ORIGINS: USS Pegasus Unit Concept and Background

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U.S.S. Pegasus Unit Concept and Background
Updated SD 2262.036

In the Beginning

In 2258 an armada of 47 Klingon warbirds were destroyed by a rogue Romulan craft from the future. In response to this loss, the Klingons began a massive ship-building program in the Arcanis system, deep within their frontier. Concern for this build-up spread throughout the halls of Starfleet Command and Federation Council. Starfleet Intelligence moved to install an operative in the Arcanis shipyards to monitor and evaluate the new Klingon threat.


As the time for the spy's extraction approached, Intelligence selected a small, maneuverable starship, the Ptolmy-class PEGASUS to make the retrieval. Only the ship's master, Captain Summer, would have direct knowledge of the intelligence operative and the ship's true objective. However, when the ship reached Arcanis, the mission began to go horribly wrong. The undercover intelligence operative had defected to the Klingon Military. PEGASUS was walking into an ambush.

Left for Dead

Several unconfirmed reports have circulated that the USS PEGASUS was not destroyed as originally reported by the Klingons. In fact, the vessel was seen on several occasions scouting key military production facilities while tracking down the agent responsible for the ambush at Arcanis: an attack resulting in a high number of fatalities including that of Captain Summer. Under the Command of her Executive Officer, Commander Steven E. Stone, the PEGASUS continues her mission.

Starfleet quietly decides to upgrade the status of the PEGASUS from lost to missing. Outposts along the Neutral Zone are alerted to assist the PEGASUS should she manage to cross the border to safety. In addition, Starfleet Intelligence hopes that the PEGASUS crew might pick up where the traitor left off when he defected to Klingon military. There is even hope that the ship may hunt the traitor down, arrest him, and return home safely.