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U.S.S. Constellation Mission #2: "A Family Matter"
Updated SD 2261.130


Below is a timeline of the vents of the second mission, beginning with the first post of MD 1 and ending with the post that occured on the most recent mission date.

Please keep in mind that this is not a timeline of when each person posted, but a timeline of the events in our posts in relation to one another. This means that the latest event is NOT NECESSARILY from the most recent post. That is why this timeline is kept: to help the players more readily grasp the true sequence of the events about which we write.

Concerns about the timeline should be addressed to Rob Meier.

Timeline of Events: Mission #2- A Family Matter

NOTE- This mission is now completed.

Bedford         1.0800-1810     Astor finishes handing out remedial sentences to
                                those who were implicated in the illegal alcohol
                                ring, then informs Kowalski that the ship's next
                                destination is Mira Belle. ("Busy Bosun Brings
                                Beaucoup Business")

Bedford/        1.1815          Kowalski, Sefal and Astor plan for the visit to
Andrew F.                       Mira Belle. ("Putting on the Beard")
                                [[N.b. redated from 2.1330]]

Bedford         2.0000          The palace on Mira Belle prepares for Erika's
                                return home. ("Les Cheveaux Secs")

Birks           2.0830          CONSTELLATION leaves orbit around Alteria and
                                heads to Mira Belle. ("Departure")

Lusby           2.1023          Veld goes over the crew transfers, pondering the
                                fate of Commander Shepherd and the merits of his
                                replacement, Commander Howden. ("Personnel

Bedford/        2.1100          Frost receives details on Mira Bella protocol
Meier                           from CDOR Berlen's aide, LT Razkova. ("Oh My
                                Aching Protocols")

Bedford         2.1300          Raluca Razkova conspires with Kowalski's half-
                                brother, Erik. ("Constant Comment Conspiracy

Lusby/          2.1401          Veld sentences Ballantine to be held over for
Bedford                         court-martial after the transporter tech refuses
                                to name his "senior staff protector". ("Time to
                                Pay the Piper")

Johnson         2.1415          Coleman and St Clair make preparations for the
                                ongoing Ballantine investigation. ("Carefully
                                Laid Plans")

Bedford/        2.1500          Astor and Frost have another accidental meeting,
Meier                           so Frost takes the opportunity to quiz Astor on
                                Mira Bellan culture. ("When Life Gives You

Bedford/        2.1500          Kowalski gives Dr Douglass some information on
McNeely                         Mira Bellan medical practices. ("Medical Myster-

Andrew F./      2.1600          Kowalksi, still suffering from a deep injury,
Bedford                         tells Sefal about her sickbay visit. ("Singing
                                in the Shower")

Bedford/        2.1805          Veld, Astor, Frost and Kowalski meet to discuss
Lusby/Meier                     the situation on Mira Belle. ("Erika's Misery")

McNeely/        2.1845          Dr Douglass learns more about Mira Belle society
Bedford                         from Astor, who begins to suspect that there may
                                be something 'not quite right' going on. ("What
                                About Mira Belle?")

Lusby           2.1856          Byrne surprises the bridge crew with an 'all
                                stop' order, which Veld upholds. ("Mishaps in

Lusby           2.1904          Byrne discloses the nature of the emergency with
                                their engines; Veld prepares to let CDOR Berlen
                                know of the delay. ("Mishaps in Space")

Bedford/        2.2117          Veld reassures Berlen that CONSTELLATION will
Lusby                           arrive on time despite her minor setback. ("Rock
                                and a Hard Place")

Lusby/          3.1422          Veld reads Frost's report on the protocols and
Bedford                         ceremonies which they'd be expected to participate
                                in, and he is none too pleased. ("Trouble Looming")

Birks/          3.1430          Kowalski and Adeyemon discuss the visit to Mira
Bedford                         Belle. ("You Gotta Have Friends")

