authority I believe it 
has been situational.  After reviewing his personnel file I find no 
reprimands or disciplinary action by any command staff with regard to ship 
operation or crew safety.  

One caveat for follow up is Dr. Corbett’s irrational fear of matter 
transmission.  While this might preclude him from Starship duty I find he 
has instituted adequate coping mechanisms to temporarily overcome this 
fear. While this has been noted in his past psychological exams I find no 
incidents in his personnel record that would suggest the contrary. This 
phobia should be readdressed at all subsequent psychological exams.

Given Dr. Corbett’s history of strong mental health and coping skills I do 
not foresee any psychological barriers to his posting as Chief Medical 

-- T’Laris, PhD.  
   Staff Psychologist, Starbase 12 

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Stile is an avid martial arts enthusiast and enjoys Feudal Japanese 
style sword combat (Iaido).