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LCDR Sulan- Chief Science Officer, USS Pegasus

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Surname:          Sulan
First:            Tavoy, T'wen'ik
Current Rank:     Lieutenant Commander
Current Billet:   Second Officer/Science Officer
Species:          Vulcan
Gender/Sex:       Female
Age:              55
Date of Birth:    October 17, 2213
Place of Birth:   Vulcan
Parents:  Father - , 
          Mother - 

Siblings:         None

Religion:         Cthia

HT:  5’7"; WT:  110 lbs; Eyes:  Brown; Hr: Black

II.  Educational Background

  A.  Vulcan Academy of Sciences
  B.  Starfleet Academy

Prior to the destruction of Vulcan, Sulan studied xenobotany, and had planned 
upon making it her life's work.  

After the destruction of Vulcan she applied to Star Fleet, focusing on  ship and 
fleet based combat strategies, hand-to-hand, as was as the political sciences.            

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

0-4: Took part in visual mathematics till age four, and completed identity meld.  

4-8: Completed basic telepathic training. Excelled. Ceremoniously betrothed to 
Sa'ven. Raised in isolation with parents in a former monestary in the Western 
deserts of Vulcan. Was made to study logic intensly and deny all emotion in an 
extreme form of t'an s'at. Suffered mental trauma due to extreme exposure to 
pain, and sensory isolation in order to develop a logical mindset.

13-17:  Formal Logic training began. Rejected her parents anti-human sentiment. 
Completed her Kahs-wan alone, which nearly resulted in her death.

17-22:  Vulcan Academy of Science. Botanical survey team. Learned of logical 
paradigms and behavioral modification through the Runes of T'Vish.

23-36:Completed the Norn-La-Hal earlier than expected, which involved superior 
control meditation and neurological organization. 

37-45: Married T'vish. Bore two children: Marek (male), and Salen( female).Went 
into isolation briefly after the distruction of Vulcan and the loss of her mate, 
and family. Joined starfleet.

45-47: Basic training, emphasis on battle tactics and combat. Chose the Hawaiian 
martial art of Lua as her primary form of combat, which specialised in the 
breakingof an enemie's bones and joints. Became an outspoken proponent of an 
offensive stance for starfleet. 

47-48:  Ensign USS Tokyo. Lobbied starfleet to engage in a more aggressive 
military and political posture. Passed officer candidate test in the field. 
Asked to be assigned to potential high combat missions and was known to “lead 
from the front”.

48-49: Military analyst, Starfleet Headquarters.

B.  Background Summary:

Though she seems a typical Vulcan in human eyes, other Vulcans regard her as 
agreesive, and hostile, which shows itself in her tactical philosopy, and 
political outlook. She disregards diplomacy in favor of military action, and 
believes that the best defense is a good offense. She believes that it was 
starfleets naive thinking that allowed Vulcan to be destroyed, while other -more 
aggressive- civilizations survive and even thrive. Therefore, she seeks to 
implement a more ridgid and heavy handed approach to potential enemies of the 

Despite her strong sentiment regarding the Federation and it's enemies, she is a 
skilled leader in dealing with the non-Vulcan, emotional drven races under her 
command. Going out of her way to seem approacable to them, and make it known 
that she, unlike some of her species did not look down upon them for possessing 
emotions even though she herself could not share them.

She would often meet with crew on an idividual basis and get to know them, as 
well as their thoughts, and outlook on life.

IV.  Skills Profile

Sulan seems to have suffered a paradigm shift over the destruction of Vulcan. 
Those that knew her before spoke of how serene she was, and her contentment and 
skill with the botanical sciences. Though she wasn't a candidate for Kolinaar, 
she took the tenents of logic and non-violence quite seriously.

After the destruction, she seemed to loose that serenity, and peace, instead 
becoming driven to defend the Federation, and the remaining Vulcans


VII.  Psychological Profile

Sulan was terribly scarred by the loss of her family and home world. She sets 
aside dealing with the trauma instead using the emotional energy to drive her 
onward in her studies and beliefs. Though logical, it is a cold, pure logic, 
devoid of the altruism and thirst for understanding of other sentient species 
that she once showed. 

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Martial arts, meditation, botany.
End BioFile