Bedford/        3.1600          Astor delivers some ammunition and assorted
Andrew F.                       weaponry to Sefal. ("Bullets Over B-Deck")

Johnson/        3.1852          Coleman joins Dr Douglass for dinner and . . .
McNeely                         dessert in her quarters. ("You Owe Me Dinner")

Lusby           3.2107          Veld expresses his misgivings about the Mira
                                Belle mission in his log, just before Brooks
                                arrives. ("Inequity")

Jenkins/        3.2118          Brooks voices his concerns over the mission to
Lusby                           Veld, and goes so far as to interpret it as a
                                possible conflict with the Prime Directive. ("A
                                Tense Moment")

Lusby           3.2214          Veld ponders Sefal's nature, and decides that it
                                is time he gets involved in the growing alcohol
                                problem aboard ship. ("Intolerance")

McNeely/        4.0200          Coleman and Douglass are summoned back to their
Johnson                         posts. Gossip abounds about their relationship.

Lusby           4.0347          Captain Veld ponders what awaits them as the
                                CONSTELLATION arrives at Mira Belle. ("Arrival")

Jenkins         4.0400          Brooks loads mobile lab equipment aboard a
                                shuttle. ("Preparing for Landing Party")

Bedford/        4.1600          Veld and Frost meet with CDOR Berlen to talk
Lusby/Meier                     over protocols and background for their visit.
                                ("Arriving at Conclusions and Concluding Arrivals")

Bedford         5.1200          Astor leads Erika and Sefal to the balcony in
                                preparation for Erika's speech. ("The Festival
                                of the Return, Part 1")

Andrew F.       5.1455          Sefal listens to Erika's speech at the Festival
                                of the Return. ("The Game is On")

Bedford         5.1500          Erika Kowalski finishes her speech. ("The Festival
                                of the Return, Part 2")

[Various]       5.1730          The CONSTELLATION crew celebrate the Festival of
                                the Return with their Mira Bellan hosts. ("The
                                Festival of the Return, Part 3")

Bedford/        5.2100          Veld tells Elle Nora about her daughter, then he
Lusby            -2200          receives news of Ballantine's death; Elle Nora
                                collapses, and Veld beams her aboard CONSTELLATION
                                despite Mira Bellan law forbidding the transport
                                of a High Priestess. ("Do Not Go Gently")

Johnson         5.2155          St Clair works on the Ballantine investigation at
                                the compound on Mira Belle; he receives important
                                intel on Ballantine's activities in dock.
                                ("Digging Deeper")

Bedford         5.2200          Before he can turn on the Conspiracy, Ballantine
                                dies in custody. ("Of Murder, Mayhem & Microbes")

McNeely         5.2200          Dr Douglass learns that Ballantine has been
                                murdered. ("Sorry, Junior")

Johnson/        5.2201          Coleman and Douglass return to CONSTELLATION to
McNeely                         investigate Ballantine's murder, then receive
                                news of Elle Nora's collapse. ("Salvage")

Lusby           5.2208          Veld escorts Elle Nora's unconscious body to
                                Sickbay, then reports to the bridge, where he
                                gives Frost, Adeyemon and Howden their orders.
                                ("In the Midst of Chaos")

McNeely         5.2208          Dr Douglass stabilises Elle Nora, then sends for
                                further tests. ("Colonel Mustard Did it in the
                                Dining Room")

Jenkins         5.2208          Brooks is called to Sickbay to help in chemical
                                analysis of Elle Nora's blood. ("Medical Matters")

Mosher          5.2214          The investigation into Ballantine's death begins.
                                ("Mathematical Improbability")

McNeely         5.2215          Dr Douglass begins the autopsy on Ballantine.
                                ("Untitled post, 26-JAN-2010")

Jenkins         5.2229          Brooks returns from Mira Belle with samples of
                                many herbs and preparations from Elle Nora's
                                quarters. ("Medical Matters")

