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SD 2260.160 - SD 2260.236 / Klingon Border Incident

The USS Hood was dispatched to the Klingon border to investigate attacks on Federation outposts along the Neutral Zone. En route she conducted several border action and damage control drills. These exposed coordination issues between security, engineering, and medical. Hours after reaching Klingon Neutral Zone Oupost 8, the USS HOOD and the Outpost were attacked by three Klingon battlecruisers and one Dreadnaught. Against all odds, the HOOD single handedly beat back the attack and forced the Klingons to retreat. Several enemy ground troops were taken prisoner.

~Scott Lusby

SD 2260.239 - SD 2260.333 / Missing Velorum IV Archeologists

Gar has his friend for dinner.

~Brian V. Mansur

SD 2260.333 - SD 2261.031 / Romulan Scientist Defector

Something about a mad Romulan scientist and a Starfleet recruitment poster. Don't even ask about the rabbits after the mission.

~Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.047 - SD 2261.137 / Mirror Universe HOOD

Previously on the HOOD:

The USS HOOD was sent on a secret mission to find out about a rogue starship (TSS HOOD) which turned out to be her twin from an evil parallel universe bent on wanton destruction and mayhem, oh yeah and to steal our Sham Wows. The senior officers Steele, Merrick, Gar, and Corbett along with a couple of expendable redshirts beam down to a mining facility and find their counterparts. They uncover the parallel universes plot to destroy them and generally behave badly while in federation space. Not wanting to let Kirk and company have all the glory in Starfleet textbooks the senior staff led by coffee aficionado Steele take their place and beam aboard the TSS HOOD for the good of us all.

Meanwhile aboard the USS HOOD Cedria Zade and ARr’Rhiana Hemux figure out how to make a mean cosmopolitan and track the cloaked evil TSS HOOD. As you can imagine a battle ensues, but since it was early in our story nothing really happened.

Back on the TSS evil Hemux ate some bugs and blackmailed Steele. Corbett was distressed at being married and Merrick tried to hit on his counterparts wife, mostly because his was dead and he wasn’t into necrophilia even though Mother said he had a psychosexual problem. Everyone came together and sang Kumbaya and hatched a plan for escape.

Finally in the back chapters there was another battle and this time the TSS HOOD went from a Cadillac to a Hugo in 3 easy phaser barrages. Unfortunately as always happens some parasite got pissed off and started an auto destruct sequence. Well that or he was timing the Dominos pizza delivery guy.

And that’s what you missed.

~Steve Apple

SD 2261.137 - SD 2261.200 / First Federation Encounter and Talosian Gambit

Let us never speak of this mission again.

~Brian V. Mansur (quoting Andy Catterick).