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This, like all FAQ's, is a work in progress. It is possible that the answer to your question is not here. Should that be the case, please send any questions to the OSFI staff, and we'll be happy to help out. If your question is of a more general nature, i.e. what is ASR all about, we'd suggest you look to the ASR web site for more information.

What is OSFI?

In Roleplaying terms, OSFI is the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence, a branch of Starfleet. OSFI is tasked with maintaining and disseminating intelligence reports about all external major and minor stellar powers.

In Non-Roleplaying terms, OSFI is a part of ASR. We do our best to provide optional material for general use in the ASR universe, in an effort to create a rich background on which to base our stories.

What does OSFI do in RP terms?

OSFI gathers information through a variety of means, not limited to but including: field agents, diplomatic channels and news media.

This information is made available to Star Fleet Command and to TACFLEET. This raw data is also processed in house, and Intelligence Estimates are generated and disseminated throughout the fleet.

OSFI makes certain that in addition to TACFLEET being provided with intelligence on possibly hostile foreign powers, they are also provided with the best possible analysis of any given set of events, and how they can affect the political situation within this area of space.

In simpler terms, OSFI makes certain that we have a good idea of not only what all our neighbors are doing, but why, and how it will affect the Federation.

How can I help?

An interesting question to say the least. Depends on what you are meaning by the question, but there are a number of short answers.

Firstly let anyone you know who plays an Intel character in ASR that they should be registered with OSFI, if they don't appear in the Registered players list.

Secondly, you could volunteer to be one of the Fleet Special Analysts. Basically if accepted, we'd ask you to keep an eye out for non-registered Intel characters, and to lend a hand in the creation and maintenance of the Situation Reports.

Thirdly, you could offer to fill any of the vacancies in the OSFI command structure. We try to keep the workload here to a minimum, but you would be assisting us in vetting incoming bios, and in the creation and maintence of Situation Reports.

Who should register with OSFI?

All players who wish to play, or who currently play, characters with an intelligence background should register with OSFI.

What is OSFI's mandate?

Mandate of the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence

Star Fleet Intelligence is charged with information gathering in all matters and situations external to the Federation and Starfleet. The OSFI reports analysis and findings to TACFLEET and CINCFLEETs, and can provide projections as to the activities and personalities in power within foreign governments.

The OSFI has limited operational powers, restricted to information gathering during times of peace. Operatives are expressly forbidden from taking hostile action against any member of a friendly, neutral, or belligerent foreign power. During times of war, operatives can be charged with acts of "soft" espionage, sabotage of military facilities, and general harassment of the foreign power.

OSFI's mandate strictly prohibits actions against any Federation member, Associate member, Pending Member, or Protectorate. In addition, OSFI is further specifically prohibited from taking action against any member of Starfleet. All Internal matters are strictly within the sphere of SFJAG and SFSECIS.

What can't OSFI do?

OSFI is strictly prohibited from taking action against any member of the Federation. Meaning, we don't spy on Vulcans, we don't provide counter espionage, we don't blackmail members of Star Fleet, in fact we do not gather information on any member of Star Fleet or the Federation.

Should such information be unearthed during external intelligence gathering it is passed on to SFSECIS.

Who's in OSFI?

OSFI is administrated by three directors; the Director of Star Fleet Intelligence (DSFI), the Deputy Director of Operations (DDO), and the Director of Intelligence(DDI). The OSFI Roster contains the names of the current administrators.

How do I get in?

Well, you've made the first step. Just register any character you have with an Intelligence background to the Office and we will do what we can. However, to avoid problems that have arisen in the past, we require that all characters have their current CO's approval, which must be submitted with the application. In addition, we will work with you, to make certain that your bio fits within the parameters that have been established.

How do I register a new Intelligence related character with OSFI?

It's simple. Just get your current CO's permission, the permission of the CO of the unit you intend to play the character on, and then drop us a line here.

How do I register my established character with OSFI?

That's easy, just drop us a line here.

Why should I bother to register my established character with OSFI?

Well, see how OSFI fits in. Registering your existing character can help us to reach that goal.

What do all the abbreviations stand for?

    • OSFI= Office of Star Fleet Intelligence
    • DSFI= Director of Star Fleet Intelligence
    • DDOSFI= Deputy Director of Operations, Office of Star Fleet Intelligence
    • DDISFI= Deputy Director of Intelligence, Office of Star Fleet Intelligence
    • SA-Fleet= Special Analyst for Fleet
    • TACFLEET= Star Fleet Tactical Command
    • COMLOG= Commander, Star Fleet Logistics
    • SFSECIS= Star Fleet Security and Investigative Services
    • SFJAG= Star Fleet Judge Advocate General

How do I get in touch with you?

Should you have any questions or even suggestions, please send an email to the OSFI administrative staff.

How does OSFI fit in with the rest of ASR?

OSFI is a branch within ASR, in charge of all matters dealing with this office and the gathering of information on foreign powers.

One of our main tasks is maintaining a list of Intel characters. This is done to ensure that Intelligence characters are created and played in a manner which is acceptable to all. Basically, this means that we read through each bio, and will either suggest minor changes or sign-off on the bio. The process is pretty painless, for both you and us.

We are also attempting to maintain a list of situation reports that can be used by all units if they so desire. This is an effort to provide some consistency of roleplay experience both within and across the fleets.

What's the difference between external and internal?

This is the key in OSFI's mandate. Re-read the mandate and the section on what OSFI cannot do. If you have any questions, please ask. This point cannot be emphasized enough.

To recap, external, outside the Federation; internal, not outside the Federation