Bedford         5.2230          Astor learns that Veld has transported back to
                                CONSTELLATION with Elle Nora. ("Festival of the
                                Three Full Moons, Part 2")

Andrew F.       5.2230          Erik and LT Razkova fix the result of the tests
                                to which Sefal and Erika will be subjected.
                                ("Wrench Thrown")

Jenkins/        5.2232          Brooks finds evidence pointing to the murderer
Johnson/Mosher                  having worn an infiltration suit to avoid leaving
                                incriminating evidence in Ballantine's cell. ("The
                                Mystery Deepens")

Meier           5.2240          Frost receives a message from a very angry CDOR
                                Berlen asking for an update on Elle Nora. ("Bad
                                Moons Rising?")

Andrew F./      5.2245          Sefal prepares for her visit with Erik. ("Nuts,
Bedford                         Bolts and Other Hardware")

Jenkins         5.2250          Science teams discover the likely poisoning agent,
                                and that it is not natural to Mira Belle. Brooks
                                informs Dr Douglass. ("The Inheritance Powder")

Andrew F.       5.2300          Sefal arrives early at Erik's home and makes
                                preparations for an emergency escape, just in
                                case. ("Target of Opportunity")

Bedford         6.0000          Korah announces Elle Nora's failure to attend
                                the Festival. ("Festival of the Three Full Moons,
                                Part 3")

Bedford         6.0100          Erik murders LT Razkova using poison prior to his
                                'interview' with Sefal. ("Cantankerous Consensual

Bedford         6.0130          A duplicate of Erika Kowalski attacks her and
                                Astor on Mira Belle and is killed by 'our' Erika.
                                They beam back to CONNIE with the corpse and send
                                the body to Dr Douglass for autopsy. ("Gra Anois
                                Agus Go Deo")

Byrne           6.0210          LT Byrne discovers that Mira Belle is hollow.
                                ("Failure to Launch")

Andrew F.       6.0300          Sefal rends Erik unconscious and begins a mind-
                                meld to find out what he knows. ("Invasion of

Meier           6.0330          Frost attempts to contact LT Razkova and, failing, 
                                decides to call Sefal and ask her to begin a search.
                                ("Bad Moons Rising?")

Meier/          6.0345          Frost receives disturbing news when she beams
Andrew F.                       down to enlist Sefal's help in locating Razkova.
                6.0400          Sefal and Frost undergo a mind-meld and learn a
                                little more one another than they had bargained
                                for. ("Murder Most Horrid")

Andrew F.       6.0405          Sefal makes it to Berlen, only for her prey to
                                escape to safety. ("Fork in the Road/Best Laid

Lusby           6.0410          Veld decides to stop fighting insomnia and checks
                                out Berlen's biofile before agreeing to meet Frost
                                in his office at 0420. ("Smoke and Mirrors")

Birks           6.0420          After being assaulted on the bridge, Adeyemon
                                sounds Red Alert as the CONSTELLATION is attacked
                                by its mirror-universe double. ("Assault")

Meier           6.0420          Veld and Frost meet to discuss the situation,
                                but are interrupted by an attack from the dupli-
                                cate CONSTELLATION. ("Make Mine a Double")

Andrew F.       6.0430          Sefal follows Berlen through a fixed-point trans-
                                porter to the dimensional portal control room,
                                where she disables (?) the portal and captures
                                Berlen. ("Cavalry")

Byrne           6.0430          Byrne closes the dimensional portal to prevent
                                any further traffic between universes. ("Untitled")

Meier           6.0435          Frost negotiates the surrender of the duplicate
                                CONSTELLATION with her mirrorverse counterpart.
                                ("The First Sign of Madness")

Andrew F.       6.0445          Erik tries to capture Sefal and is grievously
                                wounded in the attempt. ("Abort, Retry, Fail")

Andrew F.       6.0500          Korah evades capture by Sefal, who is beamed back
                                to the ship for a meeting with Veld. ("Control-

Lusby           6.0645          Veld is ordered by Carstairs to have Sefal per-
                                form an invasive mind-meld on the fake Berlen;
                                Veld objects strongly, but Carstairs threatens
                                to remove him from command and court-martial him.

Andrew G./      6.0650          Veld orders Sefal to force a mind-meld on Berlen.
Lusby                           ("Watershed Moment")

McNeely/        6.0700          Against Dr Douglass's convictions, Sefal forces
Andrew F.                       the false CDOR Berlen to undergo an invasive
                                mind-meld, revealing a broad conspiracy. ("Mind-

Lusby           6.0750          Veld and Frost briefly discuss the situation;
                                Admiral Carstairs gives CONSTELLATION their new
                                marching orders. ("Disaster Averted")

Meier           6.0900          Frost pays her duplicate a visit in the brig,
                                and each hears something she'd rather not have
                                known. ("Too Much Information")

Jenkins/        6.0910          LT Brooks hears about the invasive mind-meld Veld
Lusby                           ordered Sefal to perform on Berlen and decides to
                                confront him. ("Moral Authority")

Bedford         6.0930          YN1 'Wick' Manchester babysits Astor and Kowalski.
                                ("What Doesn't Kill Us, Part 1")

Johnson         6.1000          St. Clair briefs Coleman on the slow progress of
                                the Ballantine investigation, and also mentions
                                that he's asked for a transfer. ("Cold Case")

Meier           6.1000          Frost is injured while exercising in the gym;
                                she heads to Sickbay. ("Contritionem Praecedit 

Johnson/        6.1100          Allegra goes to see Coleman with the results of
McNeely                         Ballantine's autopsy. Together they bring bad
                                news to CAPT Veld. ("Autopsy Findings")

Johnson         6.1120          The security team finds a hidden infiltration
                                suit and follows the lead. ("A Break in the Case")

Meier/          6.1130          Frost calls on Veld, intending to confess some-
Lusby                           thing, and finds him in the process of writing
                                his resignation letter. ("Confession is Good for
                                the Soul")

Bedford         6.1430          The survivors from the mirror-universe CONNIE and
                                DEFIANT honour their dead. ("Amhran na bhFiann")

Jenkins         6.1530          Brooks identifies the infiltration suit as an
                                official Federation suit from Europa Station.
                                ("Cold Case Gets Very Hot")

Johnson         6.1535          Using information uncovered by Brooks, Coleman
                                narrows the list of suspects in the Ballantine
                                murder case. ("Follow the Leads")

McNeely         6.1845          Dr Douglass files her 'end of mission' log . . .
                                ("Or Did We?")

Birks           6.1900          A friend of Adeyemon's suggests she become "friendly"
                                with her mirror universe counterpart. ("Saved by
                                the Bell")

Johnson/        6.1930          Coleman and Douglass agree to some inter-depart-
McNeely                         mental competition in the form of a baseball
                                game. ("A Friendly Wager")

Lusby           6.2055          Veld's conscience continues to nag him as the
                                EXCALIBUR and YORKTOWN rendezvous with CONNIE for
                                prisoner transfer. ("Incessant Reflection")

McNeely         6.2100          USS YORKTOWN picks up the prisoners and the body
                                of Chief Ballantine. Allegra toys with the Vulcan
                                doctor. (No title)

Jenkins         6.2135          Brooks uncovers VADM Carstairs' orders to CAPT
                                Veld, and goes to show Veld the evidence he has
                                acquired. ("Choices")

Lusby           6.2136          Brooks brings Veld a little present. ("A Chip in
                                the Game")

Lusby           6.2142          Using Brooks' "gift", Veld forces Carstairs to
                                release Elle Nora from custody and to send
                                EXCALIBUR and YORKTOWN away. ("Confrontation")

Meier           6.2200          Having heard about the interdepartmental baseball
                                game, Frost looks up the rules and decides to
                                offer her services as umpire. ("Rounders for

Andrew F.       6.2200          Sefal rejects Captain tr'Vanek's offer of help.

McNeely/        6.2210          Frost speaks to Allegra about umpiring the base-
Meier                           ball game, and also about a medical problem; they
                                arrange an appointment for the next day. ("Playing
                                by the Rules")

McNeely         7.0200          Dr Douglass receives some good-natured teasing
                                from her staff about her bet with Coleman. ("A
                                League of Their Own")

Andrew F./      7.0300          After a night of drunk-and-disorderly behaviour,
McNeely                         Sefal receives some home truths from an angry
                                Dr Douglass. ("Get A Life")

Mosher          7.0700          Howden continues the task of getting his department
                                ship-shape. ("Business as Usual")

Johnson         7.1615          Coleman interrogates PO3 John Smith, Ballantine's
                                killer. ("Follow the Leads")

Bedford         18.1000         Kowalski persuades Elle Nora to allow the CONNIE
                                crew to use the palace field for their baseball
                                game. ("Intermission")

Lusby           18.1220         Veld and Frost discuss the upcoming baseball
                                game, before the conversation turns more serious.
                                ("A Road Game")

Meier           18.1245         Frost gently interrogates Veld about his run-in
                                with VADM Carstairs, before receiving a call to
                                report to Sickbay ("Now You See Me")

McNeely         18.1300         Dr Douglass comes up with a preliminary diagnosis
                                for Frost's case of the dropsies. ("A New Diag-

Meier           18.1305         Upon her arrival in Sickbay, Frost discovers her
                                condition is advancing rather more rapidly than
                                she had realised. ("Now You See Me")

McNeely/        18.1315         Dr Douglass gives Frost the bad news about her
Meier                           diagnosis and informs her of the treatment plan.
                                Frost feels she ought to stand down as baseball
                                umpire. ("Breaking Bad News")

Bedford         18.1730         Astor and others build a baseball field on Mira
                                Belle. ("The Astrodome It Is Not")

Johnson         19.0600         The Security team practises, and Coleman asks
                                Veld for help. ("Calling in the Backup")

Andrew F.       19.0600         Sefal tries her batting skills. ("Ringer on Deck")

Bedford         19.1400         Astor is less than impressed by the teams' level
                                of skill as displayed in their practice sessions.
                                ("Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjack")

McNeely         19.1600         Practice isn't going well for the "Mad Scientists".
                                ("Take Me Out to the . . . Just Take Me Out!")

Bedford         20.1630         The baseball game results in a win for the Medical
                                team and their allies. ("An Ode to the Game")

McNeely         20.2000         The victorious 'Mad Scientists' celebrate their
                                baseball triumph. ("There's no Party Like a Mad
                                Scientist Party")

McNeely/        22.0600	        Dr Douglass checks up on Anna Frost's medical
Meier                           progress, such as it is.

Lusby           22.0924         Veld begins the paperwork for promoting Adeyemon;
                                a call from Command yields a dangerous new
                                assignment for CONSTELLATION. (".../---/...")

Andrew F.       22.0945         Sefal suggests that her increasing lack of self-
                                control may pose a problem for the crew. ("Thoughts
                                and Ruminations")

Lusby           22.0945         Veld confronts Sefal about her request to be relieved,
                                after which he schedules a senior staff briefing
                                for 1300 hours. ("What is Required")

Meier           22.1000         Frost receives a call from home, with some good
                                news and some bad. ("Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies")

Bedford         ??.????         Astor bids farewell to Elle Nora and Erica Kowalski
                                as CONNIE prepares for departure. ("Gonna Miss You
                                on this One, Kiddo")

Bedford         ??.????         Astor meets his new Yeoman, and finds that they
                                have more in common than he expected. ("In Star
                                Fleet, Everything is Relative")